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Chapter 9

"So let me tell you what's going to happen," Carole began as she scooped up a bit of cranberry sauce, "You're going to spend hours in labor hating Blaine and yourself for everything that happened," Blaine looked up at Carole and the woman continued, "You're going to beg for any and every drug ever made to help ease the pain, and then, when the doctors smile and tell you everything is wonderful and you have a beautiful, healthy baby boy, you're going to hold him for the first time and fall in love."

Nadia smiled at her words as they focused on thanksgiving dinner. Kurt chewed carefully, looking between all of his family at the table. "I know, Mrs. Hummel. Blaine tells me the same thing and I… I want it to be true. I really do, but," Blaine looked down at his plate and Kurt reached over to touch his hand once he noticed. His fiancé smiled at the contact, "but nothing will change my mind. I'm not so sure my presence in Jacob's life will be needed with Kurt and Blaine as fathers to him."

"He'll ask about his mother," Burt said. The girl nodded. The table agreed as well. "Now, I'm not bashing your decision. I know Blaine isn't fond of the idea of you not wanting to be involved in bringing him up, but I'd rather you trust your instincts, Nadia."

Wes could tell that Blaine wasn't too fond of Mr. Hummel's words as the man resumed.

"If you believe that your presence would impact my grandson negatively, I wouldn't want to pressure you to be around—"

"I don't understand how you could possibly bring negativity, Nadia," Blaine placed his fork down and looked across the table. Nadia shrugged lightly from where she sat beside Rachel. "Sure, I agree that he'll have a great family but imagine if he had another person… his mother…" Katelyn looked away as Blaine tried to find the words to continue, "I… I think that would help some."

Nadia swallowed and placed her drink down. She hated how hurt Blaine was over this, but honestly, she was tired of the discussion. The more they had it, the more horrible she felt, and when she knew this was the right thing to do for JC, she didn't want to feel horrible.

"I'm looking at it this way, Blaine; he's going to have two people who will move heaven and earth to make sure that he's safe and healthy and always happy… you and Kurt are already head over heels in love." Kurt and Finn exchanged a look as Blaine shook his head. Nadia only resumed in a soft voice, "I know everyone seems to think I'll magically catch that feeling when Jacob is in my arms, but what if I don't? I'm… I can't be ready for a kid, Blaine. I love you, you know that, but this little boy deserves someone better than me; someone who will be there always. And call me selfish, but I still have so much that I want to do and a totally different person I want to be before I think about raising a child."

The table was quiet, though Burt nodded his understanding. Finn went back to eating. He knew the situation was a little awkward for Blaine and that he really wanted everything to be perfect for his son, but personally Finn didn't get why he insisted so. He could agree that Kurt would be a great dad. He already had the boy's interests in mind when they were on the road, fighting to make sure they would be back in time to watch him be born. And then there was Blaine who would no doubt be father of the year. There are kids who come up without a mom, right? Finn didn't get the big deal. And having Kurt and Blaine raise you as a kid would be pretty amazing, he thought.

"I think we should stick to the plan we spoke about a couple months back," Kurt began. Blaine as well as the rest of the table looked up at him and he smiled at his fiancé. "I know how you feel baby, and trust me; I'd like Nadia to play a role for JC. She's an amazing girl."

Nadia smiled before looking back down at her plate. Wes smiled as well.

"But we do need to acknowledge what she's feeling. I don't want there to be any resentment between her and Jake because we're forcing her to be around when she doesn't want to."

Blaine nodded, but he wouldn't look up. It made Kurt frown a bit, rubbing the man's hand with the pad of his thumb. "I think he'd be able to pick up the feeling and it wouldn't do any good. So like we agreed, on birthdays he'll get to see her at his over the top parties," Blaine smiled and Carole watched them with love in her eyes, "Nadia won't feel awkward, I hope, and JC will know that he has tons of people who love him. That's just what we need him to know, right? No one will feel uncomfortable at all."

"I think that's best for now," Burt contributed, "and I say this because of what Kurt mentioned. If someone isn't ready you can't make them ready. That little boy will know where he's wanted and where he's not."

Nadia looked over the thanksgiving meal to Blaine who sent her a slightly forced smile. "You're all right."

Wes, who sat to his left, patted him on the back. "You're going to be a dad soon, and you're going to be amazing. Don't worry about anything else but making sure JC knows his dad loves him more than life."

Blaine knew Wes was suggesting he be the father he never had and couldn't help but agree. "You're right."

"We should finish eating so we can have our annual Thanksgiving karaoke." Carole suggested, almost laughing when Rachel's face lit up.

"I'm all for it. My set list is superb this year. I've been working on it since February and I think—"

"Oh my god," Kurt rolled his eyes at the conversation, "please make her stop, Finn."

"We should say what we're thankful for," Katelyn contributed. "I'll go first."

