Idk why I keep posting new stories. I should work on those that I've already posted. But this one seems easy enough to write, so I guess there won't be any problems...

So, I hope you likey~~

First entry

August 27th, Friday

Dear diary – that's how you're supposed to start one of these journals, right? I have no idea.

Since no one else will be reading this anyway, it doesn't really matter, right? It'll just be between you and me. Great, I'm making friends with an inanimate object. Life's sweet.

Okayz, so… I'll start off with introducing myself. I'm Deidara, last name's Iwaga. I'm 19. At the moment I'm sitting in my new apartment on the academy campus. It's pretty small and empty, but damn expensive. And when I said EMPTY, I meant empty. In the living room, there's a couch and a random kitchen chair. In the kitchen, there's an untrustworthy-looking cooker that looks like it could fall apart any moment; a small fridge (no, there's no food in it), a counter with a glass, a plate and a fork on it (that's it for my current tableware) and an actually decent-looking microwave chilling on the tiled floor. No table yet. I think I should relocate that chair in the living room to the kitchen.

The most expensive thing in my apartment is my double-bed, I think. It's the only thing in my bedroom. I'm going shopping tomorrow. I need a wardrobe, a table and a laptop. I don't think I'll have any money left over for a TV. I need some stuff for the course as well and they were supposed to be expensive. Canvases, an easel… I have the money my aunt gave me and that'll have to do for some time.

I remember reading somewhere that in the first entry of a diary, you should write about yourself. Hm. A few more days and I'll be starting in the Academy of Art University. It's damn expensive and my aunt is paying for it. She's like 50 or sth, but looks like a 25-year old. Her name is Tsunade. She was my mother's sister. She's a rich lady. Sometimes I wonder whether she could be a drug dealer. She gave me a budget to start off with, but that money won't last for long. I won't have to worry about the rent and the study fees, but everything else… Shit, I should start looking for a job.

I don't have any parents. They died when I was little and I don't know anything about them. So yeah… My aunt said Dad got cancer and Mom died in some accident. No, don't feel sorry for me. I'm over it. Or... actually, that's not correct. What I mean is that, maybe I am missing something, but I wouldn't really know, since I've never had it. So yeah. Don't feel sorry. I mean it. I hate it when people pity me, I've had enough of it to last me a lifetime. So please, take my advice and just don't. Because, y'know, you're inanimate and shit… No offence.

Okayz soo… more about myself? I'm male. I look like a girl, except for the missing boobs. I'm bi-sexual, but haven't had any boyfriends. The longest relationship I've had lasted for three months. Then I killed the bitch. Lol, jk. But I really wanted to.

I had my first kiss when I was 10. Frankly, it was an accident, even though I liked the girl. She, though, had an older brother who witnessed it. I still have a scar on my left bicep. He didn't miss a spot on my body. I remember limping to my aunt's house. I was a mess to say the least. Fortunately, she's a doctor. I got grounded after that, though. I remember being angry as hell, thinking 'isn't getting beat up a punishment enough?'.

Hm, what else? I didn't get bullied in the high school or anything and the school was quite small. I had a few friends, but I don't talk to them anymore. We grew apart, I guess, after graduation.

My first time was… when I was 17. It was after a party, I was drunk and so was the bitch I had been together for two months then. She's the one I told you about, the one I wanted to kill. Fortunately, she didn't manage to get pregnant or anything. If that had been the case, I would've killed her. And don't come complaining about it being too much information or something. You're inanimate, remember that! You have no right to complain.

I think that's all...? I'll add shit later, if I recall something.

Lol. I just yawned. Cool. I think I'm off to bed. It's around midnight already and my hand is hurting from all the writing.

Talk later? (Too weird?)


PS! Song of the day – Diary of Jane (by Breaking Benjamin)