~Chapter One~

Grieving or no?

Rosa pulled her gleaming silver sword from its scabbard, tears glistened behind her eyes. Dylan was dead and it was all Drake's fault, he let her get killed in the munity. "Drake don't you dare come around here! Not after what you did to Dylan," Rosa shrieked, pointing the sword toward Drake's still beating heart. "You killed my sister! And she did nothing wrong. I trusted you, Dylan trusted you! And still you just let her just get killed! You are not worth anything to still be living, you traitor!" Rosa screamed, twirling her sword around so it came to lay an inch from his heart.

Drake looked sadly toward Rosa. "I never meant for her to be killed Rosa and you of all people should know this! I loved her, and you knew it!" he screamed back, drawing his own sword. Rosa shook her head. Brown curls, tumbled down around her tear streaked face.

"Drake, I would have died rather than betray my sister! I would have died for her, and anybody else that meant as much as she did to me," Rosa murmured shaking her head. She had more tears glistening in her eyes, as she looked toward Drake. "Drake, you never knew… you were always too busy trying to get Dylan to notice you, and you should have known she would never because she always loved someone else. But no, you didn't see it either that when the person who loved you with all their heart was right in front of you," she said bowing her head. Drake stared disbelieving toward Rosa.

"Wait you love me?" he asked.

She nodded. "More than you would have ever known," she whispered. "Too bad that, you betrayed me, Drake…" Rosa murmured, her hands shaking as she tried to keep the sword steady in the air.

"Rosa… I know you can't kill me…" he whispered.

Tears ran down her face. "Yea... but I can still try," Rosa said pushing the blade so it nicked Drake and a steady stream of blood started to well from it.

"You can try but I know you can't do it," Drake whispered again. Rosa's hands shook even more uncontrollably. Then what Drake said next it shocked her even more so than her getting ready to about kill Drake for real. "Rosa… your sister, Dylan, she's not dead. We faked her death, in order to keep her safe and allow her to get away from the munity. Please can you lower your sword now," he said coolly.

Rosa looked stunned, "What? You faked her death…" she echoed loudly. "That means she's still alive… We still have a chance at finding her." Rosa murmured shaking with excitement. Drake nodded slowly careful not to get Rosa's sword pressed anymore into him.

"Yes she is very much alive still… And if you let me help you, we can get her back lassie and that way!" he exclaimed. Rosa shook her head.

"You had better not be after her still, if and when we get Dylan back. She doesn't need you trailing after her anymore. You got that Drake?" she snarled.

"Yes Rosa, now can you let me up?" he swallowed.

She lowered the sword replacing it back into her sheath. "You had better not belying to me Drake, or I swear I'll have your head for this," Rosa said, holding out a single hand to help Drake to his feet. Drake nodded.

"I'm not, I swear, I would never betray you," he muttered clutching his chest where Rosa's sword's tip had dug in.

"Is that so?" she asked one eyebrow raised. Drake laughed lightly, his face turning white. "Here this should help," she murmured tugging a stripe of cloth from her shirt and pressing it against Drake's wound.

"Thanks," he muttered.

"No problem," she murmured. "Do you happen to know where Dylan was going?" she asked walking toward the docks of Port Elizabeth.

"Um, actually no, but I say that we board a ship and head for London," Drake murmured, hand clasped over his wound still.

"Seriously? You helped Dylan get away but you didn't bother to find out where she was going. God what kind of person are you?" she exclaimed, rolling her eyes.

Drake shrugged, "I'm not the brightest person. I'll say that much."

"I'll say," Rosa muttered walking until she hit the last bit of dock in Port Elizabeth, the last bit of dock between her and the sea. Rosa spotted a ship with navy sails, "That's one we will borrow." She grinned racing toward it at lightning speeds.

"Oh yes, we are just going to borrow a ship, in which we probably won't be returning." Drake laughed.

"Probably not, but still we aren't stealing it's just borrowing without permission," Rosa said, tossing her brown curls behind her. Drake rolled his eyes, coming to stand next to Rosa at the end of the docks of Port Elizabeth.

"Can we borrow this ship now?" he asked drawing his sword. It gleamed brightly against the setting sun. Rosa nodded, walking up the plank to get on to the ship with navy sails. She glanced around the ship's deck. It was glossy dark wood, all freshly stocked and it had the crispest navy ships the ocean had ever seen.

"It's a pretty boat, which one of us will captain it?" she asked removing her pirate hat from her dark brown curls. Drake stepped on to the ship's deck, removing his own hat and running his fingers through his brown-black hair.

"I think that you should captain this ship Rosa, you'd be a good captain," he said holding out his hand. Rosa tilted her head slightly.

"What do you mean-?" she asked nodding toward his hand outstretched.

Drake shook his head, "Nothing I'll take that hat from you Captain, if you don't mind," he murmured plucking her hat out of her hand before she could object any further. Rosa giggled half-hearted.

"Why thank you Drake," She whispered gently kissing him on the cheek, before walking away toward the captain's cabin. Drake stood staring after her, a bit shock that she had kissed him. Rosa smiled as she pushed open the cabin's oak doors and stepped inside. It was surprisingly light in there for the lack of windows in the room.

