Chapter S6X – Finale

Three Months Later

Severus was sitting in the chair behind his desk, staring out at the sea of students before him. Quills were scratching on parchment and the tedious tick, tick, tick of the clock was starting to get on his nerves, but he had to last the last ten minutes just as they did. By the bored look on their faces Snape was able to conclude that today's lesson hadn't been the most stimulating, but it was necessary. He had been distracted all day and couldn't risk any further accidents after the debacle with Jones and the Bubotuber pus earlier, and he couldn't cope with another of Poppy's lectures.

As was usual, seemingly all of the time, Snape was thinking about Hermione Granger. Thankfully, his body was now under his full control and thinking about Hermione in class no longer had any uncomfortable results, but he was still utterly besotted and totally engrossed with her. The fact that she would be waiting for him after his working day seemed to make the time drag, and normally this would be enough to frustrate him. Right now though, he was torn between being desperate to see her to wanting to run out of Hogwarts front gates and never return.

Foolishly, he had made Hermione a promise should she successfully pass her training. He should have known better, because of course Hermione Granger would pass with flying colours. She would have known this as she gazed up at him with her lips delicately poised at his bell end, her eyes wide and pleading. As per usual, Severus had been thinking with his cock, and he would have agreed to wear Minerva's frilly panties in the Great Hall if only she would take him in her mouth and make him come like a speeding train. The fact that she had grinned and done just that didn't make it any better. Hermione was a stubborn witch, and there was no getting out of it.

Hermione stepped from the Floo and quickly dusted the ash from her robes. The familiar scent of sandalwood and musk filled her nostrils and she allowed herself a small but satisfied smile. There were times that she still couldn't believe that she was now shacked up with her old Potions master, that they had been sharing the same bed for a little over two months, and that she felt more fulfilled now than at any other point in her life. There was no time to dwell on such things right now, though. She had to get ready for tonight.

With a quick flick of her wand she ascertained that Severus wasn't home from his class yet. This gave her time to bathe and dress up properly. Her stomach flipped over as she thought of the night ahead. Not that long ago, Severus had made her a promise and tonight he would make good on it whether he liked it or not.

Hermione filled the bath with water and added Agarwood and Neroli essential oils. As she dipped her toe in, the aroma of the oils filled the room and she inhaled deeply. One thing she had learned form her time at S6x was that sex could be enhanced through scent, leading to a more fulfilling experience. Not that she needed any help where Severus was concerned; they seemed to just thrive on each other. But tonight was special and she wanted Severus to know that she appreciated him for more than just his body. Hermione paused as she let the scented water drip from the sponge onto her exposed breasts. She didn't often think about her relationship with Severus too deeply, and they hadn't talked about the future or where they were going as a couple. They had been too wrapped up in each other and the mind-blowing sex to really consider the rest of their lives, but now, Hermione was thinking about just that. The thought of living without Severus in her life was unbearable, and she mentally listed everything he brought to her life. He was the best company. They could talk for hours about various subjects, or at times just sit in comfortable silence while he marked essays and Hermione caught up on some reading. He was considerate, making sure she ate properly and showing interest in her studies. He was caring, and would seek her out during breaks in his brewing just so that he could hold her close for a few moments. Often he wouldn't speak but just hold his arms open for her to step into his embrace, and they would hug each other warmly, no words being necessary.

Hermione dropped the sponge with a splash and closed her eyes. She loved him more than life itself and probably had done for a long time. It was overwhelming and wonderful and more than a bit frightening. She just hoped that he felt the same about her. Sometimes it was hard to tell.

Severus took a deep breath before opening the door to his rooms and pasted an 'I don't care,' look onto his face. He knew that Hermione would see right through it but it was the only way he would be able to deal with the task ahead. Inner confidence had never been his strong point and he admired Hermione even more than he had before. He wondered if she had been this nervous on her first night.

