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Storm Chargers

"I can't believe this!" Dustin exclaimed, walking into the store with a box under one arm. "I asked for four-stroke oil, and they send me this two-stroke stuff! Bah! What am I supposed to do with this?" he asked in irritation, throwing the can of oil in his hand back into the box. Shane and Kelly both looked at him, both glancing at each other and laughing. "What? What's so funny?" he asked sarcastically.

Dustin had switched over to Freestyle, much to the slight irritation of Andy, but she quickly got over it when they all found that Dustin was much better at Freestyle than racing, although still not as good as Andy herself.

"Hey look, forget about the oil," Shane said, going over to the Yellow Ranger, "And pack your bags!"

"Why, where we going?" Dustin asked, turning to look at the Red Ranger as he passed him.

Kelly, smiling, walked up to Dustin with a sheet of paper in her hand, "You wanted to Freestyle, well guess what; you're gonna get your chance," she said, "Fill it out and sign it, we have to get it in straight away if we want to make the deadline," Kelly handed the sheet to Dustin.

Dustin looked over the sheet in confusion, "This is for the U.S. Action Games!" he exclaimed. Kelly simply smiled. "Are you serious?!" Dustin asked, jumping up in happiness.

"Yep; and by the way, under sponsor, write Storm Chargers," Kelly said before turning and walking away.

"Sponsor?!" Dustin exclaimed, turning to face Shane. "Hey, did you know about this?" he asked, holding up the form.

"I'm going, too," Shane said, jumping up on the couch, "For skateboard, baby, yeah!" he exclaimed, Dustin joining in on the last word.

While both boys cheered, Tori and Andy walked in, both smiling about something.

"Hey Tori, Andy, check it out!" he exclaimed as the two girls approached him. Tori was wearing a light blue blouse with a white skirt, while Andy wore a purple-and-white-tie-dye sundress.

"Yeah! Kelly's sponsoring you to go to the U.S. Action Games!" Tori smiled. "For Freestyle!"

"Yeah!" Dustin said, "How'd you know?"

"Showed me this morning," Tori hit his chest playfully, walking away.

Dustin looked at Andy then, who was smirking slightly. "Did you already know?" he asked.

She nodded, "And you're not the only one going for Freestyle; Jason's sponsoring me to go," she explained as the Thunder Brothers appeared.

"Guys! Guess what!" Dustin exclaimed when he spotted them.

"You're going to the U.S. Action Games, right?" Blake asked, slapping his hand.

"That's awesome!" Hunter said, hitting his chest.

"Aw, so let me get this straight, everybody knew except for me?" he asked as he joined his friends.

"Uh-hu! Although I didn't know Jason was sponsoring you, Andy!" Shane exclaimed, standing up to give his friend a hug.

"Yeah, I wanted it to be a surprise; and don't worry, Dustin, I'll go easy on ya," Andy teased as she pulled away from Shane and sat on one of the two cushion-like tables in front of the couches. Dustin sat on the one next to her.

"Hey, didn't you test for Roger Hannah, the Factory Blue Sponsorship?" Dustin asked Blake, who nodded.

"Oh, that's right! How'd it go?" Tori asked, leaning forward slightly.

"There was a photographer there from Dirt Works Magazine," Hunter said, "Said he hasn't seen anyone test that fast sense McGrath in '91!" he finished, playfully elbowing his brother.

Everyone smiled and Shane and Dustin both slapped their palms against his. "So, what's the deal?" Dustin asked.

"Full factory ride, if I want it!" Blake exclaimed.

"Why wouldn't you want it?" Andy asked.

"Don't you think we're a little busy around here?" the Navy Ranger asked.

"Well yeah, but how can you pass up an opportunity like that?" Shane asked.

"That's what I told him," Hunter nodded before turning to Andy, "Andy, they said that the offer Roger Hannah gave you still stands."

Andy's face contorted to one of disgust and she shook her head. The others laughed. "Why don't you want to take the opportunity?" Tori asked her.

"Let's just say that the guy who tried to recruit me wasn't very nice; they also don't sponsor Freestyle riders, and I'm gonna be Tommy's student teacher in three weeks, I don't have time to tour around the globe," the White Ranger explained, "Besides, if Blake does it, then he can do it for both of us," she finished with a nod.

A little later, the group was still in Storm Chargers. Shane was behind the counter, Andy was sitting on it, Dustin was next to her, and the Bradley brothers were fixing a bike.

