Written ages ago, and promptly forgotten about.

On another note, I've got a few shots revolving around a Dixie/AJ Styles friendship, based on this 'Claire Lynch' storyline. Would there be any interest in reading them?

Steve stretched as he woke up slowly. Leaving his eyes closed, he reached out for his girlfriend. No matter how early she woke up, Dixie hardly ever left the bed before he woke up. He sat up violently, opening his eyes when he heard the soft giggles of the brunette woman he loved. Dixie was standing in the bedroom doorway with a tray in her hands, her lips turned up in a sweet smile.

"Miss me?" she teased as she made her way towards the bed. Steve took the tray out of her hands and set it on the nightstand, capturing her wrist and tugging her down on top of him. Dixie let out a startled laugh as she hit before she straddled his hips, supporting her weight by placing her hands on his chest.

"What's all this for Princess?" he asked as he rested a hand on her cheek lightly, grinning as she nuzzled into it lightly.

"Your birthday silly," she giggled softly. Steve rolled his eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want a fuss made over my birthday," he sighed.

"Probably as many as I have to tell you," Dixie quipped right back. "But yet every year I have to spend my morning scraping pancake batter off the kitchen wall and scrubbing the frying pan to get the charred remains of what you always claim is bacon off. And every year, without fail I still get to pick out a new frying pan as a present." Steve sighed in exasperation, rolling his eyes fondly at the discussion they had every year on his birthday.

"Yes dear," he agreed, knowing that she was just teasing him, however true her words might be. Dixie nodded and rolled to his side as he sat up, Steve placing the tray over his lap and pulling her close. Despite the traditional argument this really was the best part of his birthday, just sitting in bed with the love of his life curled up to his side, eating her wonderful food. Later she would give him the small, totally thoughtful gift she always did before they would head off to the house show for that night. After they performed, the guys-and girls-in the back would throw a small, respectful party for him like they did every year.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Dixie asked softly, her head resting lightly on Steve's shoulder and her palm splayed across his stomach.

"Just how much I love you," Steve murmured, turning his head around to drop a sweet kiss on the top of her head. Dixie let out a soft 'aw' before she leant up to kiss him gently. Steve leant down to meet her, because really his girlfriend was just a little too short for them to kiss comfortably in a position like this.

"Love you too," she told him as she settled back into his side. He offered her food from his plate and she laughed softly, taking it off his fork. Steve smiled as he alternated between eating himself and feeding her. This was the best part of his life, the quiet moments filled with love and laughter. Luckily for him, he got a lot of them.