Author's Note: this is just something I thought up in between watching the final episodes of season 2.

I do not own Spice and Wolf, nor any of its producers' affiliates.

Another night at an inn had Kraft Lawrence standing outside of his room's door, unable to move - completely frozen in place. His blush was so intense he was worried that red might become his natural colour.

Strong moaning emanated from inside, and Lawrence had no doubt of its source. He wondered if he should come back in an hour or two, spend that time downstairs drinking, but his brain was stalling and every second he stood felt like another second of voyeuristic betrayal.

Holo's sounds of pleasure only grew louder, prompting him to nearly drop the bowl of soup in his hands. They trembled more than slightly. Decision making time. Lawrence placed the food next to the door's base, and, with serious trepidation, knocked twice.

"M-may I come in?" He wavered. The moaning stopped.

"I am taking care of my needs! Come back later." Lawrence needed no more incentive to depart, running on shaky legs downstairs to where comforting ale promised to cool him down.

Inside of the room, Holo began once more to scratch eagerly behind her ears. "Oh, yes!"

Nothing better than a good old misdirection. Hope you enjoyed. :)