If What We Have is Wrong

A/N: So we meet again. You were crazy enough to trust me again.

Kidding! Please don't leave.

This is a sequel. Please read I Don't Want to Be Right first if you haven't yet done so. Otherwise you will be utterly confused. :)

Well so much has happened. We don't find out everything right away, but some things... Eventually we we hear some back story for both boys.

Enjoy chapter one of this second installment, and I'm genuinely sorry for everything last time. Lol. I hope you've all forgiven me.

Chapter 1

"Now class, turn to page 344 of the text. I'm going to read the first excerpt once and you will take the rest of your time to study over it yourselves."

Blaine rifled through the pages of his textbook and settled the book open on his desk. His professor's voice filled the room; as loud and clear as Professor Davidson's voice always was, and followed along in his book. He tapped the end of his pen along his lips before absently sucking on it, taking notes every so often.

His professor said something funny after his reading and the whole lecture room laughed lightly, going to finish the reading on their own. Blaine smiled as well, looking back at the text and playing with the pen between his lips. Bad habit.

A text message interrupted his note taking and he peeked down at the screen of his iPhone, shaking his head at the message.

You look like a pro sucking on your pen like that. ;) –Nathan

Blaine quickly typed out a reply before returning to his work. The class would end soon and he didn't want extra work to take back to his dorm with him.

Stop looking at me and pay attention. –Blaine

Nathan was… hot? That's what other guys called him. Girls too. Blaine could agree a little. Blue eyes and blond hair, tall, killer smile, nicely built. He seemed sweet, too. They went on a single date a week ago, and it went well, one might say. Nathan made him laugh and Blaine did the same for him. But Blaine was still, well… he wasn't ready.

We'll leave it at that.

A few minutes had passed. Blaine had done everything the professor asked, and was just sitting there quietly. Nathan would glance back at him and smile every other minute, and Blaine would roll his eyes away and laugh.

He was a nice guy, but again… he wasn't ready.

"Okay. That's all guys. Until next week," Professor Davidson said loudly, smiling at the college juniors packing there things away.

Blaine stood up and threw his over the shoulder bag around his arm before grabbing his cell phone and making his way down the lecture hall's steps. He adjusted his cardigan and made sure he looked presentable before entering the halls of Ohio State.

People smiled as he passed. He wasn't exactly 'big guy on campus' or anything, but people knew him.

It didn't take long for his admirer to catch up and walk at his side.

"So you're avoiding me."

Blaine smiled, shaking his head no at Nathan. "I'm not."

"You said you enjoyed our date."

Nathan nudged Blaine in the side so he could get some eye contact. The shorter junior only laughed.

"It was fun, Nathan. I did enjoy it. Why would you think I didn't?"

"Because something is wrong. You're avoiding me and I keep asking to go on a second date. So what's wrong?"

Blaine shook his head once more. "Nothing is wrong." he lied. I can't take you seriously because you're nothing like him. "It was just a really long week and I want to get back to my dorm room."

Nathan nodded. "Fine. But you should go out with me tomorrow night." Nathan flashed his pearly whites when he saw what he hoped was Blaine breaking and considering it, an equally alluring smile spreading across the boy's tanned face. Nathan continued trying to reel him in.

"This band is playing at The Clipse and I need a date. I use to love them in high school but a few of them went off to college so they separated. Good thing is they're back in Ohio. BBR is the name."

Blaine stopped walking completely and someone subsequently bumped into him as a result. She apologized and went on her way, despite getting no reaction from Blaine at all. Nathan kept walking and talking, not realizing Blaine was sort of frozen with his mouth hanging open and his heart not beating at all.

"BBR?" he asked, though his voice wouldn't really work.

Nathan turned around, now realizing Blaine was quite a ways behind him. He backpedaled a moment until they were close again.

"You okay?…" Nathan trailed off, confused by the reaction. Blaine looked confused as hell, and then he started paling and Nathan became a little scared himself.

"B. B. R?" Blaine repeated, this time his voice cooperating a little. Nathan nodded, still giving the shorter boy an odd look.

"Umm… yes. Blind Bass Rebellion or some shit. All I know is they were awesome."

Blaine was still standing there; trying to process everything he had just been told.