Tori walked over, a questioning look on her face, "Uh, question." Once everyone was looking at her, she continued, "Did any of you happen to tell Sensei we're going to the Action Games?"

Everyone's eyes widened. "Uh-oh," Shane said, "Not me."

"Hey, what about Cam? Did you guys ask him if he wanted to go with us?" Dustin asked.

The Rangers all looked at each other and ran for the door.

Ninja Ops

"So, it slipped all of your minds? I mean, Dustin I believe," Cam asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Hey, come on, I was the one who remembered!" Dustin exclaimed, pointing up.

"It's true, he was," Shane said, patting Dustin's chest.

"I understand how this could have happened," Sensei said, making the Rangers all look at him, "It is a great honor to compete in such an event; I can only imagine that the excitement can be quite the distraction," he finished.

"So is it alright if we go?" Tori asked.

"Yes, of course," Sensei said, "And good luck, Shane, Dustin, and Andy, in your events," he said with a nod.

The Rangers all smiled.

Two days later

Pulling up in four cars- Kelly had Dustin's bike in her van, Tori had Shane, Blake, and Dustin in her van, Andy went with Hunter in her Jeep, and Jason had brought Andy's bike in his truck- the Rangers parked and got out, all excited for the events to come. Andy and Dustin were both in the shirts they had to wear, showing that they were competing, while Shane had his skateboard and helmet on his back with his pads.

"You guys better check in," Jason said, opening the back of his truck so he could hop into the bed.

"Yeah, Jason and I'll make sure all your gear is okay," Kelly nodded.

"Yeah, we'll check the place out for uh…" Shane started, but Andy cut him off.

"Let me guess, for chicks?" she asked, raising an eyebrow playfully.

"Now that you mention it!" Shane smiled.

"Come on, I'll cruise with you!" Cam said, jumping out of the van behind him.

"Cyber Cam?" Dustin asked jokingly.

"I'm not Cyber Cam! Who says real Cam can't cruise?" the Green Ranger asked, a joking tone to his voice. He wore a green baseball hat, although where he got it, no one knew.

Everyone laughed and rolled their eyes. Shane, Dustin, and Andy quickly checked in. Once that was done, Hunter, Andy, and Cam waited while Shane flirted with some girls. Well, Cam waited and Shane flirted, Hunter and Andy were making out.

"Uh, Shane, Hunter," Cam suddenly said, "Andy."

"Not now, Cam," Hunter said between kisses, going back to kissing his girlfriend.

"In a minute," Shane said.

"Yes, now," Cam replied.

Shane turned, while Hunter and Andy broke apart. The three looked where Cam was looking and all frowned. Marah and Kapri were coming through the entrance to the Action Games, with Kelzaks following them.

"Uh, I gotta go, but nice talking to ya!" Shane said to the two girls, "Come on, guys!" he said before running towards Lothor's nieces with the other three right behind him.

They stopped at a skateboard ramp, completely deserted. "Aw, great," Kapri complained.

"You lost?" Cam asked sarcastically.

"Do we look lost?" Marah asked just as sarcastically, her hands on her hips.

"What a pain," Kapri rolled her eyes, pressing a button on the device in her hands. "Kelzak Furies."

A group of red Kelzaks materialized at the top of the ramp, making the four teens go into defensive positions.

"Ah, man," Shane said as they got ready to fight.

"I think we might need a few extra hands," Andy said right before a Kelzak launched itself at the Rangers. "Whoa!" she exclaimed, jumping out the way.

The four Rangers started fighting, doing the best they could but still not winning. Three more teens soon ran into the fray, making the four Rangers pause and look at each other in surprise.

Shrugging, the four Rangers continued to fight. "You have to get out of here!" Cam yelled to the three who had come to help.

"Dude, we're just trying to help!" one of the two boys yelled back, shoving a Kelzak away from him.

"You can help by standing aside!" Hunter exclaimed, jumping up and kicking a Kelzak away. "And staying out of our way!" he added.

"We can handle it! Please, leave!" Andy said, kicking away the Kelzak that was holding the boy down and going to help the girl who had come with them.

Suddenly, the Kelzak Furies disappeared, leaving the seven teenagers alone.

"Huh? Where'd they go?" Hunter asked, walking over to Cam and Shane. Andy joined them a minute later. The boy who had originally spoken and the girl ran to the other boy, helping him up.

