Chapter One.

It's dark outside and we still haven't reached the Capitol yet. I didn't really know what to expect of the ride, but I've always been told that District 2 isn't too far from it.

I'm in my room, watching the other reapings on the TV screen that's build into the wall on the opposite site of my bed. Many of the kids are crying. I snort as the girl tribute from District 5 actually tries to run away. They're pathetic. Not like us. At least we can fight for ourselves, and when you think of the honor it is to win the Hunger Games, why would you not want to try?

The door suddenly slides open, but I don't take my eyes of the Reapings shown on the screen. I already know who entered, so why bother looking?

"Cato." She says silently, at the same time as the boy from District 11 makes his way on stage. I make a mental note to be aware of him, he's big and he looks like he could actually put up quite a fight. Of course not enough to beat me but if I wasn't prepared, he could surely do some damage.

With a sigh, I click the "pause"-button and turns my head to look at the girl standing in the doorway.

Clove is the female tribute from District 2. I don't know exactly know her, but I've talked to her briefly at the academy. She's quite a fighter despite her small and weak appearance, and she's extremely skilled with knives. It would not surprise me, if she's the last one I'll have to kill in that arena.

"What is it?" I ask, not sure if I'm bothered by her presence or not. I'm surprised to see how vulnerable she looks as she stands there, small and unarmed, with no visible sign of the cold-blooded murder she really is. It takes a little time before she replies:

"If I'm going to die in that arena, not that I'm planning too, but if it should happen there's one thing I want to try before leaving this shitty world." She says, looking at me intensely. Even though I already have it figured out, I ask:

"And just what might that be?" I roll onto my side, and rest my head in my hand, as I stare back at her. She shows no sign of being embarrased, as she slowly walks over to my bed. I make sure to take in all her features, while she's on the way, trying to judge if it's worth it. I'm surprised to find that I'm actually attracted to her.

She's small and slim, but even though her muscles aren't visible, you know they're there. Her hair is a dark-brown color, it doesn't get darker without being black. Her eyes are golden and intense. Even if she doesn't have many curves, she is surely not without them either.

I smirk, sitting up to make room for her to join me on the bed. She sits down beside me, still not breaking eye contact at any point.

"I believe you already know just what that is." She whispers softly, as she leans closer to me. It doesn't look like she has even considered the possibility that I could refuse to accept her request, and for a brief moment I actually consider doing so, just to see the surprise that would paint her face. But I quickly decide that I'd rather see the faces she will make, if I play along with her.

I lift a hand and rest it on her cheek, as I lean over and kiss her lips softly, before pulling back after several moments.

"Is that what you want?" I ask, not removing my hand. She seems overwhelmed at first, but then the determination returns.

"I didn't think you, of all people, would have a soft side." She states, and I don't know if she means it as a compliment or not. Frankly, I don't care either. I'm pretty sure she knew I'm not like that, and she didn't complain when I tipped her backwards so that she was lying down.

"I don't." I whisper into her ear, before kissing her roughly. She didn't try to back away as I'd first imagined. I wasn't sure if she was gonna go through with it, after discovering how it was gonna be, but I guess I was wrong. Well, after all she's from District 2 as well, we're all kinda sick in our own way.

She's no exception. I feel that, as she grabs the front of my shirt, and pulls me down, and kissing me even more rough than I'd been. I smirk into the kiss. I'm pretty happy that I didn't reject her after all.


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