"Anyway," the blond continued, "they'll be here at OSU tomorrow night, so we should go on another date. Think about it," he smiled and slapped Blaine on the shoulder, winking playfully and walking off.

Blaine stood there a while longer before snapping out of his 'WTF is happening?' haze and finally finding his footing. Blaine just wanted to get to his dorm room and scream into every pillow. Was this real life? BBR was coming to his school to perform… his BBR… from Lima, Ohio…

After 5 years, he had a chance to be reunited with them, and especially Kurt. It had to be a dream.

Oh my god, he thought. I have a chance to see Kurt.

I have a chance to see Kurt.

Blaine didn't get far out of the building before Nadia was walking up to him with a smile.

Nadia. She was a whole other story. Her light brown hair and pretty smile would be attractive to any guy, gay or straight, because she was that pretty. And while he was 100% gay, she still was a very important piece of his life.

"Hey," she smiled softly before leaning in and kissing his cheek. Blaine smiled back, trying to still his mind a bit. It was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

"Hey." he responded, "Everything okay?"

He glanced down at her belly and smiled. She was showing but it wasn't anything major. Nadia wasn't a fan of the idea, but she was being strong. Blaine loved her for that.

"Everything is fine. I have an appointment Tuesday," she said quietly, ignoring the stares people gave them as they walked past. "I was hoping that you'd come with me."

Blaine nodded fervently once he noticed the doubt in her hazel eyes. He couldn't say he was expecting this, being asked for help from Nadia, because she'd been so quick to push his help away.

"Sure," he gulped, "of course. What time?"


"Okay," Blaine continued to nod. "I'll meet you at your dorm?"

"Yeah. Thanks."

Nadia walked off, climbing the steps to the building. Blaine watched her for a moment as she walked with her head down. It had to be hard, but she wasn't alone. She had to know that.


The girl turned back with a quirked eyebrow expectantly.

"Call me if anything. Okay?"

The smile that spread across her face warmed the boy's heart. "Yes, Blaine. I will."

He smiled back until a random guy rode up to him, completely capturing his focus. Blaine took the flyer from the man's outstretched hand and looked down at it.

"Crazy party at The Clipse tomorrow night, Anderson. Be there or be square."

He rolled off on his skateboard handing out some more as Blaine looked down at the flyer, a thousand feelings hitting him at once at the BBR logo in the background. He wasn't even sure if he should just show up like that. It had been so long since they last saw one another, and even spoken, and he felt like a stranger. What if they hated him for it?

Kurt couldn't hate him though. It was all Kurt's idea, honestly— the not speaking any more. Maybe not the refusing to talk exactly, but the not seeing each other was definitely Kurt's idea. But the rest the group, and even Katelyn had every right to hate his guts. How could he stay in touch with them when Kurt really didn't want any part in his life? It'd be a connection to that world he was trying to give up and Blaine couldn't handle it.

Was he supposed to show up with another guy? That probably wasn't the smartest idea. He'd done that once before, when he was 14, he remembered with a smile. Only made things worse.

Blaine considered all these things and more as he walked into his dorm room, ignoring his snoring roommate and plopping down on the bed.

It'd been five years. Five whole years. Kurt told him the last time they spoke that seeing another again would only make things harder. He wondered if he still felt the same way.

He also wondered if he was happy and with someone else, living his life, chasing his dreams.

Doing all the things Blaine knew he could do.

He had to go. Just to make sure if nothing else.


Nathan cancelled on him. That was the best thing that could happen, because this whole reunion would probably be awkward with a guy on his arm. He wasn't sure why, exactly, since he was so stuck on seeing them, but that hadn't mattered.

Blaine had spoken to Briana on the phone and she was shocked but thrilled that her brother would have a chance to see their old friends again.

She knew just as well as Blaine did how much he missed Kurt. Blaine's decision making process was evident to that over the past five years, if nothing else attributed to the fact.

He spoke to Wes who was happier than Blaine expected him to be. Blaine told him he was thinking about not going because of all his insecurities, which he listed with explanations, and Wes pretty much cursed him out— threatening that his best friend better not ruin everything or he'd fly from MIT to OSU and beat the living shit out of him.

So he decided to go.

He fluffed his short curly hair wishing he could do something more to it but acknowledging the fact it would never be how he wanted it to be exactly. His nerves were getting to him. Now his hair wouldn't cooperate.

