Billy's Pov

Watching out the window, I noticed the light drizzle of rain began to pick up. The kids would be back in soon.

And just as I thought that here came Rachel, Jacob, Rebecca, and Bella.

Jacob was carrying Bella laughing, while Rebecca complained about her wet hair, Rachel quiet as usual.

"Hey kids, you hunger, I was thinking about going out to eat, you up for it?" I asked wheeling my chairs over to them with a smile.

"Yeah sure," Rebecca smiled, pulling her hair up into a pony tail.

Bella made a squeal type sound at that. "Hungry!"

Jacob laughed watching Bella. "I think that means a yes from Bella to," He said amused.

I chuckled.

My youngest daughter was six, then Jacob was eight, Rebecca was eleven, and so was Rachel.

"Well alright then let's go," I said wheeling towards the door.

My family meant the world to me; it was the only thing that I had left.

Jacob's Pov

As we walked out into the rain I pulled Bella's hood up, clutching her to my chest. She smiled looking up at me, before hiding her face in my chest.

I smiled watching her, so I didn't realize I was being watched myself. I looked up to Rebecca and Rachel's amused gaze.

"When the baby comes into the picture our Jakey finally turns mature, I wish Bella would have came sooner," Rebecca laughed.

"You feel good taking care of Bella don't you," Rachel said with a smile.

I glared at them a bit in embarrassment.

"She's my little sister, it's my job to protect her," I said simply, and their teasing expressions slide away.

Rebecca came to my side wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"And it's our job as big sisters to take care of you little brother," She said grinning.

I pushed at her arm embarrassed to be seen like that.

"I don't need to be protected, I'm old enough to protect myself," I said with a frown.

"Jake, you're eight, how would you protect yourself from the monsters at night," Rachel said with a low laugh.

I lifted my chin up to them.

"There are no monsters; I am going to protect everyone, including you two, even though you're really annoying." I smirked at them.

Rebecca raised a brow at me at this, and shook her head pinching me before skipping up to walk beside dad.

Rachel just looked at me, smiling smally.

"I know you can Jake," She said quietly, and patted my arm before running up to walk with Rebecca.

I watched them leave, before looking down at Bella, who seemed to have fallen asleep.

I would protect them, all of them, no matter what.

When we made it to the little diner on the reservation I relaxed as we walked inside, getting out of the rain.

"Jacob!" A familiar voice called out, and I turned to see Quil sitting at a table with Embry, waving.

I looked up at Billy who was eyeing the table were Quil and Embry's dad's sat.

"You kids go on and sit with you're friends," Billy smiled, and wheeled himself over to the other dads.

Rebecca and Rachel led the way over to Quil and Embry, sitting down together across from them.

I set Bella down beside me as I sat down to.

"Hello ladies," Quil smiled at my sisters.

I rolled my eyes grinning at Rebecca and Rachel's expressions.

"Jake, tell your little friend that he is too young for us," Rebecca said picking up a menu to ignore them.

Quil snickered.

"Playing hard to get, I like that," He said watching Rebecca.

"Hey Bella, how are you doing," Embry smiled looking at Bella now.

Bella smiled nicely.

"I'm ok, thanks," She said playing with her menu.

"Get any fish yesterday, I noticed you all out fishing," He went on, glancing at his menu.

"Oh yea, daddy got this real big fish, it was so slimy and gross though," She said making a face, and we laughed.

Quil was now turned to Bella.

"Your sister here is cute Jake," He said grinning at Bella.

I frowned at him.

"Don't even think about hitting on my little sister to," I said to him completely serious.

Quil put his hands up in innocence.

"I wouldn't dream of it," He said.

"Hey weirdos," A little voice said from the side of our table.

I turned to see Leah, standing there, with a baby leash around her little brother Seth.

"Get out of here Leah, Seth can stay but you go," Quil said waving his hand at her.

Leah glared at him, and stomped her foot holding up the leash for us to see.

"I have the leash so were he goes I go," She said snottily.

"Just let her stay guys." Rebecca said rolling her eyes.

We all groaned, nodding.

Leah huffed, and climbed up on the chair beside Embry and pulling Seth up to sit beside Bella.

Bella turned to Seth and smiled.

Seth was only four; he was the youngest so far out of all of us, so of course he and Bella got along the best.

"Hi Bella," Seth said struggling to say 'Bella' a bit.

"Hi Seth, I like your leash thingy," Bella giggled, touching the furry leash around his body.

Seth grinned in victory.

"My daddy thinks I need to, cause I'm a 'wild spirit'." He explained.

Leah rolled her eyes, watching Seth, and then looked at us all.

"Did you see Sam around here by chance?" She asked drumming her fingers on her menu.

Rebecca, and Rachel looked at each other with knowing smiles, and then smirked looking at her.

"Why Leah; cause you liiiiiikkkke him?" Rebecca snickered.

Leah's face went red, and she glared at them.

"NO! I was just wondering cause my mom is making me have a play date with him while she is away on a meeting today," She said quickly.

"Oh a play-date," Rebecca said grinning at Leah.

Rachel laughed quietly, with her own little smirk.

"Oh shut up," Leah muttered, pulling her menu up to hide her face.

All us boys looked at each other curiously.

I don't understand girls at all.

"Well; don't look now but here comes Sam now with his little gang of followers," I muttered, and everyone turned to look.

Sam walked in Jared and Paul behind him.

Sam was the same age as my sisters, while Jared and Paul was the same age as me, and the rest of us.

They all walked over to us, looking like they owned the place, and I couldn't help but show my outward disgust.

"Hey Leah, ready for our play date tonight," Sam asked with a nice smile as he looked at her.

I could just see what my sisters meant now.

Leah stuttered, her face nothing but red now as Sam was in front of her.

"Umm, y-yeah, I can't wait," She said playing with her short black hair.

Jared nodding to each of us, not looking very interested, but he at least noticed we were there, Paul glared behind him, not even wasting his time to look at us.

Seth whispered something to Bella, that made her begin to giggle pretty loud, making all attention turn to Bella, even Paul looked.

"Aw, I almost forgot about Billy having another little girl," Sam smiled, and waved to Bella.

Leah glared at this, turning to narrow her eyes at Bella and I.

Jared grinned.

"She sure is a cute one," Jared whistling, making Rebecca's eyes widen a bit, but she didn't say anything, looking quickly down at her menu.

Paul didn't say anything, just stared at Bella.

I glared a bit at him.

"What Paul, never saw a six year old before?" I asked, trying not to sound too rude.

Paul snapped his dark eyes on me, but then looked back at Bella.

"Shut it Black before I shut it for you," He said.

Rebecca and Rachel now glared at Paul.

"Watch yourself Paul, we're older then you, and we will tell your dad," Rebecca said with a stern look.

Paul rolled his eyes.

"I'm scared," He said sarcastically, and looked back at Bella, with a look that I didn't understand before he turned away, and ignored the rest of us.

"So I'll see you in a few Le-Le," Sam smiled patting Leah as he went past.

She went bright red again and nodded.

"See you Sam," She waved.

And I relaxed as the three left.

What was that all about…

I wasn't sure, but I knew one thing, I would keep Bella away from Paul. He wasn't the kind of guy she needed to be around.


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