Ok, this isn't a story, exactly-this is just a list that kinda illustrates my obsession with Sherlock, which I originally posted on my profile before editing.. Just for fun, please read and review!

Ten Signs that You're Too Obsessed With Sherlock(that you might not get if you don't watch the show OMG WHY DON'T YOU WATCH?):

1) Every time you meet someone new, you try to Sherlock Scan them.

2) Whenever you're faced with a difficult homework question, you make a remark somewhere along the lines of "This is a three-patch problem."

3) You make a big deal out of trying to solve every crime on the news before the police.

4) When asked to write an essay for school on Your Role Model, you write TEN PAGES on SHERLOCK HOLMES (THE MODERN DAY VERSION) and then are informed that the hero can't be fictional. You then write one about Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss instead. (Or Benedict Cumberbatch and Arthur Conan Doyle)

5) You patted yourself on the back for weeks for picking "the same pill as Sherlock" in the first episode.

6) On the one occasion, you GASP worked something out BEFORE SHERLOCK you ran around in circles, screamed so loudly the neighbours called the police, called ALL your friends to tell them about it, and fell down on your knees before the TV screen in simple worship.

7) You had pre-recorded the start of the new series, put on your long trench coat to watch the first episode and threatened to place a marinating head in your mother's fridge if she DARED interrupt you while the show was on. She told you that your "obsession" "could be seen as something getting out of hand." You turned, gave her a look of utter contempt, and proceeded to correct her grammar. She should have said "Your obsession is a thing which could be seen as getting out of hand." Honestly.

8) When-I can't say it-THE LAST EPISODE HAPPENED ( and if you've seen it, you'll know what I mean), you did not cry-you merely sank to the floor in front of your sofa, with trembling lips, murmuring to yourself "Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side" to keep yourself calm-as Sherlock would have wished.

9) You formulate endless theories about THE LAST EPISODE (Oh my God it's too difficult not being able to say what happened)

10) You memorise every one of Sherlock's retorts and use them in every situation you can think of.

And one for good luck:

11) Whenever someone tells you you're a Sherlock freak/ too obsessed/a total stalker/ you're a borderline psychopath, you turn, unleash a burning glower, and witheringly utter the following : "I'm not a Sherlock freak/too obsessed/a total stalker/a borderline psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath- DO YOUR RESEARCH." And then let them FEEL THE BURN.

Well, there you go. And no, I have not done all of those things. I haven't, really. Honest. *squirms*