He placed a navy blue cardigan over a white polo with grey jeans, stared at himself in the mirror for 20 minutes straight trying to talk himself into not backing out, before he finally left his dorm room, anxiety and nerves a couple feelings plaguing him more with every step.

Blaine had great reasoning for how he was behaving. He often dreamed of this day ever since he left the first day. They had talked on and off once he arrived in Ohio, but when Kurt said he'd be going away for school things just sort of bottomed out. That was the day he realized he probably wouldn't get an opportunity again.

Now that he was, he was obviously aware of how horrible everything could go… how quick things fell to shit.

As soon as he entered the club and flashed his fake ID, he could hear Quinn's voice, as clear as ever, emanating throughout the building. People were enjoying themselves, passing around beers. He smiled and could clearly reminisce on a time when he used to run around with this very band watching people reacting to their music this very way.

He fought his way through the crowd to get a better look. Blaine couldn't deny, it was a little harder the closer he got. The sight would probably break him, he admitted to himself, the sight of his old friends that is. Five years out of contact with a guy you were still in love with would probably do that to you.

People let him through, not really caring too much seeing as they were plastered. Blaine smiled apologetically and parted bodies, saying sorry along the way, and making his way to the semi-front. There were still a few fan girls not budging at the front of the stage so he settled for this.

And then he could see everything clearly.

There he was.

Kurt Hummel.

His first love, his first… just about everything really, was standing there with his eyes glued to his guitar. His hair was spiky for the show, Blaine assumed, and he had on a red jacket over a white t-shirt, and black jeans that were a lot tighter than he used to wear them. Did his eyes get bluer? They had to be bluer. Kurt was smiling over at Quinn as she sang and his fingers strummed the guitar, playing to the crowd. The same smile Blaine remembered so clearly despite the years apart.

Kurt looked happy, and Blaine found himself ridiculously happy.

Yeah, he was still in love if that was any indication.

Quinn scanned over the crowd as she sang seductively; flirting with a few of the partygoers, and Puck had this serious face as he looked at her. Her hair was a lot longer now. It fit her well. And Puck still looked pretty bad ass.

Finn seemed to be lost in his drumming, as usual. But he looked good as well. Older, but well. Briana would be happy to hear that when he spoke to her.

That brought him back to Kurt. he couldn't stop watching. Now that Blaine was in Kurt's presence again, he didn't want to stop looking. Who knew how long it'd be before they got to see one another again after tonight?

Toward the end of the song, Quinn noticed a curly haired, hazel eyed kid smiling up at the stage, in Kurt's direction specifically, while everyone else was jumping and dancing. He wasn't hard to locate sticking out like a sore thumb. She barely made it through the last few lyrics because of how excited she was.

That was Blaine if ever she knew him.

Blaine Anderson.

Kurt glanced at her like she was crazy because of how out of character she was behaving, but rolled his eyes away, playing the last few notes on his guitar before Puck announced an intermission. The band, excluding Quinn, headed backstage to Sam to prepare for their next set.

Blaine hadn't noticed that Quinn saw him until Kurt was fully out of view. Then he saw her stalking over like a lion to its prey and laughed as the blond pushed females out of the way and grabbed him in a tight hug.

"Oh my gosh! What the fuck?" she screamed as she pulled back to look at him. Blaine smiled widely. Apparently Quinn wasn't mad at him. That was one person. "Look at you! Is this facial hair? What the fuck?"

Blaine was laughing now as he grabbed the girl into his arms again. "You're so grown up, Blaine! I can't believe it."

"Hi, Quinnie. I missed you so much!"

She pulled away quickly, still in awe that he was even here after so long and dragged him up the stage steps. "Let's go backstage and say hi to everyone."

About half way there, Blaine's nerves caught up with him and he stopped. Quinn turned around on her heels and looked at him strangely, tuning out the noise from the crowd. "What's wrong?"

Blaine looked paler than she remembered. "I don't know if I can…" Blaine trailed off after his admission. Suddenly, his mouth was dry and everything was hot.

"Why not, sweetie? It's just us. We're the same people."

