Cultural Festival

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It was time for the cultural festival and as always, it becomes a really busy week! Our class decided to do a class shop. But ours will be a little unique then the rest of them. It'll basically look like a normal cafe shop but every hour and on the hour some of the people will be in charge to dance. I can barely even dance so I was hoping I wasn't chosen, in the end, I was. Sora-chan and Ruka were too with one of the smarties in our class, Kamida-san.

Day one of the cultural festival has arrived.

Everyone was busy with the orders and it was almost time for the 4 of us to dance. We were in basically short cute black dresses that was about 2 inches above the knee. We all were wearing high heals but our hairstyles and make up were diffrent. Also, Sora-chan had cute earrings that were basically black bows. Ruka had just a simple bracelet that had black and white heart charms all around the bracelet. Kamida-san had a simple ring but in the middle was a white cat with black eyes and a black bow on one of the ears. Mine was a little diffrent, I had a spiky dog collar with a long chain necklace.

It was now time for us to dance and the music started to play, the song was Goodbye Baby by Miss A. Everyone started to cheer and a lot of them knew the lyrics and started to sing with us. When we were done, everyone cheeered loudly and we bowed in gratitude.

When we went to go change, the four of us hugged each other, knowing we did such a good job. We all had a feeling that this cafe was going to be a huge hit.

After about 3 songs, we were allowed to go on break. I was wondering what the student council was doing. As if my mind was read, I saw all of them, all of them except "Shizumasa-sama". That's odd, I wonder where he could be. I decided maybe he wasn't done with his paperwork and was stuck in the student council room, so I decided to go just to take a little peek. I was about a good 7-8 feet from the student council room when I saw "Shizumasa-sama" outside the door with Kiraki...Wait, Kiraki? That couldn't be him, which meant that was the real one! What is he doing here?! I decided to hide and I did it pretty well in my opinion. They went inside and I decided to hear what was going on.

"Ugh!" I heard Touya gasping for air. Oh my god! Touya! I was paralyzed just hearing him getting hurt. What the heck is going on in there?! "For now that's enough, Kiraki." I heard the real Shizumasa's voice. "It's not Touya's fault. Right? The one at fault is me, who can't even keep his replacement in line!" I heard papers scattering all over the place. What did he mean fault? What's really going on in there?

"Making Haine a platinum, are you trying to defeat me?" Oh no! Shizumasa-sama found out! I heard foot-steps and decided it was time to hide. It was Haine-sama, I guess she was also wondering what "Shizumasa-sama" was doing. I heard her knocking twice but I was too far away to hear what she was saying. Soon enough, she opened the door aand went inside.

About a good three minutes or so she came out and closed the door. She was blushing like crazy but went away. After a minute she was gone I went back to hear the conversation and leaned against the door. "Have you fallen in love with Haine?" My heart was beating out of my chest! I didn't want to hear this but I couldn't stop. "Who would fall for that girl?" I heard Takanari-sama say my heart started to relax but then it got worse when I heard a slapping sound. I winced when I heard it, it sounded like it hurt.

"Take him back, back to the basement." I heard Shizumasa-sama say. Oh no, they were coming through the door any second, I hid at the corner and it worked. He's going back to the basement? For how long?

The second day of the festival has finally arrived. I saw Haine-sama come into our class just in time to hear me sing yume no tsubasa. All of the song reminded me of Takanari-sama to me this was my feelings for him. At the last line of the song a tear shed down my face. "Soba ni iru yo..." then I smiled warmly as if he was there. "zutto..." I closed my eyes once more and bowed while the music was coming to an end. When the music did end, it was silent but then I heard a clap. I stopped bowing and raised my head to see it was Haine-sama with some tears in her eyes. Everyone else started to clap and then it got really noisy.