'Hello.' Hermione was leaning against the door frame into what she had dubbed the 'play room.' Her hair was hanging softly over bared shoulders, and her soft, delicious curves were wrapped in what look like a tube of green satin that pooled in a small train behind her. Her toes poked out teasingly from beneath the fabric and Severus couldn't help but smirk at her silver nail polish.

'You look lovely. Are you going somewhere special?' he smiled at her.

'Not tonight. Tonight the entertainment is coming to me.' Hermione grinned and nodded towards the room behind her. 'Are you ready?'

'I haven't showered yet. Give me ten minutes.' Severus wished he could find a way to stall her but he couldn't put off the inevitable. Resolving that it was better to just get it over with, Severus nodded gallantly at Hermione with a wide sweep of his arm, and was gratified to hear her giggle as he headed towards the bathroom. Afterwards he would make it perfectly clear that no other woman would be able to make him do what he was about to do. Not even Lily Potter. The thought of Lily stopped him in his tracks. She hadn't crossed his mind in a long time, and as he thought of her now, he realised that he felt nothing. No love, no revulsion, just ambivalence. He knew that he had Hermione to thank for that and that although she didn't know it yet, tonight was about more than just one promise.

Hermione waited for Severus in the play room. They had created it together shortly after she moved in, so that she could indulge her passion for dancing and so that Severus could indulge in his passion for watching her. There was a long, silver pole in the centre of the room, plush cushions on the floor and a day bed along one wall. The other wall was lined with mirrors, and they had fitted lighting charms that could be adjusted depending on their mood. With a light flick of her wand, Hermione bathed the room in a warm, red light, with a brighter white light over the pole. She settled herself onto the day bed and curled her legs beneath her. From here she had a perfect view and the bits she couldn't see would be caught in the mirror. She grinned to herself and started the music playing to get even more in the mood, just as Severus entered the room. Hermione gasped.

Severus was dressed in his best teaching robes, buttoned up to his throat with a slight glimpse of white at the collar and cuffs. He was also wearing his best dragon hide boots, polished to a high sheen. Hermione's jaw dropped. She had never seen him look so imposing. He looked back at her dispassionately, and she unconsciously sat straighter in her seat and paid attention. Severus's eyes glittered in the half-light and he walked slowly and silently to the pole, never taking his gaze from her.

'You expect me to go through with this, Hermione?' he said quietly.

'Well, only if you really want to, Severus. I know I made you promise but I would never make you do anything you didn't want to do.' Hermione's throat went dry. Perhaps she had gone too far this time.

'I knew you would say that,' he said silkily. He smiled a slow, seductive smile and clicked his fingers, and music that Hermione recognised started to pulse around the room. It was her own music from S6x. Slowly, Severus took hold of the pole and started to move around it, not dancing as much as seducing with his languid gaze and fluid movements. His hips brushed against the pole, and Hermione gasped at his sexy gracefulness. She had always known he could move, but she hadn't expected this. She sat forward in her seat now, staring as Severus started to unfasten his frock coat one perfect button at a time, and when his tongue slipped out to dampen his drying lips, Hermione felt a tell tale twinge between her legs and wriggled a little.

The rest of the strip went by in a slow whirl of sexual tension as Severus slowly revealed his flesh. He unbuttoned his shirt to his navel, and Hermione watched fascinated at the drips of sweat as they followed his happy trail downwards. Severus's fingers lingered on his fly, and Hermione couldn't bare it any longer.

'Severus, please,' she sighed huskily. 'Let me.'

'I don't think so,' he smirked. 'I'm not that sort of man.'

Hermione groaned. 'Damn you, Severus, don't you know what you're doing to me?'

'Oh, I think so. Exactly what you do to me, minx.' Severus grinned and unfastened his fly to reveal no underwear and an obviously happy erection. 'You can touch when I'm done and not before.'

'Please hurry up,' Hermione begged.

Severus clicked his fingers, and his shirt and trousers disappeared, leaving him naked. He danced slowly around the pole and stood with his back to Hermione as the music stopped.

'I'm done,' he whispered.

Hermione didn't need telling twice.

The End