Blaine noted the sincerity in her eyes and smiled. His heart stopped racing at the speed it was, though it had to still be breaking records. "I know… it's Kurt. I don't think I should just pop up unexpected like this. I mean I wanted to see you all but this is… when we ended…"

Quinn silenced him before giving the man some sort of indescribable, pleading look, and smiling softly.

"Come on."

Blaine allowed himself to be dragged the remainder of the way trying to understand what Quinn was silently trying to convey. His nerves were only getting worse and worse with each step, but then it happened. He was in the greenroom with his old friends, walking in during the middle of Sam's pep talk.

Finn noticed him first and oh boy, the face he made.


Blaine's legs wouldn't move. He wanted to run for cover, but fear froze him. Then Finn was barreling into him, picking him up and squeezing him tighter than he needed to be squeezed, and suddenly Puck was there squeezing Finn, and Sam was there squeezing Puck, and he couldn't breathe.

Quinn glanced over at Kurt whose eyes were wide, lips parted, and he was just sort of frozen as he sat on top of something he had no business sitting on, staring at their band mates crowding his ex boyfriend. She wasn't even sure if he was breathing to be completely honest.

"Dude, you have stubble?" Sam reached up and touched his jaw line, "Haha no more baby face!"

Blaine finally got the opportunity to say hello to them all once Finn lowered him to the floor, and Puck smiled widely, grabbing the boy into a searing hug of his own.

"You go here?" Puck asked after releasing him. Sam's hand went back to caressing his face and Blaine playfully slapped him away.

"Yeah. Starting my junior year."

"We're so happy you came, guy. God, it's been too long," Finn smiled widely, bouncing on his toes.

Blaine felt very happy knowing they didn't hate him. Like really happy. "Well of course, I love you guys."

Quinn cleared her throat, garnering the groups' attention. They all turned to her with wide eyes as she smiled softly.

"Kurt might want to say hello too, boys. Don't you think?"

They all moved out of the way and turned to face Kurt apologetically.

Kurt was still in the same spot as before but smiling now as Blaine and he locked eyes for the first time since a certain August day years ago. He hopped off the amplifier he was sitting on as Blaine walked over, his heart beating rapidly against his chest. He could see an array of expressions flowing across the elder's face and they all lead to what was first said.


Blaine laughed as he stood in front of him. This was so familiar and strange at the same time. Being with Kurt after all this time had 70 different species of butterflies fluttering in Blaine's stomach and all those feelings were rushing back.

"Yeah," he breathed out, "Hi."

Kurt smiled, looking into Blaine's hazel eyes. He always wondered what he'd say when he saw him again and 'wow' wasn't the first thing he'd imagined, but Blaine looked really good with the whole facial hair thing and his voice was ever deeper, and this meeting really caught him off guard. So 'wow' was accurate.

Blaine always imagined he'd be better put together, and it would be the most normal thing ever, but right now he was so freaking scared of all if it disappearing or something he didn't really know what to do.

"I missed you." Kurt spoke softly.

Blaine felt like dying at the words. Nobody understood just how much he had missed Kurt. Now he was finally getting to say it. After years of dealing with a high school life with a bunch of assholes because of leaving McKinley, and all the meaningless involvement with other guys just to feel something, he missed what he had with Kurt more than anything. "I missed you too."

The club manager stepped in, knocking on the greenroom door with a warning. "One minute guys."

Kurt and the rest of the band nodded, the others going back to their conversations and pretending not to pay attention to Kurt and Blaine's conversation, but doing a horrible job at it.

"Can we catch up after the show? Just go somewhere and talk…"

Blaine nodded his approval. "I'd like that, yeah."

Kurt smiled, watching Blaine's cheek flush a little. "You look really good, by the way. I'm not being the pervy kid you remember when I say that either. You look amazing."

Blaine smiled but before he could respond, some guy cut in with a wide smile, kissing Kurt on the lips and intertwining their arms.

"Who's your friend, honey?"

Shit. Blaine thought. He has a boyfriend. Perfect.

Kurt's face fell drastically once the guy cut in, and Blaine didn't fail to notice it. His own mood dropped as well but he tried not to let it show.

"Blaine, this is Kevin." he answered in a low voice, "Kevin, Blaine."

Blaine smiled. "Kurt and Kevin? Has a nice ring to it."

Kevin grinned while his ex rolled his eyes. Kevin's blue eyes were gleaming, though. "I always tell him that."