The table agreed and Kurt waited patiently for his sister to start.

"I'm thankful for all of us being here, together again. I'm thankful for my life, and my dad being healthy," Burt smiled, "and Carole being the amazing woman she is. Good grades, and amazing friends, and Black Friday in a few hours that Blaine will be escorting me to."

"Will not."

The table laughed and Kate rolled her eyes. "Well I'm grateful that I'll save money on Blaine's nonexistent gift."

They laughed some more and Burt went next. "I'm grateful for my family, and the new people I've met today." Wes and Nadia smiled at him, "For my grandson who will be here in a matter of weeks, and for my sons finally getting what they worked so hard for, loudly and irritatingly in my garage." Finn smirked and Kurt laughed a little. "I'm proud of you boys. And to my lovely wife, I'm so thankful I found you."

"They're the cutest," Nadia said with a grin. Finn smirked.

Blaine smiled. "I'll go. Of course, I'd have to say I'm grateful that Kurt found his way back into my life. It's been a rough few years without him and everything is making sense again." Kurt smiled as his blue eyes found hazel, "I'm thankful for my best friend Wes surprising me and coming. I know he'll be an amazing godfather."

Kurt smiled at the Asian man's face as the table 'awwwed' sweetly.

"I'm grateful for everyone in this room and the role they've played in my life. You know Mr. Hummel, you were like a dad to me when my mom and Bri and I got here… and honestly you're still more of a father than he'll ever be. I adore you for that, and I know you'll be there when I call you."

"Always," Burt told him with a watery smile.

He looked back to Kurt. "I love you. I am the happiest man alive to be wearing this ring and to be raising a little boy with you," Nadia smiled at them, and then he looked at her, "And I know the way Jacob was… made… wasn't exactly conventional, but I'm definitely grateful that you're in my life."

"You're going to make me cry," Kate said; smirking as Finn wiped his eyes. Kurt squeezed his hand a little tighter.

Why am I feeling emotional? –Puck

Blaine is expressing his love for Kurt- Finn

:( I'm missing it :( -Puck

"You all know I like to keep it short and to the point," Kurt began and his father nodded, "But I just want to say that I'm in love with this man, and I'm thankful he wants to marry a screw up like me," Blaine gave him a face and Kurt smiled, "and he trusts me enough to raise a child with him. All of you remember where I was a few years back and I'm thankful that you've helped me become more, and now I think I can be happy… be the man Jacob needs me to be. I'm grateful for that."

Wes smiled as he took a sip of his drink. "I guess there's no need for desert after that vocal diabetes."

The group laughed and Kurt rolled his eyes, smiling down at the ring on Blaine's hand and up into the man's eyes.


"Do you have to go?"

Kurt laughed against Blaine's chest; his tongue twirling out over the tanned skin. "I don't want to go, that's for sure. But on the bright side I'll be back before Christmas."

Blaine bit his lip as he nodded. "Promise me?"

Kurt sucked softly beneath his fiancé's right nipple and Blaine took a deep breath, relaxing against the pillows. "I promise. I don't care what happens and how extreme Sam PMSes, I'm going to be home before Christmas day." He kissed along Blaine's ribs and the man licked his lips, "and I'm not leaving until I get a million kisses from Jacob, and until I hear you moan my name a few times…"

Blaine grinned, "I don't know how much time we'll have to do that… Kurt..." Kurt smiled, biting teasingly along Blaine's abdomen and watching the man shiver. "I… don't think we'll have time with a newborn here…"

Kurt rolled his eyes at that, pushing the covers away and kissing the tip of Blaine's cock. "I think we'll find time. I can blow you while he takes a nap."

Blaine's eyes rolled back as the man began to suck his cock. "Fuck, yes."

Kurt pulled off softly and looked at him, "I think it'll be a good de-stresser, don't you?"

Blaine nodded as he opened his eyes, lacing his hands into Kurt's messy hair and forcing him back on his cock, "I think so." He guided his head up and down as Kurt winked up at him, making the dark haired man groan. "You know this feels amazing… are you going to let m-me return the favor?"

Kurt shook his head now, and after deep throating him and hearing Blaine gasp, he pulled up again, "Its fine. I'm going to fuck you instead."

Blaine smirked as Kurt's tongue licked at the head of his cock, "Oh really?"

Kurt nodded. "Gotta give you something to remember me by when I'm gone. Turn over."


It turned out that the harder Kurt fucked him, the more Blaine wanted him to stay. It occurred to him that this would only get harder with time, especially when they were married. Having to see Kurt pack and go away for weeks; months when they went on tour—he hated to think about it. But now, with Kurt behind him, holding his hips and driving him crazy, he couldn't bring himself to think about that.

Kurt's chest heaved up and down as Blaine worked his ass back to meet his thrust. He licked his lips and ignored the telltale burning in his gut, snapping forward and hitting the man's prostate repeatedly.

