So this is my first official foray into het writing. This is going to be a series of drabbles and ficlets. Some may be AU, some may be canon, and some may be canon with a hint of AU. But they're all going to be Sting/Dixie Carter. To me, these two have potential to be so much more than what they are. So enjoy. This will be updated whenever inspiration hits me.

Logically, Dixie Carter knew many things. She knew that the people her wrestlers portrayed in the ring were not the people they really were. She knew that most of them followed the scripts, and that the ones who didn't follow them didn't deviate a large amount. She knew that she wasn't in any real danger when she stepped in that ring; everyone knew she was a businesswoman and not a wrestler.

However, when she did step in that ring, all logic left her. When she was called into the ring by Steve so Bobby could apologise, that fateful night when he spit in her face, she couldn't help her apprehension about being so close to Bobby. While backstage he really was a nice guy, he had the tendency to get a little too into his character in the ring. Ergo, him spitting in her face wasn't exactly planned.

One of the rules in the business was to not let your personal life bleed into your onscreen character. When that happened disastrous things usually happened. One of the most well-known was the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge debacle that had happened over in the WWE back in 2005, but that certainly wasn't the sole incident. But when Dixie stepped in the ring she couldn't help her natural instinct to stick as close to her boyfriend as she possibly could. She was gratified to see that he couldn't help his own natural instincts to protect her, or to listen to her. When he had gone for Bobby when the younger man had started insulting her, she hadn't had to exert much pressure at all to hold him back. That was just Steve, respecting her decisions and choices.

Of course, when Bobby dragged her into the ring at Victory Road, that was scripted. When he picked up the chair to hit Sting with it, that was not. At that point, Dixie had acted on instinct. Praying desperately that Bobby had enough decency left in him to not attack a woman with a steel chair; she had stepped in front of her boyfriend, hoping to save him from even more pain. She knew that she was in for a lecture on getting anywhere near Roode without backup but she didn't care. Her boyfriend was so much more important in that moment.

Sure enough though, once they got backstage, Steve started in on her. Dixie didn't mind though, she knew it was just her baby being his protective self. She made him get checked out before they left though, sometimes being his boss and his girlfriend worked in her favour, before she drove back to their hotel. Of course the man complained the whole way, he had serious problems about not being in control in Dixie's opinion, but she really didn't care. He was the injured one; he was going to be fussed over.

He showered quickly once back in their hotel room before he crawled into bed, tugging Dixie down next to him despite her attempts at protesting, claiming that he always slept better with her next to him. She gave in with a soft sigh, resting her head gently on his chest and laughing softly as he fanned her hair out across his chest, tangling his hand in it. For someone that complained at the amount of time it took for her to get ready to go-often less than the time it took him if he was doing full face paint-he certainly had an obsession with her hair.

Steve began to run his fingers through her hair, despite her protests that he knew it always made her sleepy. Despite her best efforts to stay awake, Dixie fell asleep first to the sounds of her boyfriend promising that he was going to deal with things on Impact on Thursday. Secure in the knowledge that she had done her best to protect him as well as he protected her that night, she finally allowed herself to drift off. Their relationship was a two way street, and so was the love and protection they shared.