Blaine smiled softly. Why'd this guy have to be hot? And tall.

Kurt seemed very uninterested in the change in topic, staring at Sam for help. As usual, his best friend came through in the clutch. He snatched the red head away and told him to come back after the show because he was distracting his stars. Kevin laughed and said goodbye to them before going back to the crowd.

"He's attractive." Blaine smiled, trying to look anywhere but at Kurt. He didn't want to seem too bitter. Both of their lives had gone on so this was expected, he guessed.

Didn't mean he felt any less like shit.

Kurt laughed a little at the words as his band mates exited the room, warning him they only had a few seconds. He nodded.

"I met him at school and I don't know… was lonely I guess. He helped."

Blaine nodded his understanding. He had a few of those.

"I gotta get back out there but I'll text you after the show. Do you still have the same number?"

"I do," Blaine confirmed, ignoring his mind's attempt to throw himself onto Kurt and grab him into a hug one more time. He missed being in Kurt's arms more than he could comprehend.

Kurt smiled as he backed off. "Good. Enjoy the rest of the show."


Blaine unlocked the door to his dorm room and allowed Kurt to enter first before following in himself. He watched as his ex shrugged out of his red jacket and placed it on the hook, before looking around the cozy cohabitant dormitory.

"This is still surreal," Kurt smiled as he glanced back at Blaine. Blaine smiled too, closing the door and undoing the buttons to his sweater. "I can't believe we're in the same room right now, despite how we were basically always together back then."

"Yeah," Blaine sat on his bed with a thump, his mind in a million places. "I wish I could've taken you for coffee or something, but everything on campus is closed of course. My roommate went home for the weekend so it's just us. Capri Sun?" Blaine offered with a smile. Kurt laughed.

"You're such a college student. No thanks though. And don't worry about that. Here is perfectly fine," he sat down next to him on the bed, a little closer than Blaine deemed comfortable. He still had pretty strong feelings about this guy, the same guy who was involved with someone, yet sitting so damn close.

Kurt noticed his ex's nervousness and shook his head. He couldn't wait to get past this and back to how they were. That was definitely his intentions.

"So how is everyone?" Kurt questioned quietly. Blaine looked up and was met by his warm gaze. Damn had he missed those eyes.

"I, erm… lost my mother a couple years ago."

Kurt's soft smile disappeared completely. "What? Wow, I—I'm so sorry to hear that, Blaine."

Blaine nodded, looking away again, back down at his hands. "It's just me, Bri and my dad now. She just graduated from Berkeley and she stayed out there in California now. Engaged and everything," he smiled.

Kurt looked impressed. "Wow."

"And my father is alone but he's got everything he wanted; success, money, a firm. So I'm sure he's fine."

"How's your relationship with him?"

"Horrible," Blaine answered quickly. He shrugged it off though, it had been the norm for quite some time now.

Kurt looked at his hands now. "Sorry to hear that."

"It's fine," Blaine reassured him. Though it wasn't. His dad messed up his life for no reason. They still had no relationship.

He wondered whether or not he should turn on the television or do something to kill the awkward because just talking here with him so close was killing him.

"What happened to Alice?" Kurt asked curiously. Blaine looked really tense and he didn't want to ask but he wanted to know everything that happened since they'd been apart. He needed to know everything.

He should've known everything, really.

"A very short battle with breast cancer. The chemo hadn't helped, because we found out too late."

Kurt rubbed at his forehead quietly. "Is it weird that I wish I was around?"

"I don't think so," Blaine answered sadly. He could understand that. "How are the Hummel's holding up?"


Blaine raised an eyebrow and turned to look at him questioningly. Kurt laughed and turned his body on Blaine's twin sized bed to face him.

"Finn's mom and my dad are married now. Two years and going strong."

"Wow," Blaine laughed. "That's amazing. I'm happy for him."

Kurt nodded. "Same here. He misses you, you know? And they're pretty cute. Oh yeah, remember Rachel from McKinley? She had that whole Jezebel band? The really horrible ones?"

Blaine laughed. "I liked them."

Kurt shrugged; a smile painting across his face at the sound of Blaine's laughter. The very laughter he dreamed about at night. "Well her and Finn have been dating for a while now."

