Hai y'all. Happy summer. I'm back from my trips to Finland and Germany/the Netherlands. Had lots of fun, thanks for asking.

I felt like wrapping one story up, so here ya go.

Also, I'm on my phone, so sorry for any typos.

Twenty-fourth entry

February 1st, 1.15AM

Dear diary,

I was just re-reading my previous entries and I realized that I haven't written here for over a month. That's one thing. The other thing is that the next page is the last one in this notebook.

I wondered why I haven't been writing as much as I used to. I mean, it's not like my life is any more boring than it was before. Or rather my life wasn't much more interesting before than it is now. It's just that... all the things that happen, I discuss them with Sasori. Either in bed or over dinner table or when we go out or in the evenings or during lunch. No offence, but despite his stoic being, he is a much bwtter conversation partner than you.

And after talking it all through, I just don't feel like writing it down anymore. After discussing things with him, those things become my past and don't bug me anymore, so I don't feel the need to think about them anymore. Not like before when I had no one to discuss things with and they kept bugging me for weeks. I let them go much more easily now.

I read through my first entry here. It was... 5 months ago. Not even half a year. Yet my life has changed in such a drastic manner that I never dreamed possible back then. I mean seriously, I've gone from a broke college student to a stripper to a male prostitute to a college dropout to a suicidal young adult to a leech living at a nearly stanger's house to a part-time worker at one of the most successful companies around and now I'm just counting weeks till I can enter college again. I've lost everything, only to win back so much more. I'm alive and happy. That's much more than I had the courage to hope for at certain parts of this journey.

Oh, and I've found a person I truly and unconditionally love. That's way more than I've ever dared to hope for.

During the last month I've gotten used to working with Sasori. It's true that he sends me on errands outside of his office more often than I think is necessary, but that's probably so he could collect himself and not do me right there haha. I've gotten praised a lot and the only times he rebuked me where the few times I was a bit... distracted. All in all he says I make a great employee. Well duh. I'm not that hopeless.

He actually said he's planning on going on a holiday with me for my birthday in May, but the destination will be a surprise. Wow, right? I'm so excited! It's gonna be a hell of a trip wherever it is we will be going.

I've even called Tsunade. Looks like we will be spending Easter together. She invited us over. Even though I suspect she wants us to come mostly because of Sasori (that woman could bot have taken a stronger liking on him), I still like to tell myself that she sorta - kinda misses me too. Just a bit.

So yeah. I'm happy and content and a bit cold. I think I'm gonna head to bed now. Cuddling with my man. Be jelly haha. It will be warm there. Or even hot (;

Guess I won't see you again, but let me tell you, you did quite a good job at listening to my rants. It helped me through a lot. Thanks... diary.


(I am beautiful with you by Halestorm)