Just an idea I had after reading a bunch of stories about Hunter. Thought it might be fun to give it a shot. There's gonna be characters from the original series. Hunter/OC Blake/Tori

Motocross Track

Dirt flew as a bunch of dirt bikes raced across the track, two in the lead. One was white while the other was yellow. The rider on the white bike was a good number of yards in front of the other rider. White smirked under the helmet, knowing that Yellow was gonna lose. Suddenly, two more riders, one in crimson, the other in navy, showed up. They over-took Yellow quickly, but couldn't get in front of White. White soon crossed the finish line first, throwing their arms into the air in victory before getting off the dirt bike and pushing it over to Yellow, who was talking to Crimson and Navy. White got there just in time to hear Crimson say, almost annoyed, that he and Navy were adopted.

"Andy, how do you do that? You're a freestyle rider, not a racer!" Yellow complained, his helmet under his arm, when he saw White walking up to him.

White, or Andy as Yellow had named, shrugged, keeping the helmet on.

"Hey, I'm Blake, and this is my brother Hunter," Navy introduced to Andy, "Who're you? You're good enough to be a Factory Pro rider, and I thought I knew all the Factory Pro riders."

Andy shrugged again before pulling off the helmet. Hair as black as midnight tumbled down Andy's back and shoulders, so black that it almost looked a little crimson in the sunlight. Brushing some hair back reviled light green eyes and the friendly face of a sixteen-year-old girl. Blake, she noticed, was shorter than his brother, with dark hair and tan skin. He had dark brown eyes, and seemed to be the type who loved to have fun. Hunter, however, was taller, paler, and had blonde hair and blue eyes. Of the two brothers, Hunter was definitely the cuter one, and Andy got the impression that he was a bad-boy type.

"I don't know, Dustin, but I did race before I became a freestyle rider," the girl reminded the boy in yellow in a soft voice before turning to Blake and Hunter. "Hi, I'm Andrea. You two are really good, you almost caught me."

"You're pretty good yourself," Blake told her.

"Yeah, for a girl," Dustin mumbled, a little pissed that he had just lost to a girl. "I must have been giving up a little of my lap time to you guys, and to Andy over here," Dustin threw a friendly arm over her shoulder. Andy rolled her eyes and shrugged off his arm.

"You get too much air on your jumps," Hunter stated, "It slows you down."

"He's right, Dustin," Andy agreed.

Blake shrugged, giving Dustin a sympathetic glance. "Dark and brooding, but right. Listen, uh, what're you two doing now, wanna follow us?"

"Um, man, actually, can I take a rain check? I gotta be somewhere," Dustin asked after quickly weighing his options.

"Yeah, no worries," Hunter stood up from leaning on his bike, "Maybe next time." He walked away.

"Yeah, cool," Dustin said.

"Next time. Later," Blake agreed as Dustin walked away, leaving Andy with the two. Blake turned towards her. "What about you, Andrea?"

Andy chuckled, "Please, call me Andy. And sorry, but I gotta bounce too. But I might be here later if either of you freestyle at all," she said. "Oh, and tell your brother that if he thinks being dark and mysterious will help him get girls, he's gotta work harder than that." Andy turned and walked away, knowing full well that Hunter had heard her. The two boys looked at each other before watching Andy tuck her hair into her helmet as she put it back on and ride away. They smirked.

Winter Ninja Academy

Andy parked her dirt bike when she arrived at her destination and ripped off her motocross gear, revealing the ninja uniform she wore while training.It was a black body suit with white accents, and a frozen snowflake emblem right above her left breast. Her long hair tumbled down her back and over her shoulders gracefully, blowing softly in the breeze as she walked inside. Almost instantly, an older woman wearing a grey robe rushed over to her.

"Andrea, you're finally here! You must take this!" the woman took a small wooden box with a snowflake painted on it out from a pocket in her robe and forced it into Andy's hands.

"Sensei Mako, what's wrong? What is this?" Andy asked, now worried.

