I do not own Natsume Yūjin-Chō. Natori's Point of View in this drabble.

A Precious Friend

By wonderlandisanillusion

Natsume is really amazing. To some exorcists he would be considered a 'Cash Cow' in the making...To be honest I want an unusual and talented assistant to help me when I'm stuck so much I can barely contain myself, but I do not want to lose Natsume for he is a precious friend. He is one of a kind and it can't be help that certain people have their eyes on him. I want to protect him for he is my precious friend and I do not want him to be hurt in anyway.

I know from that letter Seiji Matoba sent to Natsume that he is interested in him. In the end I decided to rip the letter into tiny pieces instead of showing it to Natsume and I do not believe Matoba will be sending another long letter to him. Although, I do not believe this is the end for Matoba is not the type to give up easily and he will be back.

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