Arthur and Gwen bumped into each other many other times after that fateful event. In fact, 6 months later, they bumped into each other every single day at their new residence in the gated community of Octavia Square. Not quite a coincidence.

They also bumped into each other beside the lake in Springwood Park one evening in January, on their very first anniversary. He proposed with a sparkling diamond ring in a velvet box. She said yes faster than someone could bat an eyelash. He wrapped her in his arms, holding her tightly to him. They had never been happier.

Another time they bumped into each other was on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at St. Mary's Church followed by the Springwood Manor House. Arthur wore a tux. Gwen looked beautiful in a strapless dress and a large skirt. Merlin was Best Man, with Morgana as Maid of Honour. Leon, Percy and Gwaine were ushers, with Freya, Elena and Gwen's cousin Emily as bridesmaids. Elyan walked down the aisle.

They met in for their honeymoon- two weeks in a small villa on the coast. It was a quarter of a mile or so from the main resort- vibrant with nightlife, restaurants and shops.

They also regularly saw each other at the Maternity Centre in Hampstead. They also somehow managed to meet up at the birth of their first child- Noah James Pendragon. They also saw each other 2 years later at the birth of their second child and first daughter- Sophia Caitlin Pendragon.

They met even more at birthdays, weddings, christenings and even funerals.

But through it all, they stuck together.

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