"Lothor is back. You must take this! Lothor is going after all the ninjas; he's already captured the Thunder Academy, and the Wind Academy, but Sensei Watanabe, his son, and three other ninjas from the Wind Academy managed to avoid being captured. Leave now, find Sensei Watanabe!" Sensei Mako pushed Andy towards the door.

"But Sensei Mako, what is this?" Andy protested. "What about you?"

"Andrea, you are the sister to the original Red, second Gold Power Ranger, you're the only one in this academy who has control over both of the winter elements, and you are the only one who can harness the power of the Winter Power Morpher. Now go!" Sensei Mako ordered.

Andy wanted to protest more, but upon seeing the face of her sensei, she decided against it. Opening the box, she took the morpher out and put it on before dropping the box and running to her dirt bike. Pulling on her discarded motocross gear quickly, she climbed on and rode off towards her home.

"Oh, Jason is gonna kill me," she said to herself as she rode to her house that she shared with her brother, his wife, and his son. Andy knew all about her brother's past, and even though she had only been seven when he first became a Ranger, it hadn't been hard to peace it together. She had been brought to the Command Center when she first told Jason that she knew he and the others were Rangers, and tended to stay there when the others had to leave for Ranger duty. Of course, that had allowed the then-evil Green Ranger to capture her at one point, but he hadn't hurt her at all; even though he was under the mind control of the evil Rita Repulsa, he had refused to harm an innocent child. Then Jason destroyed the very thing keeping him under the mind control, and Tommy had returned Andy to Jason that very day, totally unharmed. However, being taken left a fear in Andy, causing her to not trust Tommy at first. But when the group, Andy included, got attacked one day at the park, Tommy protected Andy while Jason couldn't, saving her life when a putty tried to take her. She had trusted him with her life ever sense and looked up to him the same way she looked up to the others.

Jason, who was now twenty-five, lived in Blue-Bay Harbor with Andy and his family, and didn't want her to be a Ranger, but he knew that the Power chooses you, you don't choose it. If she became a Ranger, he would just have to deal with it. Once Andy arrived, she parked the bike next to her brother's Police car, and took a deep breath before walking in. Jason and his wife, the first Yellow Ranger Trini, were sitting on the couch in the living room, their three-year-old son Danny playing with letter blocks in front of them. The news was on, covering the recent monster attacks. Jason sighed.

"Jeeze, we just can't get away from cities with monsters," Jason complained, even though he, unlike his wife, still had powers.

"Jase, you got your powers back during that Forever Red thing last year, I'm surprised that you're not out there fighting, too," Andy retorted, letting the other two know she was there.

"Auntie Andy!" Danny exclaimed, running over to Andy, who was still in her motocross gear.

"Hey, Squirt," Andy picked up the toddler, balancing him on her hip. Danny was the spitting image of his father, and even shared his love for the color red. The only difference between the two was that Danny got his mom's black hair instead of his father's brown. Either way, Andy could tell that Danny would eventually make a great Ranger.

"Hey, sis. How was your day?" Jason asked, standing up to take his son.

"Fine; I beat Dustin at his own game, and even met these two new racers. They almost beat me, they're good enough to be Factory Pro," Andy explained. "Oh, and I may or may not be a Power Ranger." She added to the end.

"What do you mean you may or may not be a Ranger? There is no may or may not be, it's only is or is not. Are you Ranger or not?" Jason demanded.

Andy sighed. "Apparently, some evil ninja guy named Lothor came to Earth and is attacking Ninja schools. When I got to the Winter Academy today, Sensei Mako handed me a morpher and told me to leave. She told me to find Sensei Watanabe of the Wind Academy, and that the Thunder Academy was already attacked, as was the Wind Academy, but the Sensei, his son, and three ninjas from there managed to get away. I know you don't want me to be a Ranger, Jase, but I have no choice; I'm the only one from the Academy who has control over both winter elements, so I kind of have to do it," she explained.

Jason thought for a moment while Trini went to start dinner, Danny following her. "I guess you have no choice. Just be careful, and don't forget that both Tommy and I have powers, and Kim, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Billy do as well. If you and the other Rangers need help, tell Sensei Watanabe that he can call any of us," Jason told her. Andy nodded in understanding and left the house.

