Edward's fingers tangled in the black, silk bowtie that was on his neck. The same sexy one I had been staring at all night. The man looked really good in a suit and even more scrumptious in a tux. While he was making quick work of it, I was trying to get the window open.

We were both exhausted, today had taken a lot out of us.

But nonetheless, it had been a good night. A great one, actually. Something we needed…for all of us.

"Fuck, it's hot," he muttered as he discarded the small piece of black satin. I watched it briefly while it fluttered to the floor.

His dress shirt and pants followed shortly behind it. Leaving me with a breathtaking view; I had to admit, there were still times when it was hard to believe he was mine. After all we'd been through it took some convincing for me to really wrap my head around it.

But man, when it did sink in, and I did realize I could go over to him and claim what was mine, it was a good day.

"It's too fucking hot," he grumbled again, throwing on the air conditioner full blast in the room. It hummed to life and began to blow out some relatively chilly air, but it wasn't enough. The heat was hard on me. If it wasn't so important to attend, I don't know if I would've braved the heat.

"True," I agreed easily. I was right there with him, it had to be about a hundred and six, not to mention the stifling humidity. It was so thick it felt like I was being suffocated by the air. "I don't think there's much we can do to escape it, though."

Not a good feeling. Not at all. The air conditioning wasn't working fast enough for me. I was really minding it, on top of the long day, it only made it worse.

"No, you're right, we're on an island. I'm fairly certain the only way off is by way of boat. And even then, it would still be hot," he said with a little pout, looking adorable as hell. Then he cocked his head. "How are you feeling, baby?"

I shrugged and smiled to reassure him. "I'm okay. Just tired."

He walked over and kissed me gently, whispering against my lips, "I love you, Bella. Always."

"I love you, too. Now, Mr. Cullen, get ready for bed."

He waggled his eyebrows.

I chuckled lightly loving our time together.

After he finished with his clothes he turned to me, and my smile was gone, the chuckle was just a faint remnant of memory, and the shiver that scrambled up my spine was not from the chilly air resonating from the air conditioner. It was most definitely from the set of deep green eyes that looked like they were mentally undressing me. Those were the killers.

"Need some help?" he asked with a smirk, making my breath hitch. It wasn't fair, even after being together for a few years; he could still make my heart feel like it was going to leap out of my chest.

I grinned in return and he strode across the room, to my side.

Earlier in the day…

Edward straightened his damn tie again and smiled at me as we stood there waiting for the music to start playing. He knew what he was doing to me. That evil bastard.

Then the tune changed and the beautiful hall began to echo with familiar music.

And then the doors opened to reveal the most stunning bride I had ever seen in my entire life.

Her blue eyes glittered with unshed tears, her pink cheeks matched her lips and her blonde hair was perfectly curled beneath the sparkling headband that was resting in her head.

Her form-fitting dress hugged her figure and simply added to her extensive beauty.

I was in awe and couldn't have been happier for her. Because the groom, who was nervously bouncing on the tips of his toes, was one of the sweetest men I had ever met.

I watched as his eyes opened and took her in, his bouncing halted completely and he looked so serene, so entirely calm. It was a thing of mystery and magic to witness.

Their arms linked up and they exchanged words of love and promises of the future, before sliding bands, representing said promises, on each other's fingers.

With a quick flit of my fingers I attempted to dry my eyes. My emotions couldn't be held back as they proclaimed their love to one another.

My best friend and gorgeous-almost-sister just got married to the love of her life. That's right. Rose was now Mrs. Rosalie Lahote.

As hard as it was to believe, it was the truth.

The entire family had turned out for the beautiful ceremony, and everything had gone off without a hitch. In two years' time, everyone had grown. They'd set aside their worries and let things just take their course. As I had said from the beginning, if it was meant to be, it would be.

As my best friend looked into Paul's sweet, brown eyes and declared her love, I knew, for certain, there was not even a hint of her girl-hood crush lingering. Rose was her own woman and loved Paul for everything that he was; a truly wonderful man. They were happiness, hard work, and care all rolled into one.

They had stuck together through thick and thin. They had managed to make a life for themselves when their relationship was against all odds. They had done all they could to show their love was real, and if anyone still wasn't convinced two years later, well then, they weren't here to witness a wonderful and loving reunion.

Rose and Paul reminded me a lot of me and Edward.


Glasses clinked and everyone smiled.

Pretty girls twirled on the shiny dance floor, some on their daddy's feet, others just swinging their dresses. The men snuggled close to their women despite the heat. There certainly was a thick cloud of love surrounding everyone.

The island Rose insisted having her nuptials on was stifling in temperature, but thankfully people were drinking up and still managing to have a good time. I would've hated to see a bunch of people suffering to celebrate such a wonderful moment in two people's lives.

Edward brought me another glass of ice water and a devilish smile. I giggled and mumbled a quiet thank you for the drink. He was being tender with me and still managing to do his job.

Rose had asked Edward to be the photographer; however, that job interfered with Paul asking Edward to be in the wedding party, which meant Edward had to hire someone he trusted to help out. And when it came to photography it was difficult for him to let go and trust anyone.

But friendships helped with that. Ben, who had taken a few classes in college and shared his hobby with Edward, offered to do it. After Edward took a look at his work, Edward quickly agreed. That also meant that while Rose was off dancing her feet away, and Edward was making sure that just the right moments were being captured, I at least got to sit next to Angela and have someone to enjoy the night with.

I sipped my frigid water and tried to stay cool, as I rested my feet up on a chair.

Angie and I watched as Rose captivated the attention of everyone as she took a spin on the dance floor with anyone who asked.

Finally though, knives clinked on the crystal glasses asking for a speech.

Edward waltzed across the small platform in front of the microphone, taking a deep breath, and straightening his clothes. My heart began to race. There was something about him and that damn suit, not to mention that by now he had untied his silk bow tie, but left it hanging limply around his neck. A few buttons on his shirt were undone and a hint of his chest was peeking out. I was in Heaven. That man standing in front of everyone was my dream become reality, and I knew I was one hell of a lucky woman.

The night wore on and friends and family celebrated Rose and Paul's happiness. It was a perfect evening. Edward's speech added a certain lightness to the event, as well. His humor was well-placed and gracious. He welcomed Paul as a part of the family like he was a true brother.

Just as the clock turned to two a.m. and many people were starting to leave the reception, I let out a yawn. I knew I'd still have to wait a bit longer until Edward was done with his official job. Not that I minded. Rose deserved this so much. She worked so hard to get to this point and I loved her like a sister. She needed to have the fairy tale. Just like I had mine.

After a while, the ice had melted in my final water and condensation had dripped down the elegantly curved glass leaving water marks to seep into the table cloth. I was swirling my finger in the cool water on the outside when I jumped. Coarse whiskers scratched at the sensitive skin on my neck and a warm hand caressed my swollen belly.

"Come on Mrs. Cullen, I'm ready to bring you back to our room," he whispered hotly in my ear.

I giggled and slowly got out of my seat.

Following behind the man, who had stolen my heart, and committed the rest of his life to me…and our soon-to-be born baby girl.

I know it took ages for this... and well...I couldn't help that these two just weren't speaking to me anymore. But let me tell you, when they did, I listened!

I love you guys to pieces and will miss this story greatly!

Thanks for all the great memories! See you soon!