"Kyle, you okay?" the boy asked.

"What were you guys thinking?" Hunter asked the three once he, Andy, Cam, and Shane got over the ramp.

"We were thinking you were in trouble!" the boy, who was still un-named, exclaimed.

"You should be happy we were there," the other boy, Kyle, said.

"No, you should be happy they all decided to de-materialized," Cam said, "You have no idea what you're dealing with."

"You guys could have gotten seriously hurt!" added Andy.

"I'm gone," Kyle said.

"Me too," the girl added.

"Later, dudes," the other boy said, before the three turned and walked away.

Soon after the attack, all the Rangers were gathered right outside the edge of the Games.

"They were interested in this area, here, but it all must have been a diversion," Cam said, walking back to the group after making sure no other Kelzaks were there.

"I don't see anything," Dustin said, shaking his head.

"Hey, Cam, what's up with your amulet?" Shane asked, pointing to Cam.

"What do you mean?" the Green Ranger looked down at his amulet and started to pick it up, "Ah!"

"What is it?" Tori asked instantly.

"It's frozen!" Cam said in surprise, holding it off his shirt by the leather band it was on.

"Frozen?" Dustin laughed as Cam snapped off the leather band to look at his amulet better. "Dude, it's like, eighty degrees out!"

"No kidding," Cam said, glancing up from his amulet for a moment. "Andy, you're not doing this, are you?" he asked.

"No, I'm not doing anything," Andy said, going down to touch the amulet. It burnt her fingers when she did, causing her to wince and drop it, "I can't produce ice that burns when you touch it," she said, shaking her head. Then she held her hand out in front of it and in a strong voice, commanded, "Melt!" the ice should have melted at her command, so when it didn't, everyone was surprised. "This isn't ice made from an Ice Ninja, not if I can't melt it," she said, "I'm sorry, Cam."

"I'm gonna have to take this back to Ninja Ops to get a better look at it," Cam said, "I'll have to run some tests on it. If Andy can't melt it, then I doubt anyone other than Lothor is causing it."

With that, the Green Ranger left. A little later, the Rangers were all watching the first round of Skateboarding, as Shane's round wasn't until after. Kelly and Jason were both with them. Shane's morpher beeped, catching the attention of all the Rangers.

"Rangers, I'm sending the Zords to you! There's a big fish, in a little pond you need to deal with." Cam said.

"We're on our way, Cam!" Shane answered, nodding to his friends.

"Where are you guys going?" Kelly asked as the Rangers all went in front of her and Jason to get out.

"Uh, bathroom," Dustin said; not a good excuse, but oh well.

"All of you?" Kelly asked, not noticing the look Andy sent her older brother. Jason nodded.

"We'll be back, I promise," Shane said.

Kelly made to follow them, but Jason held her back, "I'm sure they're be fine, Kelly, probably just going to get some food or something," he said. Jason was just a good a liar as his sister, as Kelly easily believed the former Red and Gold Ranger.

Once the Rangers found a secure, empty spot, they quickly looked around and got in line. "Ready?" Shane asked, leading the morph.


"Ninja Storm!"

"Thunder Storm!"

"Winter Storm!"

"Ranger Form! HA!"

"Ninja Ranger Power!"

Immediately jumping into their Zords, the Winter Storm Megazord was quickly created, the only Megazord better being the Hurricane Megazord. Vexacus stood before them, giant as a building.

"You guys ready to roll?" Shane asked once the Zord was complete.

"Yeah!" Tori exclaimed.

"Yep!" Blake answered.

"Totally!" was Hunter's response.

"You know it!" Dustin said.

"Let's do it!" Andy answered last.

The Megazord rolled forward, easily dodging a lightning attack sent their way from Vexacus.

"Bring it!" Shane exclaimed, balling his hand into a fist in front of his face.

The Megazord made to punch him, but Vexacus slashed the Megazord multiple times with his sword, creating sparks in the cockpit and the Megazord to fall to the ground.

"You should watch your step," Vexacus laughed as the Megazord stood back up.

"Come on, guys!" Shane exclaimed.

All together, the six Rangers exclaimed, "Lion Blaster!"

Multiple blasts were shot at Vexacus, all of which he blocked with his sword, coming out without a scratch. But that didn't faze the Rangers, as Shane brought out the guitar that would summon the Mammoth Zord.