"Wasn't expecting that to be what you'd say at all." Blaine answered honestly. Kurt nodded. Finn and Rachel was something he'd never understand.

"Katie loves the idea of having two older brothers."

They both laughed and Blaine shook his head. "Yeah. I bet she does."

When Kurt hadn't spoken again, Blaine looked up and caught the man smiling at him quietly. A very familiar yet distant smile was on his face.

"What are you thinking about?" the dark haired junior questioned. He watched Kurt's cheeks tint red as the elder answered.

"I just really missed you. I wasn't sure I'd see you again. And… I really wish thing were different."

Blaine hummed acknowledgement. "What specifically?"

Kurt shook his head and Blaine took that to mean he didn't want to say anything more. He respected it, not pushing any further, and Kurt spoke shortly after.

"Are you seeing someone?"

Blaine smiled. "I just started dating again but it's nothing serious. He's cool but… I just…" he trailed off, avoiding Kurt's eyes completely. "I can't."

Kurt understood him totally. He felt the same way.

Sure he was withsomeone. But he wasn't really with him. Not the way he should be—all the ways that counted, like emotionally for instance.

"What's his name?" Kurt asked, pushing the conversation some more. He smiled at Blaine's smile, ignoring the fact that he wanted to curl up in this little bed with him and give the boy the reunion he often dreamed of at night.

"Nathan," Blaine answered quietly. "He actually invited me to the show tonight, saying this awesome band was going to be performing and he wanted to see them. BBR, I thought… they sounded familiar… so I was like why not?"

Kurt laughed as Blaine continued, "but he cancelled so I figured I'd go alone. And I saw you all and was like oh yeah, I remember those guys!"

"Screw you," Kurt smiled, sitting back on the bed so that his back was along the wall.

"Why'd you ask, though?" Blaine questioned. Suddenly, they'd fallen into that old sense of comfort they once shared. "Are you going to hunt him down or something?"

"Maybe," Kurt smiled, his eyes staring up at the ceiling. "Nathan? Like the hot dogs? That's gay, Blaine."

Blaine laughed, shrugging out of his sweater as Kurt's eyes found a framed photo next to the boy's bed.

"What's that picture there?"

Blaine looked over to his frame and smiled, picking it up.

"I'm going to be a dad. This is my son."

Kurt hadn't responded, only looking at Blaine waiting for an 'April fools' or something of the sort, despite it being September, but Blaine never said anything. He only smiled softly as he began to explain.

"I was really drunk and it was a down night. I had just argued with my dad… a very heated argument at that, and had one of those 'if Kurt was here' moments with myself. But you weren't there, and I needed to grow up and realize that."

Kurt swallowed a huge lump in his throat as he reached out to look at the sonogram, his finger's tracing across the lines of the photo.

"Then I went to her party—Nadia. That's her name," he said quietly, watching Kurt carefully as he stared at the sonogram. "She was drunk out of her mind too. And we both know that I'm gay and that she's straight but it was one of those mistakes… I don't want to call it that, because I don't consider him a mistake. An accident, maybe," Blaine joked with himself, "but I'm in love with him already."

Kurt glanced up at Blaine through his lashes.

"Anyway, it got really complicated after that. She cried when she found out, and told me she wasn't ready. She told me she couldn't do it. I begged her to keep him and I promised I would do everything. I just needed him here. I can't really explain it. Thankfully she did keep him and God willing, he'll be here in January."

Kurt smiled, still utterly shocked by this news but happy that Blaine was doing the right thing, and so young. He could've easily let the Nadia girl give him up, but he was being Blaine and that's why he loved him.

He was Blaine.

"Does your father know?"

"He's never been more proud, Kurt." Blaine shook his head. "I finally wised up, he said, and got over my gay. He knew it would happen one day he told me." Blaine looked down sadly. Kurt felt so angry, as he often did at thoughts of Anthony. "I know this is a horrible thing to say, and I shouldn't say it out loud, but I sometimes wish it was him that was gone instead of my mom."

Kurt felt his chest tighten up as he listened.

"Anyway, I don't need him. I can handle this."

"What are you going to do?" Kurt questioned seriously. This would by no means be easy.

"I'm looking for a place now." Blaine answered, watching Kurt stare down at the photo some more. "I work part time at this music shop so I'd probably be able to find a little studio apartment."