Ninja Ops

Three teenagers ran out from under a waterfall when they heard a dirt bike come up, wondering who it could possibly be. Dustin was already there, and no one else who rode a dirt bike knew where the entrance to Ninja Ops even was. They watched in silence as Andy took off her white helmet.

"Andy?" a girl in a black ninja suit with light blue accents asked in confusion.

"I'm looking for Sensei Watanabe," Andy said, ignoring the girl.

"Who are you? How did you find this place?" a boy in green asked, suspicious of this girl. Who was she, and how did she know his father?

"My name is Andrea Scott, sister of the original Red, second Gold Power Ranger. I'm the former student of Sensei Mako, and she sent me here to see Sensei Watanabe. May I please see him?" Andy asked after the quick introduction.

"She's trustworthy, Cam; we know her. Right, Shane?" the girl in blue said before turning to the second boy, who was in a ninja uniform like hers, only with red accents.

"Tori's right, we can trust her," Shane agreed.

Cam sighed and nodded. "Alright. But you need a ninja uniform to come inside," he told her.

"Already covered," Andy said. She ripped off her motocross gear for the second time that day, to reveal her ninja uniform.

"Okay then. Come on," Cam led the winter ninja under the waterfall, Tori and Shane following her. Dustin was inside the strange cave, talking, to Andy's surprise, to a Guiney Pig. "Father, we have a visitor." Cam said, surprisingly to the Guiney Pig.

"Cameron, Shane, Tori, why have you brought this outsider into our base?" the Guiney Pig asked, surprising Andy even more.

"She has an interesting story to tell," was all Cam told him.

"My name is Andrea Scott, sister to former Red and Gold Ranger Jason Scott, sister-in-law to former Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan-Scott. My Sensei, Sensei Mako, gave me the Winter Morpher, and told me to find Sensei Watanabe, and that Lothor has returned to Earth. She did not, however, inform me that my three best friends are the Wind Rangers, or that their Sensei is a Guiney Pig," she explained, showing the Guiney Pig her morpher.

"Ah, I see. I was not aware that Sensei Mako was the one who had received the Winter Morpher. Well, welcome to the team, Andrea. I am sorry about your Sensei," Sensei Watanabe said.

"Thank you, Sensei Watanabe. I will be honored to join your team. If you don't mind me asking, why are you a Guiney Pig?"

"Lothor turned me into one," was the only answer Andy got before an alarm started going off.

"Guys, I'm getting two heat readings from the quarry," Cam informed them.

"Okay, then; guess it's time to go. Ready?" Shane said, turning to his friends.

"Ready!" the other three said.

"Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" Shane, Dustin, and Tori yelled.

"Power of Air!" yelled Shane.

"Water!" yelled Tori.

"Earth!" yelled Dustin.

"Hm, cool. Now watch this. Winter Storm, Ranger Form! Power of Winter!" yelled Andy as a white Ranger suit covered her body. The four quickly ninja streaked to the quarry.

"What's goin' on?" Shane, the red Ranger, asked.

"Not a whole lot," Tori, the blue Ranger, and Andy said at the same time.

"Nothing here," Dustin, the yellow Ranger, stated.

"Uh, Cam, this place is like downtown Deadsville!" Shane said into his communicator.

"I'm taking a heat reading from the Air force satellite; it's usually right on," Cam responded.

"Yeah, um, I'm pretty sure that's not legal," Andy pointed out, but everyone just ignored her.

"Good bye, Rangers!" the Rangers turned to see two new Rangers, one in crimson and one in navy. A sudden blast of energy sent the four back.

"Note so self; never EVER doubt Cam!" Shane stated as he stood back up, his hand on his chest.

"Who are you?" Andy called to the two Rangers when the smoke cleared, both of them turned away from the four Rangers.

"What's with the attitude?" Tori asked.

"Hello? Aren't you gonna answer the girls?" Shane called.

"Obviously, you didn't get the memo," the crimson Ranger said, turning.

"Old Rangers out, new Rangers in," the navy Ranger stated, also turning.

"Hey, I'm new!" Andy protested. "You expect us to fight you?"

