Author's Note: I was inspired by Billy Ray's quote on Hannah Montana…Sorry for that lameness, but when you share a room with a ten year old sister, you start to make use of all these Disney shows! By the way, in this story, Keith's Mom has already passed away, and he has NOT been diagnosed with cancer as of yet.

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I don't want you to drive; Driving means leaving, and I don't want you to leave.

Henry tightened the last screw on the side of the truck and groaned in victory.

"Finally all this work has paid off, ah son?"

Keith grinned, walking over to his father with an ice water in hand for him.

"Yes, it sure has. Dad, this truck is great. I really love it."

Henry smiled. "Well, I'm glad, kiddo." He ruffled his hair then and took the glass gratefully.

"I'm real excited to start driving, you know. You think we could take it out on the roads today?"

"We, or you?" Henry laughed.

"Well, me." Keith grinned back. Henry simply nodded and took a gulp of water. His throat burned with the sudden cold.

"We will see."

"We'll see? I really want to take my truck out, Dad!"

"Keith, let's just see how it plays out today, alright?"

"Dad, why did you help me fix my truck when you don't even want me to drive? Why don't you want me to drive, Dad?"

"Keith, it's not that I-"

"-Um, yeah it is that you don't want me to drive! At all! Why?"

"Keith, it's just…If you're driving now, you can just, get up and leave whenever you want."

Keith caught on quickly, and he sighed in sadness at the outburst he had just displayed. Henry continued.

"Keith, driving means that you have freedom…It means, leaving. And I just don't want to see you go."

Keith knew has Dad had always been an emotional person, but he had never seen the tears that were welling up in his eyes like this. Awkwardly, Keith pulled his father in for a manly hug.

"Dad, no matter how long, how far, or when I drive, I will never really leave. I know you miss Mom, Dad. But you aren't going to lose me like you lost her. Surely not driving. Isn't it a plus that I can take you around town like a cab driver?"

At that, Henry chuckled and nodded. "Okay. Then the truck's all yours son."


"Yes, go ahead and take it out. Where do you want to go first?"

"I want to go tell Mom that I finally got the truck I promised her I'd save for."

So they did; Honeybuns first stop, and first passengers, were the Cemetery, with Keith and his father inside.