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Cindy jerked her head up suddenly hitting it against the shelf. She grabbed the apple she was reaching for and quickly turned towards Jimmy. "What did you just ask me?"

"Were you my girlfriend in fifth grade?"

She handed him the apple. "Why did you ask that?"

"I'm not stupid Vortex. You're very pretty, I had a crush on you, and you and I both remember me telling you I loved you. So did we date or not?"

Cindy sat down next to him. "Yes we dated." She sighed, "I really want to tell you more, but you need to remember on your own."

"Why? I could just watch my video diaries!" She rolled her eyes at him.

"Goddard's not due home for another week. He's back in the Cretaceous period with his girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Jimmy gave her an odd look.

"Space poodle; she lives back in time with her master and the rest of the villains we trapped there."

He laughed. "Goddard always did have a thing for poodles. I can't tell you how many times he asked me to build him one. I thought about trying to fix it, but it's just a character quirk I suppose." He took a bite of his apple. "Honestly, when that quality first appeared I was just beginning to like girls myself. I assumed it was a phase."

"A phase for you or Goddard?" Cindy asked.

"Both of us really," Jimmy smiled. Then he tossed the apple's core into the trash can. "So I can't go through my old diaries…What could I do?"

Cindy laughed. "Can't invent your way out of this one, can you Nerdtron?"

Jimmy hopped up, "That's genius Cindy!" He kissed her on the cheek in excitement. "I can invent some sort of memory restoring helmet! It'll be the end to amnesia, oh god I could cure Alzheimer's!" He grabbed her by the shoulders. "Can you drive me home?"

"Sure, let me grab my keys," she said.

Jimmy watched her leave the room before bringing his hand up to touch his lip. Her cheek is so warm, if I had known I would have done that earlier. He smiled slightly when he heard her call his name and rushed out of there.

For the first moment of the ride they sat in silence. Then Jimmy thought a moment, "Cindy what do I even do? You know for a job."

"Well, you have two jobs. You invent weapons and other gear for the BTSO; you are also a part time agent. But you have a cooler job; promise me you won't freak out." He gave her a look. "Okay, fine. You own and run NASA."

"Finally! I mean talk about living in the Stone Age!" he said. "I mean we could travel in space without space suits and they couldn't even figure out how to not burn up on reentry!"

Cindy smiled. "You gave it one heck of a renovation."

"What does everyone else do?"

"Sheen, as you heard, is a model. He works for Libby; she designs young adult and teen clothing. In fact, she's made almost all of our clothes." Cindy pointed at Jimmy's shirt and laughed. "She was furious with me, when she noticed that you burnt your shirt. Something along the lines of 'Girl, I thought I told you to tell him that he couldn't work in the lab in my clothes!'"

He examined his shirt. "She made shirts with my logo on them? Looks better than what I came up with, I'll thank her later."

"Yeah, blue's more of your color than red anyway."

"What does Carl do? And how on Earth is he dating a model?"

Cindy laughed. "Carl met Elke online; turns out she loves llamas almost as much as Carl does. She works on Carl's llama ranch. It's actually kind of cool. He is so close to getting them to breath under water. It's amazing honestly, they can already talk."

Jimmy raised his eyebrow slightly, but something in the back of his mind told him it was true. "What do you do? There's no way Cynthia Aurora Vortex is anything but successful."

"I'm a lawyer, I just opened a family law practice, you know divorce, child custody, that stuff. I'm working on my first case currently."

"Well, you have always loved to argue."

She rolled her eyes. "Only when I have a willing debate partner," she said. About that time she lowered the car in front of the Neutron Estate. "Let's get you to your lab."

This time Jimmy followed Cindy without having to hold on. He usually could walk through a building once and remember the entire layout, but even recent memories weren't processing as well as normal. In fact at the time he was trying to remember whether Sheen or Carl had sideburns.

Cindy opened up the lab and the pair stepped inside. "I guess I'll be heading back home then. Don't blow yourself up."

"Wait Cindy, can you stay?" He gave her a look that could rival that of a lost child. "I don't know where anything is. I need help and you're the only one smart enough to give it to me."

She sighed, "Jimmy I'm not good at this kind of stuff."

"Says the girl who invented the Purple Flurp Purity Detector, so we would never drink anything less than the perfect Flurp," he said. "C'mon Cin."

"Okay, but I'm not as good as you Jimmy. I don't invent anymore! I gave up on science fairs the last year of high school. That's your thing babe, not mine." She sighed, "Plus it broke one time and I was put under mind control via Black Flurp."

Jimmy raised his eyebrow. "One failed invention, are you upset about that? Do you know how many of mine have failed?"

"I lost count at six hundred."

"Aren't you a ray of sunshine? No 'It wasn't that many' or 'But think of all the brilliant ones!'"

Cindy rolled her eyes slightly, "Do you also want to hear that you are more athletic than Michael Jordan or that you are the greatest thing since sliced bread? I don't lie and I don't sugar coat the truth."

"Hence why you became a lawyer." She rolled her eyes. "And how would telling me I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread be lying? Are you talking about the same Neutron?"

"You can't be the greatest thing, because I am. Vortexes don't play second fiddle to anybody."

Jimmy laughed. "Okay, you are the greatest. Prove it."

"Isn't my existence enough?"

"Help me, and I will fully concede to your magnificence."

Cindy walked over to wear Jimmy had left his lab coat earlier. "Fine," she put it on, "but I get to wear this. It 's really cold in here."

She didn't notice the goofy expression on Jimmy's face which rivaled the effect his love pheromone tenfold. God, she looks hot in my lab coat.

A/N: For those who don't understand the Black Flurp Reference, it's from Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron. I watch walkthroughs of the game online constantly.

Also, I don't know this person or anything but there's one video one YouTube for all JC lovers that doesn't have near enough views. The video's called Jimmy X Cindy- Playing With Fire by JNluvaDarkspyro11. I think the video is superbly made and the song is uniquely JC.

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