"And pay for day care and rent? That'll be harder than you are making it sound."

Blaine shrugged at Kurt's words. "I'll work it out. I may have to leave school for a while but I know he's worth it." his heart fluttered at Kurt's smile.

"I'd be willing to help, B."

"I can't ask you to do that." Blaine shook his head. Kurt frowned at him and he rolled his eyes away. "Kevin probably wouldn't like it too much." Blaine added quietly.

Kurt shook his head with a smile, inching closer towards Blaine. "Yeah. Kevin is the last thing on my mind right now. You can move in with me if you like. You won't have to worry about rent. I'll help with everything."

Kurt rolled his eyes at Blaine's laugh this time as he stood up to put the picture of the sonogram back on Blaine's desk. "I'm serious."

"You want us to live together and to help raise my illegitimate son? Oh my gosh, Kurt."

"Why not? We have tons of catching up to do, anyway."

"You know why," Blaine answered with a smile.

"Explain it to me," Kurt sat down far too close and leant in to Blaine expectantly.

Blaine backed away and looked down at his hands. "No. I—thank you but, we shouldn't."

Kurt shrugged as he looked away, wishing that they hadn't reunited under such complicated conditions, a.k.a Kevin. "I tried. You could always move in with Sam, then. He lives downstairs from me and—"

"I don't want to impose on anyone. You all are amazing but I did this and I need to find a way to make it work for him."

Kurt smiled. "I'm giving you a couple of ways. It's up to you though."

His phone started ringing and Kurt rolled his eyes at who the call was from. It was Kevin.

"Shit." he grumbled before pressing accept, "Excuse me, B."

Blaine nodded, "Take your time."

"Hello?" he answered exasperatedly. This was going to be a fun conversation.

"Where are you?" Kevin's voice was filled with authority, and Kurt rolled his eyes. He really had the wrong one if he wanted to play these silly 'you're my property' games.

If anyone was the jealous type, it was definitely the man he was with now. Kurt wasn't too fond to say the least.

"I'm with a friend, Kevin. I'll call you when I get in."

"Finn told me Blaine is your ex. Is this the friend you're with now?"

Blaine could hear both ends of the conversation as he tried to focus on anything but what was happening at the moment. He found pieces of lint on his bed covers and plucked at them as Kurt mussed his spiky hair.

"Yes, I am actually."

Kevin was quiet for a moment and Kurt prepared to hang up as the redhead spoke again.

"I'll be at your place when you get in."

He hung up and Kurt pulled the phone from his ear, looking at it with a very amused expression.

"And that's another reason why I can't move in with you," Blaine said, picking at some more lint.

Kurt smiled, looking away before speaking.

"Let me get home." he stood up, "I'm so happy you came to the show. I was going to go to Columbus and knock on every door until I found you, you know."

Blaine laughed, getting off the bed to walk Kurt the short distance to the door. "I'm glad I made your life a little easier, then."

"You have no idea," Kurt said more to himself, but the younger could hear him clearly. He pulled Blaine into a tight hug and Kurt held him closely; Blaine feeling like he'd fucking melt at the contact.

It was five years since he had this. How had he not thrown Kurt onto his bed yet and asked him to stay was a mystery to him.

Kurt pulled away from the hug. "What's up tomorrow?"

"Homework," Blaine sighed, staring at the books piled on his dresser. Kurt smiled.

"I'm so glad those days are over."

"Shut up."

They smiled, Kurt leaning against the door frame and putting on his jacket. "We should hang out then. I'll cook and let you study. We'll talk some more."

Blaine couldn't lie that he was confused as hell right now. Didn't Kurt have a boyfriend that sounded completely jealous. Did he think hanging out alone in his home with his ex boyfriend was the best idea right now?

But still, he said, "K."

Kurt smiled gratefully and pulled him into another hug. This time Blaine couldn't help himself. He allowed his hands to rest on the small of Kurt's back and his heart just about ballooned at what was whispered in his ear.

"I'll see you later."

Kurt was smiling and waving goodbye, turning on his heels and heading over to the elevator.

Blaine watched him go the entire way before slamming the door shut and stripping off his shirt, stalking over to his bed and floating down onto it. He picked up the sonogram and kissed it goodnight before collapsing against the bed.

I'll see you later, Kurt.

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