"Strumming his pain is at my fingers!" Shane exclaimed, strumming the guitar multiple times. The Mammoth Zord appeared soon after, and the Rangers made the Megazord jump on its back.

"Mammoth Zord!" all six Rangers exclaimed, and multiple lasers shot out of both the Winter Storm Megazord and the Mammoth Zord. This time, Vexacus wasn't able to block them, and he was destroyed in a huge explosion. Or so it seemed.

"Land Shark!" suddenly, Vexacus re-appeared, riding on the back of his huge shark. It went straight for the Rangers, hitting the Mammoth Zord. In a huge explosion, the Storm Megazord, Thunder Megazord, and Arctic Wolf Zord were forced to separate, all falling out of the explosion. Even then, sparks still erupted throughout the cockpits, making all the Rangers groan in pain.

"Victory is mine!" laughed Vexacus as the Rangers managed to right their Zords.

"I don't think so!" Hunter exclaimed.

"It's Thunder time!" Blake added.

Together, the brothers exclaimed, "Power Disk! Locked, and dropped!"

A Power Sphere exited the Megazord, opening up. The object inside formed into a sword, which the Thunder Megazord took hold of. They charged forward.

"Ready for more?" Vexacus taunted, only to be slashed in the chest by Hunter and Blake's sword.

The Thunder Megazord quickly flipped backwards, and grabbed onto Vexacus, preventing him from escaping.

"Watch out!" Shane warned.

"Goodbye, Thunder Rangers!" Vexacus growled as the Thunder Megazord once again hit him with its sword. He grabbed the sword, slamming his own into the back of the Thunder Megazord and laughing.

"It's gonna blow!" Shane exclaimed.

"Huh!" was all Tori could get out.

"Get out of there!" Dustin yelled.

"Hunter, Blake, no!" Andy shouted.

In a large explosion, the Thunder Megazord was destroyed. Vexacus was, as well, although the Wind and Winter Rangers didn't care much about that.

"NO!" Shane yelled.

The Rangers soon jumped out of their Zords and ran to the Thunder Megazord remains.

"Hunter! Blake!" all four of them yelled multiple times as they searched through the burning wreckage, although they got no response.

"Cam, we've reached the Thunder Zord wreckage," Shane said as they continued to look, "It doesn't look good."

All three Rangers snapped back their visors, making it easier to look for the Thunder brothers.

"Any sign of Hunter and Blake?" Tori asked, waving some smoke from her face.

"I'm getting infrared heat signatures, but there's interference all over the place," Cam reported. "I can't pin-point an exact location."

"Keep trying to establish contact; we'll head back to Ninja Ops and re-group," Shane said.

He lowered his wrist, nodding to his three teammates.

"Man; I've seen Zord wreckage before, but never like this," Andy said, making a mental note to tell her brother that she now knew how he felt when Zedd destroyed the Zords the original team had used.

The Wind Rangers shared a glance; how was she not freaking out about her boyfriend being missing, possibly dead? They ended up summing it up to the fact that she knew they still had Ranger business to do and missing or dead or not, she couldn't afford to lose focus. Besides, they might still be alive.

Suddenly, the White Ranger got a bad feeling. "Guys, something really doesn't feel right; we need to get back to Ninja Ops, now," she said.

The others nodded. May the Power protect you; both of you. She thought as they Ninja Streaked away, looking once more at the Thunder Megazord wreckage.

When the Rangers arrived at Ninja Ops, though, they found it in ruins. "What happened?" Shane asked as he led the way in.

"It's trashed!" Dustin exclaimed.

"No!" Tori breathed.

"Not again!" Andy growled.

"Cam!" Shane called, not seeing the Green Ranger. "Sensei? Cyber Cam?" he called as he, Tori, Dustin, and Andy walked further into the destroyed command center. "Where are they?"

"This is worse than when Ivan Ooze destroyed the Command Center!" Andy exclaimed, "And I only say that because they managed to save Zordon!"

"Don't worry, they'll be here, somewhere," Dustin said, walking over to examine something.

"They have to be; if anyone can survive this, it's Cam and Sensei," Tori said, walking further into the room with the White Ranger right next to her. Andy soon broke off to examine the damaged computer.

"The super computer is totally destroyed; not even Billy could fix this," she said, noting the giant hole in the screen before trying to see if any part of it at all could be saved.