Blaine rested on his elbows as Kurt fucked him, watching in the mirror on the wall. He saw Kurt's hips working in and out and smiled when the elder pulled all the way out and forced himself back in stretching him even further and making his toes curl. He was about to come hard for the second time that night.

"You want me deeper?" Kurt questioned breathlessly. He held Blaine by the waist and stilled his movements. Blaine nodded hard as he watched Kurt's actions in the mirror, and when the elder forced his legs apart further he arched his back.

Kurt bit his lip hard, holding Blaine tight around the hips and pushing himself further inside. Blaine moaned into the pillows and Kurt stared at the bruises he left as he slowly grinded himself forward.

"Kurt… Kurt, ah fuck me there," Blaine smiled into the pillow… his thighs shaking and his cock pulsing against the sheets. "Please don't stop..."

Kurt's nails dug into his fiancé's skin as he tried not to come. "Are you close? I-I'm so close, Blaine."

The man pulled at his own hair as Kurt fucked him a little harder, "I'm close, baby. Fuck me li-like that… oh shit," he arched his back higher and Kurt pushed into him, making him almost come apart at the seams. "God, god, Kurt…"

Kurt tensed and his vision clouded as he stuttered a few more times into Blaine. "Come for m-me—"

"Oh god!" Blaine went limp before the demand was even out of Kurt's lips, coming hard into his boyfriend's hand. Kurt followed as soon as Blaine clenched around him, collapsing completely and moaning Blaine's name as they rode it out. He inhaled and his fiancé's shampoo scent flooded his senses, and he smiled because he stole it out the bathroom for the trip. Just a little something to ease the pain.

"That was so good," Blaine said tiredly. Kurt smiled on top of him and nodded.

"I have to get ready."

"No," Blaine told him. He smiled when Kurt kissed him in the hair. "Take me with you."

"And school?"

"Who cares?" Blaine tried to move but he was exhausted, though Kurt got the hint, slowly pulling out of him and rolling off. "I'm marrying a rock star."

"Stop it," Kurt told him, "you're not dropping out, Mr. Future Teacher. The role playing we'll do with you in a shirt and tie will be fantastic."

Blaine laughed, turning to see him pull off the condom. "Really? You want me to get my degree so you can have sex with a teacher?"

"That's everyone's fantasy, babe. Don't judge me."

"Well fine. I'll stay here. But you have to put time aside to Skype me once a week."

Kurt scoffed. "Once a night, you mean."

Blaine grinned. "Once a night? You're going to be busy and I don't want to be clingy Kevin."

His fiancé laughed at that, tossing the condom away. "Ok, Blaine. Then I'll be clingy Kevin because I want to see you."

"Fine." Blaine said, inching up and wincing at the pain he felt. Kurt frowned and asked if he was okay.

"It's ok; I'm going to clean up though."

Kurt nodded. "Love you."

Blaine winked. "Love you."


"So where are we going?"

Blaine put his hood up and stepped in line with Wes. "There's the football game. OSU is facing Florida A&M."

Wes nodded.

"Then there's Black Friday shopping with Katelyn."

Wes shook his head. "Too dangerous. What else?"

Blaine led the way throughout the campus. His phone went off and he grabbed for it, "Well we can hang out somewhere, but mostly everyone is going to be at the game. My friend Nathan, and I think Nadia might come. Vic, my old roommate, and then there's a few others I waste time with."

Wes looked at him. "Then the football game sounds like where we'll be going. What time it start?"

Miss you already. In the studio and Sam is being Sam, so I'll call you when I can. Have a good day babe. –Kurt

"It starts in an hour. We can get food first and get some good seats."

"Sounds good to me."

I miss you too. Did you guys find out anything about surveillance? Don't text back but let me know when you call. Love you babe. –Blaine

"How's Briana?" Wes asked.

Blaine smiled. "She'll be here for Christmas. Wants to see me and my fiancé, and I can't wait to see them go at each other."

Wes laughed. "I miss that."

"Me too." Blaine admitted. "Think about how different things would be if we didn't have to leave." He opened the door of the restaurant and let his best friend step inside.

I inquired about it with security. They said they'd look into it. I love you too. Had to text back to say that :P –Kurt

Blaine smiled at the message as Wes spoke again. "Think of it this way; all things happen for a reason. If you didn't leave, there'd be no Jacob."

They caught eyes and Wes clapped him on the back. "All things happen for a reason."

Kevin slouched down lower in his seat and watched the two closely. He'd been preparing to go to the game, but didn't expect Kurt's ex to show up.


Both men looked up from where they took a seat, and Blaine's face changed completely at the person he saw.

In a Florida A&M letterman jacket and a group of football players walking past behind him, Blaine watched Sebastian Smythe smile down at him.

"Hey… wow!" he smiled and stared into his eyes, "It's been a long time. How have you been?"

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