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Chapter One:

The Narcoleptic Girl

Sawada Tsunayoshi was not a simple teenager dreaming of going to the library in his spare time for fun.


In fact, it was the last place on his list of "Places to Hide from Reborn." He always thought that the environment was too eerie for him. The atmosphere was so quiet and suffocating; it just wasn't the situation he was used to—especially since he have been surrounded by a bunch of lunatics from the start of junior high school. Why? Oh, well see, it was just because he was the tenth generation boss of the most successful mafia in the world. Of course there were his "I almost DIED guys, but I manage to make it out alive and escape from Kony." moments, but it was no biggie.

No. Biggie.

However, he decided that perhaps the library wasn't so bad after all. Barely any people were in the large building. If they were, most strayed into their own section and minded their own business. Give him a little bit of time, and he could slowly grow to like the library and adapt to the creepy environment. It was actually quite…peaceful, now that he thought about it. It gave him a moment to contemplate what was going on through his life—which was understandable because he hardly had any private time to himself after Reborn showed up.

Strolling down the aisle of books, he eyed the dull titles and tried to find one to his liking to pass time and cure his boredom; it didn't help that he never really liked reading books to begin with. His doe-like brown eyes darted over the place before he caught sight of a small figure in the corner. Hesitantly, he took long strides over to the figure and noticed that there were multiple books scattered around the motionless body. There was a book atop the person's face with a hand over the book itself.

He crouched down and observed the person more carefully. Long luscious locks of blonde hair fanned out from underneath, and judging from her smooth legs and arms, she had porcelain skin. Curiosity ate him up, and he wondered how her face looked like. Finally deciding to take a look, he pushed the Italian cook book of hers aside and inwardly gasped, awed by her beauty. Long blonde eyelashes had rested itself on her slight pink cheeks. Pink, plump lips were graced in a tiny, almost nonexistent, smile. Her skin was absolutely flawless—no signs of blemishes, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles, or scarring. No trace of baby fat either. Something about her absolutely screamed, "FOREIGNER!"

Tsuna was awe-struck.

His trance was broken when she opened her narrow eyes, revealing a dull shade of green, staring at him blankly. She furrowed her eyebrows in slight interest at the sight of him besides her before shrugging her shoulders carelessly—not even bothering to question why he was there. Propping herself up on her scrawny elbows, she looked around her area and sighed at the amount of books surrounding her. "How troublesome," she muttered to herself—her voice was soft and calm. Lifting her body off the ground, she gradually began picking up after herself, ignoring Tsuna throughout the whole process. Tsuna felt bad that he wasn't helping her, because she looked so exhausted and seemed as if she was about to pass out in a matter of minutes.


She left before he could ask her a question.


Tsuna didn't even get to catch her name. He sighed to himself, shaking his head in dismay at the awkward situation. "At least I didn't get caught by Reborn," he said to himself.


"I'd like to beg to differ, Dame-Tsuna."

The sixteen-year-old's body stiffened and he turned his head to the side in a sluggish manner. A frown marred his face and he chuckled nervously, "H-Hi Reborn...please don't shoot me!" Tsuna squeaked. Two (almost three) years of Reborn in his life, and Tsuna is still scared shitless of the ex-arcobaleno hit man.

"Dame-Tsuna. Who told you to run away from me?" Reborn said, his deep baritone voice humming with amusement. The gun pointed at him (real, obviously) disappeared from his hand and he kicked his student in the back, shoving him on carpet-covered ground, in a merciless manner. He scoffed when the younger boy had yelped in pain. "Idiot."

Tsuna promptly pushed the adult away and stood up, brushing the dirt off of his back from the bottom of Reborn's expensive shoes. "Alright! Okay, I get it! Just give me my punishment and leave me alone!" he stated, adding under his breath, "Stupid jerk."

"Would you like to repeat those last two words again, Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn's eyes gleamed with an undeniable vicious intent, and Tsuna swore that he almost heard someone shout, "RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE BOY!"

"No." Good choice, Tsuna. Good choice. You just saved yourself from eternal hell, he applauded himself.

"Smart decision." Reborn then looked at the library entrance. His lips curled into a smirk. "Care to tell me who that girl was? Or do I have to force you to?"

The tenth generation boss cursed inwardly, flinching. The hit man had seen what happened after all. Tsuna considered not telling the ex-arcobaleno before he decided that it was probably best to just give into Reborn. He didn't feel like getting shot between the eyes anytime soon. "I don't know," he earnestly answered. "I just saw her on the ground, and I was curious."

"Of course," Reborn said, clicking his tongue in dismay at the answer he received. I have a feeling that we will be seeing her soon. "Dame-Tsuna."

"What is it Reborn?"

"One-hundred laps for running away." Pause. "I take that back. Make that one-hundred-and-one." Reborn always did like to go one step beyond.


"Juudaime, are you okay?" Gokudera asked, slightly worried as the brown-haired boy slumped into his desk. His silver eyebrows arched delicately when the exhausted teen nodded, sitting up from his slouched position. "Are you sure?" Because yo8u look like shit, Gokudera secretly added.

