Hiya! Thanks for all the great reviews everyone! Right, here's part 2-sorry if it's not as good-I've been revising all week! Anyway, here you go and this could kind of be second-person John's POV. Hope you enjoy it!

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Four Reasons Being Friends With Sherlock Holmes is GREAT:

1) Last time you dragged him out to the supermarket and you ended up stuck in the usual long queue, Sherlock dispatched them all in less than 3 minutes with his Sherlock scan. Turns out, Mrs. Cromarty from down the road really didn't like having her husband's multiple affairs pointed out in public.

2) It can be quite fun seeing Sherlock's mistakes. Not his detecting ones-his little ones. Like not knowing the name of the Prime Minister or that the Earth goes round the sun. Last week, you were working out the crossword and one of the clues was which planet was furthest from the sun. You made a remark about the correct answer being Pluto and Sherlock said "Really?"

You rolled your eyes and looked up to tell him that you didn't need another remark about your comparative lack of intelligence-only to realise he was serious. That says it all, really.

3) Sherlock always manages to make you look saner than you actually are-though this comes at the price of huge embarrassment. Like yesterday-since you had confiscated Sherlock's cigarettes again-a move which could only end in disaster-you were just stepping outside a cafe, when, before you could stop him, Sherlock leapt forward, stuck his neck out like a meercat, and inhaled the cigarette smoke of some random passing stranger.

The looks you got as you dragged him away are still haunting your mind...

4) Let's face it, life with Sherlock is never boring. A few days ago, you were sitting comfortably in front of the television, watching the news, when suddenly the door crashed open, the light bulb smashed, and Sherlock was standing in the doorway like a bat out of hell, covered in blood, holding a harpoon and asking if you had any soup. He then proceeded to walk across the room, chuck the harpoon out the window, throw himself down in a chair and draw a jar of what looked very much like human eyes out of his pocket, before politely asking you to change the channel. At which point you leaned forward and asked him what the hell was going on. He looked at you, apparently surprised, and said "Oh, nothing." He then got up and began to play his violin.
And let's face it, only Sherlock Holmes could pull that off.

And one for good luck:

5) Yesterday, doing birthday shopping, someone bumped into you quite rudely and then walked off without even apologising. They knocked right into your shoulder injury, too. Sherlock didn't appear to notice at first, but just as the two of you walked past the piggy banks, you muttering to yourself angrily, you noticed his hand shoot out and grab something. You didn't pay much attention really-you were still too annoyed about the shoulder incident. In fact, Sherlock reaching quickly over someone's bag as you passed them didn't really register with you, either.

As you were leaving, you heard a commotion from the front of the store. The same guy who bumped into you was now being frisked by the security guards, and was loudly protesting, claiming he'd never stolen anything in his life. Unfortunately for him, the security guy was holding up what looked remarkably like a pink piggy bank sticking out the top of Shoulder Guy's bag. Pity. You and Sherlock just grinned and kept walking.

And that is why being friends with Sherlock Holmes can actually be kind of brilliant.

Well,hope you enjoyed it. Again, sorry if it wasn't too good-but again, it's just a fun list-please review if you liked it!