I was screaming Clove's name, as I tried to make my way back to the room she was in.

"She's not breathing."

I managed to knock out a nurse with only one arm, before someone snatched my newborn, screaming son out of my arms, and injected me with some kind of sleeping medicine. I was still trying to go back to the room where Clove was, and this time they didn't try to stop me. But I quickly started feeling dizzy, and had to lean against the wall to keep myself from falling. I kept muttering her name until I blacked out.

Clove survived. So did both our baby son, and daughter. When I'd woken up, I hadn't remembered anything at first, until a doctor came in and told me they were all stabilized. They kept us all in the hospital for the first month. Or well, they kept Clove and our babies, but by doing that, they automatically kept me too.

Our son was big from the start, a little fat screaming baby. Our babygirl was smaller, and more quiet. There was no such thing as breastfeeding in Clove's world, and she had already before she gave birth, insisted that she would do no such thing. Luckily for her, the doctors agreed to her opinion, stating she was too weak to produce enough food for both babies.

When we were released from the hospital, we thought we would be allowed to go home, but President Snow sent another of his informers, and let us know we would need to wait another 6 months, so that we could celebrate the baptism of our children in the Capitol, live for the world to see.

As the babies grew, still only being called son and daughter by us, we figured out that they would need to have names soon. It wasn't like we didn't have any ideas for their names, and the Capitol had already picked their middle names, but for some reason, deciding what we should call them took a while. In the end our son was named and baptized "Christopher Peeta Stark" (Chris for short) and our daughter "Lily Katniss Stark." Needless to say, Clove decided for our daughter...

Their birth had made Clove even more soft, than when she was pregnant. The girl I went back to District 2 with, was not the same who'd left the district with me nearly 2 years prior.

Our children grew up next door to Enobaria and Brutus, who already had a daughter who was 8 years older than our twins. We hadn't known they were parents, or even together for that sake, but they quickly became our best friends, after returning. Clove's sister still refused to forgive her that she'd taken her spot, and gotten the glory, but both of Clove's parents, and my father too, often came to visit us and the children. When both of our fathers started to discuss who of them should be trained for the fight, agreeing on Chris of course, Clove stood her ground and refused them to do such things. She was not gonna let any of her children go into that arena, and while both our fathers (her more than mine) were sulky for quite a while afterwards, they came to accept her decision.

Though she was still small, and had grown softer, her stubbornness had not resided, and she knew how to get her way, even when dealing with grown men. And while it was not something we often spoke of, everyone knew how much we loved each other, and our children. And that's all that mattered to me.


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