"Sakura! You were amazing!" Sora-chan yelled coming to hug me when there were still people clapping for me. "Good job, Sakura." Ruka said hugging me as well. "Thanks." All of a sudden I heard people chanting "ankore (encore)! ankore!" I smiled at all three of them and they let go to go back to their seats, I hold up the microphone all the way up and the music started. I decided to sing Eternal Snow.

When I was at "Ima sugu kimi ni aitaiyo!" I saw Takanari-sama right in front me and tried to reach him. "Hold me tight" He disappeared and my arm went back to my side but I clenched my hand and put it on my chest. "I love you." I bowed once more for them to know I was done. I heard much more screaming then before. Once everyone was done cheering for me, it was time for my break and I heard someone call me from behind.

"Hayashi-san, wait!" I looked behind me to see it was Haine-sama who was out of breath. "Haine-sama! Is everything alright?" I walked up to her. "The two songs you sang, it was amazing! It felt like you were singing it out of pure experience." She smiled warmly at me and I smiled back at her. "I was, I have a love that can never be returned, let's just put it that way." I bowed and left to hear her still calling my name but I didn't turn back.

I went back to the mansion to go see Takanari-sama, I decided to not go to the bonfire. (Keep in mind that Sakura is a bronze rank and all the bronze ranks get to only go to the bonfire and not the ball.) Then I saw some of the maids grin from ear to ear. "What's with some of you?" I said closing the entrance door behind me. They looked at each other and then two of my maid friends each took an arm of me and started to drag me! "Wha-what...what are you doing?!" "It's fine, it's fine, just follow us for a few." "LET GO!" I screamed for help and all the maids were just giggling at me. I really don't like where this is going!

I was put in a really long violet dress and it was really pretty but it looks so hard to move in. The dress had a cute black bow on the side and it was attached to a sash which hugged to my waist. I forgot that they knew my measurements since it was neccessary to work here for the uniforms. I felt a necklace put around my neck and it was a simple necklace but it had a heart in the middle with a pink jewel it actually went with the dress. "Now that you have me all dressed up...can you please tell me what's going on?!" The two just gave me a smile and started to push me all the way to the stairs where it leads to Takanari-sama's room. "Go show Takanari-sama! I'm sure he will be thrilled!" They both winked at me and left me in shock.

"You got to be kidding me!" I yelled but I could still hear them giggling but it was really faint. I sighed. "Sakura?" I didn't even have to turn around to know who it was. I looked behind me and there he was. "Takanari-sama..." I blushed a little embarrassed that he's seeing me wearing this. "Wow, you look great." "Thanks." Looking at the floor, not knowing where else to look. "Why aren't you over at the festival?" I didn't say anything for a while until, "because, I thought you wouldn't have a partner and you deserve one." My cheeks were on fire and I couldn't stop it.

"Is that so?" I looked up to see he was grinning at me. "I...I know I'm not Cinderella but..." I bowed like a real English women would. "Would you care to dance with this pesant for just one song, prince." Now, I hear him giggling. "Sakura..." He made me look at him and he pulled my hand and led me to his room.

The door was closed and music started to play. When I listened closely, it was dearly beloved by kingdom hearts. He truly knew how much I love this song and played it for me. He took my hand and we danced to the rhythm while holding each other close. I couldn't really pay attention to the song cause we were so close and my heartbeat was so loud.

Once the song was over, we parted slowly. "Thanks so much, Takanari-sama." "You know you should stop calling me that." I slowly shook my head. "I shouldn't, after all I am just a maid and you are my master, I can't call you that." "That's not what you said when we were kids." I didn't hear him say that because it was such a small whisper. "What did you say, Takanari-sama?" "...nothing." He let go of my hands and I felt my hands felt cold instantly but I could still feel his warmth.

"I need to be alone for a little bit." I just nodded my head. "Alright, Takanari-sama." I closed the door behind me. I was blushing because I got to do what I thought was never possible. I got to dance with my prince who was so far out of my reach. I'll never forget this moment and hopefully, I never will.

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