"I'm fine Gokudera," Tsuna assured, smiling weakly. "I'm just a little bit tired because Reborn made me run one-hundred-and-one lap yesterday."

"Oh." Gokudera scratched the side of his head awkwardly, before leaving it at that. "So how was your day yesterday, Juudaime? I ditched baseball idiot after he told me he had practice and went to go study up on some more U.M.A. with Shitopi-chan."

"Haha! I already said sorry to ditching you yesterday. I didn't realize I had practice until the end of school," Yamamoto apologized, appearing out of thin air. He slung his arm around the silver-haired bomber carelessly, grinning wildly. "Yo!"

"You have thirty seconds to remove your arm before I detach it from your body."

"Gokudera!" Tsuna scolded, already starting to feel a migraine forming.

"I apologize, Juudaime. I'm not apologizing to you though, baseball idiot."

"Haha, you're still funny as ever Gokudera."

"What are you guys talking about?" Everyone's eyes darted over to see Enma looking at them with a hesitant smile. He waved shyly. "Morning," he said softly.

"Good morning Enma," Tsuna greeted. The other two nodded in acknowledgement before starting a discussion (one-sided argument for Gokudera). The two family bosses then exchanged a few words about the weather, trying to avoid talking about anything related to the mafia of some sorts. They were at school and had agreed to keep business out of their normal lives, as normal as their lives could be anyway.

The door slammed open and everyone scuttled to their seats almost mechanically. The teacher walked in with a large smile on her face, "Good morning everyone!"

"Good morning sensei!" Everyone greeted simultaneously.

The young woman smiled at her class and clasped her hands together, "Class! I would like to introduce you to a new student that arrived from Italy! She is half Japanese and Italian, and she is new to this country. So please try to make her feel as comfortable as possible! Understand?"

"Yes sensei!"

"You can come inside now Fuji-chan!"

Everyone peered at the door, waiting for the female to enter.


Silence was the teacher's answer.

"Fuji-chan?" Walking over to the entrance, she slid the white door open to the side and almost slapped herself in the face at the ridiculous sight in front of her. "FUJI-CHAN! NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR!"

A young girl slowly lifted her head up from the ground and blinked, staring up at the woman in confusion. She stood up slowly and looked inside and her mouth formed an 'o' shape. "Pardon my extremely odd behavior," the girl said nonchalantly. Dragging herself inside the room, reluctantly, she stood in front of the classroom, directing her eyes at the back of the wall. In the stillness, the girl suddenly realized that no one was speaking and their eyes were focused directly on her, waiting for the girl to say something.

The teacher ushered her to speak, "Go on Fuji-chan! Introduce yourself to the class!"

A few minutes passed and she finally spoke, "I am…Fuji…Masaru." The blonde girl tried really hard not to fall asleep while introducing herself to the class. She really did try. It's just that when someone sticks her in an environment where people actually gave two-cents of what she said to them, it made her care about leaving a nice impression on them just a little bit. Key words: Just a little bit. "Nice to…meet you all…I guess." Her eyes were slowly starting to droop, and she sighed. Lifting her hand up, she pinched her light pink cheek harshly before continuing—it was almost as if she was used to doing abnormal stuff like that. "Sorry, I didn't take my medicine to keep me up. Any questions?"

A few hands rose up instantly.



"No. The girl that looks like a Barbie doll," Masaru answered calmly.

"Hey! That's cruel."

"I'm sorry." She wasn't.

"Better be! Anyway, why are you wearing the boys' uniform?"

"They tried to force me to wear a skirt until I told them that I always go commando. So they gave me the boys' uniform instead." Black pants clung to her legs tightly revealing just how skinny and thin her legs were followed by what seemed to be a raggedy pair of black loafers. A white dress shirt adorned the top of her body—she folded the long sleeves to her elbow and didn't bother to tuck the bottom in her pants since it ended right by her hips.

Everyone's mouth dropped open at her indecent response.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope." Sarcasm. It was the best damn thing ever. (It can't be a lie if it's sarcasm.) Of course, since nobody in the classroom knew the girl's personality, they automatically assumed that she told the truth.

"Do you speak Italian?"


"But you're from Italy!"

"I'm from America, you racist. Mi es Americano."


"No." Her vacant expression then lighted up when she spotted an empty seat in the back. Still dragging her body, she headed towards it and pulled the chair backwards and sat in it. Once she parked her flat ass in the wooden furniture, her eyes closed and her head landed on the desk with a loud THUMP!

Tsuna felt a sense of dread that his life was going to be even more hectic with her around.

How would he know?

Two words: Hyper Intuition.

Fuji Masaru: Petite, beautiful, doll-like, age sixteen, blood type O, half Italian, half Japanese, bilingual, heterosexual, emotionless-to-the-point-where-she-was-considered-a-killer-robot, a straight F student that always manages to pull her grades up to a passing D at the end of the semester, unintentionally rude when she is trying to be polite, sarcastic, socially awkward, curses daily, cannot sing, has a hard time breathing if she yells really loud, likes to drink tea, and the most important fact is that she is a narcoleptic.

Fuji Masaru, the narcoleptic.

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