Café Blues

Arthur Pendragon looked around the café- nobody recognised him. Liking it this way, he pulled his fake glasses slightly up more of his nose, before pulling the abandoned newspaper to his face. Slightly bored, he flicked through to the society section.


Arthur rolled his eyes at the blown up photo of him leaving a nightclub, sunglasses on. On the other side of the image was Vivian leaving, also alone, looking 'hot' in a short, pink dress, ripped straight from a designer's rail.

Miss Millionaire- Arthur mused. She was only called that because her father was v. rich and she flaunted the blood money around. They'd dated for about 6 months, before he broke it off with her because she was far too 'superficial.' Now all the papers were desperate for a scoop. Just the other Saturday, they had been spotted leaving the same Starbucks and in all of the front pages it was 'BACK ON, ARE WE?' It was so ruddy tiring.

"Er, are you going to order or what?" a voice interrupted his thoughts.

He snapped out of his thoughts, to look up at the waitress. She was very pretty- not fake Vivian pretty- real pretty, a natural aura one would say. Her dark hair was in curls and her eyes made him melt at sight. Her dress was a babydoll one, with a moss green top with a white and grass coloured skirt. She had a no-top apron (white, of course).

"Okay," Arthur tried not to stare, "I'll have a coke with a lemon inside."

"Any food?" the girl scribbled on her pad,

"What is your specialty of the day?" he asked politely.

"Our cold meal is a turkey sandwich, our hot meal is Sheppard's pie and our desert is a chocolate Victoria sponge with butter cream instead of jam."

"I'll have the dessert please."

"Good choice," the girl nodded, "We'll have your order with you soon."

However, before she could even turn around, there was a yell from the back.


This so called Gwen rolled her eyes.

"Gwen, that's a pretty name. Is it short for something?" Arthur smiled at her.

She flushed, "Guinevere. I better get going; your food will be, as said, here shortly."

She tottered off as Arthur stared at her curiously. He could tell that she could recognise him easily, but was not staying so. It was a fun game to play.

5 minutes or so late, Gwen returned with Arthur's order. She placed it on the table with ease.

"Miss. Millionaire," she looked at the headline, "A stupid name. She's not rich- her father is."

"That's what I said," Arthur agreed at her, "At least there is someone else in the world who can see sense."

"They say that about me," she sauntered off.

He grinned at her retreating figure, sipping his drink.

He knew from then on that he would be coming to this café more often.

I haven't done a Merlin story in a while, so I hope you all like it. Please tell me if you enjoyed it or not.

Peace be with you xxx

P.S Happy Easter/Happy Holidays.