The two Rangers ninja streaked towards the four, attacking them each time they passed.

"Doesn't seem like you wanna talk!" Shane gasped.

"I vote for kicking their wannabe buts!" Tori stated.

"I hear ya!" Dustin agreed.

"Aw, not again!" Andy whined, "Guys, they're probably under a spell!" she said, but once again, everyone ignored her.

"Didn't anyone ever teach you how to play nice?" Shane asked, before attacking.

"We don't do nice." The crimson Ranger answered simply.

The two Rangers attacked Shane, throwing him into a wall. The Navy Ranger took him on while the Crimson Ranger went after Dustin and Tori.

"That was brutal!" Shane exclaimed.

"Shane!" Andy ran over, helping him up. "Guys!" she yelled when she saw that Tori and Dustin weren't faring very well against the Crimson Ranger.

"Dustin!" Tori exclaimed when Dustin got thrown onto his back.

"Hang on!" Shane went to help his two friends, leaving Andy with the Navy Ranger.

"What for?" Navy asked, sounding bored. "Thunder Staff! Full power!" he twirled the staff around, before using it to attack Andy.

"Crystal Staff!" Andy yelled, using the staff to block Navy's attack. Navy threw Andy towards the other Rangers, making her staff disappear.

The two Thunder Rangers approached the three Wind Rangers and the Winter Ranger with their staffs out and on full power.

"They have sticks!" Shane said.

"Really big sticks!" Tori yelled.

"We can see that, Sherlock." Andy retorted.

"Anyone got any suggestions?" Dustin asked.

"You want an idea? How about give up?" Crimson suggested.

"Trust us; it'll be much less painful that way," Navy agreed.

"We won't give up," Andy yelled, standing back up.

"Oh, I get it! This is a training thing!" Shane suddenly exclaimed.

"Good one, Cam, you got us!" Tori laughed.

"Guys, I think this is real," Dustin said nervously.

"Alright, ready?" the Crimson Ranger asked, bringing the other Rangers' attention back to them.

"Yeah!" the Navy Ranger agreed, nodding. Then, they ninja streaked away. The four Rangers looked at each other, confused.

"Um, what just happened?" Andy asked in a confused voice.

"Where did they go?" Shane asked.

"Hopefully, far away," Dustin answered. "If we're lucky."

Ninja Ops.

Shane, Tori, and Dustin started asking Sensei question after question the minute they arrived while Andy sat on the table.

"One at a time!" Sensei finally yelled, shutting the three Wind Rangers up.

"Sensei, who were those guys?" Shane asked.

"They fight in the style of the Thunder Ninja Academy. That is all I know," Sensei said regretfully.

"Wait a sec; isn't the Thunder Academy based in Reefside? And Sensei Mako told me that Lothor had already attacked it. Is it possible that Lothor is using some spell to make a few of the students evil? It's happened before, evil Rangers, I mean," Andy asked, tipping her head to the side.

"It's possible, Andrea, but their fire comes from deep within. Even Lothor couldn't be driving them to attack with such passion," Sensei replied.

"You know, I don't really care what their problem is, but those dudes almost smoked us," Dustin complained.

"Yeah, but they didn't! And I want to know why!" Shane exclaimed.

"It's gotta be like last time; even though they might be brainwashed into thinking we're the enemy, they've got to have some goodness in them," Andy said. Upon getting the strange looks, she shrugged. "You guys really need to brush up on your Power Ranger history. Too bad Tommy has the disk." Cam's computer suddenly beeped again, making the Rangers look at it.

"The quarry again? What, is it Monster-Con over there?" Cam asked, almost annoyed.

"Zurgane; still as ugly as ever," Shane stated.

"Doesn't he usually come equipped with an evil sidekick?" Tori asked.

"It could be a trap; use caution when fighting him." Sensei warned.

"Don't we always?" Shane asked.

"Yeah, right," Cam snorted.

"Guys, I'll stay here. If he sends in a monster, you'll need backup," Andy said, looking at her friends. Shane nodded to her, and the three Wind Rangers morphed and left. Andy, Cam, and Sensei watched the fight on Cam's computer, and it didn't take long for Zurgane to be replaced by the Crimson and Navy Rangers. They even came equipped with their own Tsunami cycles.

