Hello once again! I was reading some reviews again and only a couple of you guys wanted a sequel. I was excited, so I made this little prologue.

A new start

Issei and Satan walked in an empty black space. Their footsteps echoed with each step, and the quiet walk was almost ominous. Satan finally asked

"Do you like it? It took a while to such a thing you know."

Issei looked at Satan with slight anger in his eyes, but simply said

"Yeah, I like it. Saizen can actually take it over and I don't have to worry about a second Sacred gear."

Issei grabbed the sword on his back. The same sword that pierced his shoulder during the battle with Satan. Siegfried's Imbued Edge, the sword that can cut down a god.

They walked for a few more minutes before Satan said

"We're here. Are you ready to continue?"

"Yeah. Let's do this."

The black space started to distort, creating a new world. They soon found that this was the same place where Issei spent some of his training with Saizen. Satan walked towards the stone pillar where the dragons, Seraphim and Verium, rested. He put his hand on the cold marble and chanted a spell. Seraphim and Verium rose from the pillar faced him.

"Satan, what do you want with us?"

Seraphim asked bitterly. It seems that she did not have a good relationship with Satan.

Her brother managed to calm him down and calmly asked

"Why did you summon us?"

"I would like you to help Hyodo-kun into the next part of the journey."

"Ah, so he finished the first stage?"

Verium looked at Issei with interest, his emerald eyes gleaming with curiosity. He turned back to Satan and said

"I'll be his guardian then."

"B-brother, you can't be serious. You would actually help that boy?"

Seraphim said in sadness and disbelief, but she knew that once her brother decides on something, he sticks by it.

Satan gestured to Issei to come over. He walked at him slowly due the large dragons that easily overwhelmed him with power, no matter how much he could power up.

Issei looked closely at the two dragons. They looked exactly the same, but that Verium had green eyes, while Seraphim had purple. Satan said to Issei

"Hold out your right hand."

Issei did what he was told and held it out. Verium did the next incredible action, he dove into Issei's arm and shifted into a tattoo. His body swirled around Issei's arm like a black snake. The back of his hand had a dragon's jaw opening to a jewel. He looked in disbelief. Verium merged with Issei's right hand. Seraphim let out a small wail and said

"Brother, I'm coming too."

She did the same thing as Verium and shifted into a tattoo on his right arm. The dragons crossed each other since their bodies went to opposite directions, however the heads still met at the small jewel at the back of his hand. He felt no different. His power didn't seem to increase.

"OK then, Hyodo-kun, would you try to focus your power into the jewel and punch the ground?"

Issei didn't get it for, but he did what he said. He focused his void energy into the jewel and punched the ground.

He made contact and a large tremble was happening, and suddenly, two black dragons rose above the ground in a swirl before disappearing. He watched in amazement. He tried another attack, but this time he threw it in front of him. The two black dragons appeared out of a black mist and charged straight ahead. They hit the mountain and left a large crater. Issei turned towards Satan and said

"What is this?"

"The black twin dragons. They now will be also your 'partners'. Take care of the two."

He waved goodbye and disappeared, leaving Issei alone in the mountain. He looked down on his hand. He thought that Saizen would be his only partner during this journey. He asked Verium

"Where am I supposed to go to continue?"

"Out of the mountain, that is the next part of the journey."

Issei walked towards the mountain and looked up. The sheer height and its jagged walls will make climbing it impossible, at least for now. Verium did something unbelievable, he materialized as a black dragon and lifted Issei above the walls. His body swirled as he flew high above to the sky. Issei could feel the wind in his hair and delight of being carried by a dragon.

He reached the top and looked below the mountain. He saw a scenery similar to one of those fantasy mangas. Green valleys stretched far with trees gently swaying in the breeze. A dirt road was carved through the valley. He saw a horse carriage going about its business. He wanted to ask for some directions on where a town is. He activated the seals underneath his feet and he jumped up and released the seals. Fire erupted from his feet and he flew over the countryside.

I wonder what kind of people I'll meet. Satan-sama still didn't make himself clear when he said 'find the holy sword'.

[Oh? The holy sword? I see… It seems that this will be our new goal.]

Verium slowly said this.

A new journey and new goals. New friends, but will there be enemies?

OK, I saw some of the reviews saying that you want Ddraig back. That will happen in later chapters. I hope you enjoyed this. I made the sequel rather early, don't you think? Oh well, I'm not very patient. Reviews are accepted, tell me how I did.