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Chapter One: New Member?

Roxas wasn't just an average teenager. He is well-trained agent for the Organization, Number XIII.

Roxas was in his apartment, watching TV and eating cereal, even though it was night time. "Ugh, today's mission was such a pain in the ass," he muttered to himself before shoving in another spoonful of cereal and milk in his mouth.

His parents were gone, the Organization takes care of his studies and where he lives, like what they do for every member, so he's quite thankful for being part of it. Roxas' parents both died of murder.

Roxas got up and placed his cereal bowl on the sink. In the corner of his eye, he noticed a framed picture hanging on the wall. It was a picture of a man with spiky blonde hair whose arm was on a little Roxas' shoulder; beside him was a woman with long brown hair, carrying a small baby with blonde hair.

'Mom… Dad…'

Roxas heard the door open so he returned the frame back in place and wiped the tears from his eyes. A girl with blonde hair entered the kitchen.

She was wearing a simple white dress that reached to her thighs and simple blue sandals. Her hair reached beyond her shoulders and was clipped neat.

"Hey Naminé," Roxas said as he smiled, "Where have you been?" Roxas did a cocky grin as he looked at his little sister, quite certain of where she has been.

Naminé's face flushed, "With Riku," the blonde girl said trying to sound as calm as possible. Her face was now as red as a tomato.

Roxas walked into the vegetable rack and took a tomato. He walked back to Naminé and concluded in a cocky manner, "I knew it!" He took out the tomato he's been hiding behind his back and placed it next to Naminé's face as he did a fake thinking face.

"Just add some hair and it will look just like you—"


Roxas fell to his butt as he held his newly-smacked cheek; it has Naminé's hand mark all red on it, "What was that for!" Roxas exclaimed, "Stop teasing me!" Naminé smiled and helped Roxas up.

Naminé gave Roxas a quick peck on the cheek, "Good night Rox!"

"Girls." Roxas mumbled, almost loud enough for Naminé to hear as she was walking to her room, "What did you say?" His eyes widened and waved his hands in defense, "N-Nothing! Hehe."

"Good." Naminé smiled as she continued walking to her room.

Roxas sighed as he walked back to the kitchen to clean the dishes, it didn't take him long since he only had to clean one bowl. After cleaning up, Roxas yawned before glancing at the wall clock.

'10 pm' Roxas thought to himself, 'I gotta go to bed.'

Roxas walked to his room and changed in to his pajamas, a black and white checked shirt and black boxer shorts, he yawned as he plopped down to his bed.

Roxas woke up to the sound of his alarm clock.

He raised his hand to turn off his clock, struggling a bit since the clock was on the far side of the table. When he finally reached it, he fell from the bed with the vibrations causing the clock to fall on his head.

Naminé opened the door in shock, "Roxas! What was that? I heard a loud thump!" she asked with a worried expression. She looked down only to see her big brother covered in his blanket and a clock balancing on top of his head.

Naminé sweat-dropped and let out a sigh.

Roxas uncovered himself from the clutches of his blanket, he saw Naminé in his room doing a face palm. He stood up, placed the clock back on the table and faced his little sister.

"Are you hungry?" Naminé's face beamed from his brother's question. He knew what she meant.

"Alright, I'm making breakfast. How does bacon and eggs sound?" Roxas asked as they both walked out of the room, Naminé's face beamed once again. "Okay then!"

Roxas and Naminé both walked in to the kitchen. Roxas grabbed a pan and placed it on the stove. He opened the fridge and took out two fresh eggs. He cracked one open on the pan and the sound sizzled through the room.

After breakfast, Roxas got up and put the dishes away and placed them in the sink. "Hey, Rox, I'm gonna go to school," Naminé said.

Roxas looked at her, confusion in his face. "It's Saturday. There's no school today."

"I volunteered for extra credit. I'll be home on 5." Naminé said, smiling as she's about to leave.

"Oh. Okay then," Roxas said, smiling as he waves to his sister.

Just as soon as Naminé left, Roxas raced in to his room and opened his closet. He took out his black coat from the end of the closet. He changed in to a plain black shirt, plain black pants, black shoes, and black gloves. He hung the coat on his shoulders and walked out of his room.

Roxas strapped on his wrist watch and pressed a small triangular button on the side. A holographic image of the Organization's symbol appeared from the watch.

Organization XIII is a secret group of thirteen members, Roxas being Number XIII and his best friend, Axel, being Number VIII. Their main mission was to destroy the Unversed, a group of criminals, seeking world domination and ending innocent lives in the process.

The Unversed killed Roxas' parents, and he swore vengeance upon them.

"Yo," a figure of a red-headed man appeared from the watch, he had striking green eyes and purple reverse-teardrop tattoos underneath them, "Where are you? The Superior's calling us to the Meeting Room. See you there Roxy!" The image disappeared.

Roxas sighed at the nickname Axel gave him and wore his coat. He zipped it down to his knees and wore the hood, hiding his face.

He walked out of his apartment and headed to the closest telephone booth. Roxas looked around if someone was watching

'Alright street is empty' he thought to himself as he dialed in the numbers "5302009," the Organization's private hotline.

Roxas smirks as he is suddenly teleported to the Organization's hide-out, The Castle That Never Was, in the Grey Room.

"Roxy! About time you got here!"

Roxas was greeted by a certain red-head, wearing a similar black coat to his. Axel wraps his arm around Roxas as if he was trying to suffocate him. Roxas tries to escape for Axel's death hug but fails.

"Let go of me, you pyromaniac!" Roxas shouts at his friend almost out of breath, "Or I'll take back the lighter I gave you!"

Axel's eyes widened as he lets go of the blonde, "NOOO!"

"I'm just kidding. I bet you already swarmed it with kisses so I won't even touch it," Roxas said as he laughs at Axel's response, "So, meeting right? Let's go!"

Axel and Roxas both walked to the Meeting Room, seeing almost everyone was there except Xemnas, The Superior.

Each member is already sat down on their respective chairs including Roxas and Axel, as Xemnas arrived.

Xemnas raises his arms and greets, "Greetings, comrades," he said with his deep, spine-chilling voice.

"Today we have chosen another worthy one to wear the coat," he puts his arms down as a girl, having her hood up so they couldn't see her face, enters.

"Meet Number XIV, Xion."

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