"Those are MY bikes!" Cam yelled in outrage upon seeing the bikes. But that wasn't all; the Thunder Rangers even had their own zords, the Insecto and Beetle zords. Sense Andy didn't have her own zord; she stayed with Cam and Sensei.

"Where's the last minute save our butt device?" Dustin asked through the communicators.

"Give, give, give, that's all I do," Cam said. Pressing a few buttons, he sent a disk to the Wind Rangers, only for the Thunder Rangers to steal it. They could only watch in horror as the Thunder Rangers destroyed the Megazord, sending it to the ground in ruins.

"I can't watch this," Andy groaned, going over to the table. Laying on it, she didn't pay attention to the computer as more action unfolded, refusing to see her friends get injured while she is unable to help.

When the three Wind Rangers finally returned, they handed their fried morphers to Cam. "Well, you've managed to reduce years of technological advance into a pile of scrap metal in a single afternoon. Not to mention what you did to the zords," Cam told them, a little annoyed.

"Cam. Now is not the time," Sensei told his son when the Wind Rangers bowed their heads in shame.

"You're right, I'm sorry. Thankfully the auto-retreat allowed the reactors time to reset the holographic portals. I've engaged the self-reconstruct functions," Cam said. Only Andy actually understood what he said.

"Dude, I have no idea what you just said," Dustin said, frowning.

"The morphers and zords are fixing themselves," Andy explained. "What? I hung around the original Power Rangers; I may have only been seven, but I figured out Billy's strange language pretty fast. Cam talks the same way!" she defended herself when the others gave her strange looks.

"Oh. Okay, right! Sweet!" Dustin exclaimed.

"Hey Sensei, why didn't they finish us off?" Shane suddenly asked.

"Yeah, those zords were sick, bro!" Dustin exclaimed. "I mean Sensei."

Cam quickly looked up the Thunder Ranger's zords on his computer. "Thunder Zords; created by the same power as yours." He told them.

"And these Thunder Rangers work for Lothor?" Tori asked. "That just doesn't make any sense."

"It's happened before; I mean, the evil person somehow gets ahold of their own evil Ranger, the Ranger gets his own zord, the evil Ranger gets turned good, and then helps the good Rangers fight evil. They might become evil again once or twice, but they always go back to being good. Who's to say that's not what's going on, now?" Andy asked after her short explanation.

"I just feel totally helpless; there's gotta be something we can do," Tori said.

"Go out and live your normal lives for now. If Lothor suspects anything out of the ordinary, then it will give him power," Sensei said.

"I've still got my powers." Andy reminded them.

"Still, be careful; they've already stolen the Tsunami Cycle disk somehow. From now on, whoever you talk to, make sure you trust them," Cam said, turning to the three Wind Rangers and single Winter Ranger.

The four Rangers nodded, and left Ninja Ops. They went to Storm Chargers, the place that Dustin and Andy worked at; it was a small motocross store owned by the friendly red-head Kelly. She even allowed Tori and Shane to hang out in the TV room, which was in the back of the store. There was even a part of the store designated for fixing bikes, which you could usually find either Dustin or Andy if they weren't helping a customer.

"Hey, Kelly," Andy said as the four walked into the store. Kelly looked up from the files she was going through and smiled, waving to the four teenagers. Dustin and Andy both clocked in for their shifts, and got to work like good employees.

Wow, that's long for a first chapter. Hope you all liked it; I know it kind of sucked. I deleted Jason's Cousin, mainly because I didn't like where it was going, and I didn't have any ideas, but I will continue with Friendship Never Dies, and maybe The Purple Ranger, haven't decided yet. But yeah, thought it might be cool to start a Hunter/OC story. As you can see, I'm starting this during the Looming Thunder/ Thunder Strangers episodes, and I'll try to get as many episodes from YouTube as I can, but not sure how many I can get. There's none on Hulu, and I don't have a Netflix, even though I really want one. So yeah, comment on this, and uh, if you have any ideas, feel free to tell me. Thank you! :)