There were tables upon tables, piled high with maps, and chart books that spilled out on to the floor. There was a wardrobe, on the far right hand side of the room, and a wooden bed off on the left side of the room. It was quiet there naught but the sounds of sea birds, and rolling waves out the ship in Port Elizabeth. "I wonder…" Rosa whispered walking up to the wardrobe. She tugged open the doors. Rosa's eyes widened. The whole wardrobe was full of pirates clothing, about half of it was woman's clothing. It all looked like it would fit Drake, and her.

Drake knocked at the door that stood wide open leading into the cabin. Rosa whirled around, "Drake." Drake smiled walking into the room.

"The one and only," he smirked. He crossed over so he now was peaking into the wardrobe seeing the pirates clothing. "We should change, that way we won't be as noticeable." Drake murmured leaning over Rosa's shoulder. Rosa nodded.

"We should, let's do that now before we take off from port." Rosa said, grasping some clothes from the wardrobe. Drake nodded following in suit. Within minutes later, they look exactly like a couple of pirates. Rosa, she was dressed in a pair of soft brown pants, with brown leather high-heeled boots, and a white lace shirt with brown leather corset tight over top the shirt. Her brown curls lay in a glossy curtain around her shoulders. With for a finishing touch a dark brown pirates hat with a light blue feather.

"You look pretty, Rosa," Drake muttered, walking up to face her.

"You don't look bad yourself," Rosa murmured looking at Drake. He was dressed in a loose hanging white shirt, and brown pants with soft brown leather boots. And he had a brown hat with a dark blue feather in it.

"Shall we drive this ship out of the port?" he laughed, disappearing out of the cabin and back out onto the deck. Rosa rolled her eyes, and followed him taking up the wheel of the ship. Drake walked around untying the ropes, and steadying the mass.

"All set Drake?" Rosa called down from the high deck with the wheel. Drake turned and gave Rosa thumbs up. Rosa nodded, placing her hands on the wheel. She gave a turn of the wheel, and the two of them were soon off from Port Elizabeth. Only bad thing was that a couple of the Royal Navy officers had spotted them. 'Crap, what do we do now Drake?" Rosa asked eyes widening as she spotted whole group of ten officers out on the docks boarding the nearest ship about to take off after us.

"Um, I have no clue Rosa, because I have never 'borrowed' a ship without permission, and dressed as a pirate. So I have no clue what we do. All I can say is we should try to out run them." Drake called. Rosa nodded.

"Aye we try and out run them." By the time that Rosa, and Drake had left the shore line of Port Elizabeth, the Royal Navy officers that had been boarding their ship at the time, were ready and right on their tails.

"We have a bit of a problem Rosa," Drake called. Rosa sighed.

"Don't you think that I don't know this? At the speed we are going they are going to capture us, and take hold of this ship. We will never out run them." She snarled. Drake raced up to the higher deck where Rosa and the wheel stood.

"Let me take hold of the wheel. I can try and out run them." He said grasping a hold of wheel.

"Why should I let you? I'm the captain." Rosa said.

"That may be but I can try and out run the Royal Navy better than you can. Please Rosa; let me take the wheel for right now." He begged. Rosa murmured something that Drake couldn't hear.

"Fine, but only because you have a better chance of out running the Royal Navy than I do." She said, stepping away from the wheel. Drake took up the wheel, and willed the ship to move faster. Rosa's eyes widened as she saw how much water they were gaining between them and the Royal Navy.

"It's working!" Rosa called, running to the back side rail on the ship. Drake nodded, as he fiercely whirled and yielded the ship willing it to go faster. By the time they were completely out of Port Elizabeth's bay, the Royal Navy was about two ships length behind them.

"They will catch up soon, but this should give us enough time to pick a destination and be off to try and find Dylan," Drake breathed.

"I'm thinking we should name this ship…" Rosa murmured.

"You're thinking of naming a ship when we have to find Dylan, your own sister!" Drake muttered, staring at her.

"You know, I think that Riesa is a pretty name for a ship, let's name her that." Rosa continued.

"Seriously! You want to name a ship, when we just barely out ran a bunch of Royal Navy troops, and are trying to find your sister. Which might I add that you wanted to find. And you're just standing here wanting to name a ship," Drake shouted.

"Her name's going to be Riesa, because I think it's a pretty name and I'm captain. Also Drake, don't get so mad, it doesn't do your health any good. And I do want to find my sister, and we are far enough from the Royal Navy that they won't catch up anytime today. But you can't just go out to sea with a ship that doesn't have a name. We needed our ship, to have a name and now Riesa does," Rosa murmured calmly. She seemed so calm, even though Drake just exploded.

"Oh…, I'm sorry that I exploded at you Rosa," He murmured softly ducking his head.

"It's alright Drake, though do that again, and I swear I will kill you," Rosa said walking toward the wheel.

"Yes Rosa, now do we go find Dylan? Or no?" he asked.

"Of course, but we have to stop by my father. The captain of the Night Torcher," Rosa said beaming a bit.

"That's going to be a nightmare, I mean look at the name of the ship," He muttered half to himself. Rosa laughed.

"You have no idea, I think that you are going to be in for a tad bit of a surprise mate," she laughed.

"Only one way to find out," Drake said grasping hold of a nearby telescope. Rosa smiled and gripped the wheel and stood place as captain of the Riesa.