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Chapter 1: Sawada Tsukiyoshi

There were many reasons why students went to Namimori Chuu. Some went for the academics and sports, some went because it was in the area, others went because they had the best discipline in the whole city and others like Sawada Tsukiyoshi went because their parents went there in the past.

Sawada Tsukiyoshi was the most useless child in Namimori Chuu, everyone knew this to be true, even so much so he was nicknamed "Dame-Tsuki" by his peers and teachers. There was no questioning, no arguing and no doubts about it; it was a fact.

Tsuki was a small child for the thirteen years that he had been alive with wavy yet spiky black hair and wide, expressive caramel eyes that held a distinctive Asian flare to them and a baby face just to complete his looks. There was also no muscle on him either and many P.E. teachers had tried to put muscle on him and failed miserably.
In fact many of the students in Namimori Chuu believe when Dame-Tsuki gains muscles (or a good passing grade) the end of the world would happen but that of course is just a rumour.

Tsukiyoshi sighed as he walked to school while staring at the sky wishing that he didn't go to the school that had the strictest Disciplinary Committee in the world that currently had their second female chairman and ruled almost the entire city.

As he was just about five minutes (and almost late if he didn't make those five minutes) to the school Tsukiyoshi spotted the neighbourhood cat and promptly freaked out. Now normally people wouldn't be freaked out by a cat of all things but this cat was Evil. It even had a capital to show just how evil it was.

Tsukiyoshi backed away slowly as the Evil cat advanced on him and gave a soft meow before using it's (never give a gender to things evil if you do give it a gender call it a girl) swift and graceful speed to scratch him thus causing two things; Tsukiyoshi to be jealous of the said speed and for him to give a high pitched 'Hiiiieeee!' sound before running away as fast as he could to his school with a cat chasing him much to the amusement of the spectators that went out of their way to watch this almost daily event.

One would had thought that the young boy just find a new place to travel to school or out run the cat before it gave scratches on him but, no, nothing like that ever happened.

When Tsukiyoshi arrived at the school (this getting rid of the Evil cat because even the cat was smart enough to know not to go into Namimori Chuu just to scare a young boy) he noticed it was dead silent and not just the dead silence you got from waiting for people to laugh at you, no this dead silence was one Tsukiyoshi was painfully familiar with.

The dead silence that was made by the Disciplinary Committee.

Tsukiyoshi bemoaned his luck inside his head and didn't dare utter a sound just like all the rest of the other late people that were frozen to their spots.

'Sawada Tsukiyoshi you're late, again, why?' said an overly familiar voice, one of the Disciplinary Committee members, Surigawa Riochi-san.

Some other boys behind Surigawa-san laughed as if he told a joke, that joke being Tsuki. Tsuki sighed as he had to go through with this every week since he entered middle school.

'T-the Ev- cat chased me down the street again and then somehow got it's other cat friends to join in and then chase me around the block before leaving when I near the school,' said Tsukiyoshi while looking down at his feet. He didn't have to see them to feel that they were laughing at his inability to not be frightened by Evil cats.

He could even hear the other troublemakers that were previously frozen laugh at him.

'Do you really think we'd believe that?' Surigawa-san sneered down at the now shivering form of Tsukiyoshi.

'Dame-Tsuki,' laughed one of the troublemakers before he frozen in horror.

'Oi! Shori discipline that smartass! Morigowa-kun would you do the honours of disciplining our little liar?,' yelled Surigawa-san to some of the other Disciplinary Committee members behind him.

'With pleasure, you and me Dame-Tsuki are going to have lots of fun together for the next ten minutes,' stepped forward Morigowa-san with his usual creepy grin the one that never failed to scare him despite the fact that Morigowa-san was in the same class as him and it was never a fun time with him either no matter what Morigowa-san said.

Tsukiyoshi was right.

Probably the only time he was right was when bad things were going to happen to him but it was also routine to him as well.

As the shortest, weakest student in Namimori Chuu who also lived with his sofubo and great-grandfather, Nono as he liked to be called, he was an easy target for everyone, especially the girls.

Limping back to class felt like hiking in the mountains to Tsukiyoshi, it was warm, it was hard and in general he hated it. Once again Morigowa had managed to beat up so much that he had to limp.

Opening the door to his classroom and effectively interrupting the teacher as he was going to say something, probably Maths related as right now was his Maths class Tsukiyoshi gave a hesitant smile and said sorry before limping to his seat with everyone staring at him.

It wasn't that Tsukiyoshi hated the school, he actually liked the school it was homey to him, but he dislike most of the students because they kept teasing him or beating him up and started to daydream of when the time the school wasn't filled with students and he could just wonder around Namimori Chuu and discover new things about the place.

It wasn't until lunch time that Tsukiyoshi snapped out of his daydream because he realized that there was something that he was missing and the only reason he knew it was missing because it was in someone's hands and the said person was reading it aloud.

'...sure that the herbivores, who the hell says herbivores? What a weirdo, don't bully you and if they do bite them to death? Man this person's a freak! Herbivores and biting them to death? Is this person a vampire? Your okaa-san misses you, aww isn't that sweet, from your otou-san. Hey Tsuki-chan! Your otou-san's a freak! Hahaahaa,' said Nimoshi-san, one of Tsukiyoshi's classmates, a person who is friends with Morigowa-san.

It was at this point in time that Tsukiyoshi had another one of his urges, the urge that said kill, kill, kill, just grab something metallic and kill. Tsukiyoshi successfully ignored that urge and went with his default way of life.

Meaning he ran up to Nimoshi-san ripped the letter out of his hands and ran for it before Nimoshi-san and Morigowa-san could think properly and before they could get their gang and the disciplinary committee after him. As Tsukiyoshi ran he could help but think this day really sucked. Like every other day.

Japanese lesson time!:
Dame= useless (apparently according to the manga)
-kun= used as a suffix for boys in Japan
-san= used as a suffix as mr. or mrs. usually the polite way of addressing someone
-chan= used as a suffix for girls in Japan
Namimori Chuu= is the middle school in Namimori, probably a public one at that. Namimori Chuu is Akira Amano's work.
Okaa-san= is mother in Japanese
Sofubo= is apparently Japanese for grandparents
Otou-san= is father in Japanese