"This can't be how it ends!" Shane groaned, as he tried to lift something off of Sensei's old habitat.

"Whoa," Hunter's voice made the four Rangers look up, to see the Thunder Rangers walking in, "What happened here?"

"Hey, you guys made it!" Dustin exclaimed, "Thought you'd be toast for sure!" he and Shane both slapped their hands against the Thunder Rangers'.

"Vexacus torched the Thunder Megazord; so we ejected," Blake explained.

Right then, Tori and Andy looked at each other, smiled slightly, and nodded. At the same time, they jumped on Blake and Hunter respectively, both Rangers grunting at the extra weight suddenly on them but wrapping their arms around the girls either way.

"Where's Cam?" Hunter asked after Andy got off him, his arm wrapped safely around her waist.

"We don't know," Andy answered.

"Sensei?" the Crimson Ranger asked.

"Lothor got here before we did," Dustin explained.

"We're too late," Shane finished, looking down.

"Better late than never, I always say," a familiar voice said. The Rangers looked and all of their jaws dropped in astonishment; it was Sensei, only he was human!

"Sensei!" the Wind Rangers exclaimed, "You're okay!" Dustin added as they hugged their Sensei.

"It's good to see you, finally," Hunter said, nodding in respect to the man.

"You're normal again!" Andy said, now seeing the hope of her sensei actually being alive.

"Lothor's energy blast reversed the transmutation and allowed me to return to my human form," Sensei explained, smiling.

"But, where's Cam?" Tori asked, almost hesitantly.

Sensei frowned, "He has been captured."

"We'll get him back, Sensei," Andy vowed, making the older man look at her.

"It will not be easy, Andrea; my darkest fears have been realized. Lothor is preparing to open the Abyss of Evil," he said.

"Are you serious?" Blake asked, "But I thought that was just… Ninja folklore," he finished, eyes wide in disbelief.

"It is no coincidence that Blue Bay Harbor is home to the Wind and Winter Ninja Academies," Sensei said. "We are guardians to an invisible gateway; a gateway that, if opened, will release all the evil of ages gone by to escape, except for anything Andrea's friends may have fought," he explained.

"Of course!" Andy exclaimed, "When Andros and the others were Rangers, Andros was forced to break Zordon's tube! My mentor died, but everything bad in the Universe was turned good, including Rita and Zedd!" Even with that bit of good news, the other Rangers were still confused about the Abyss of Evil.

"If that's the case, then why hasn't Lothor tried to open it before now?" Shane asked.

"The Abyss can only be opened when it is filled to capacity. Even then, it can only be opened by a mighty force!" Sensei explained.

"The Samurai Amulet," Tori stated.

"Yes," nodded Sensei. "I believe Lothor plans to use Cam's powers to open the Abyss, and allow an army of evil to enter our world. He originally wanted Andrea, for her coin, I believe, but using it to morph twice has taken too much of its energy to be of use to him, and it will take time for it to regain that energy," he finished.

Andy nodded guiltily. I have been over-using it. I'm sorry, Zordon; I betrayed your trust.

"We have to stop the Abyss from opening," Shane said after a while. By now, Tori was sticking to Blake like glue, the same going for Andy and Hunter, and Dustin was sitting in front of what used to be the table. "There has to be a way!"

"We need help," Blake said simply. "Ninja help."

"Where are we going to find that?" Shane asked.

"I can call Billy and the others, but it won't be enough," Andy said, looking at her friends with fear evident in her face.

"Lothor's ship! Every Ninja on the planet is locked up there!" Hunter exclaimed.

"We can take the Dragon Force vehicle!" Dustin exclaimed, standing up.

"Wait!" Hunter said, making the others, except Blake, look at him. "Blake and I should go alone; we've both been up there, we know where to look for the others!"

"The Dragon Force vehicle is in the Zord bay," Sensei said, nodding to the Thunder Rangers, "Be careful." Both nodded. "And thank you for your courage."

"You can thank us when we come back," Blake said.

"May the Power protect both of you," Andy said, giving Hunter one last kiss before he and Blake headed for the Zord bay.

"Andrea," Sensei said, bringing the White Ranger's attention to him, "Go and get your Spirit Animal Ninja friends. Something tells me we will need their help."

"On my way; permission to use Ninja Streak? Some of them are in Reefside," she asked. Sensei nodded. "I'll be back," she said, before she Ninja Streaked out, first going to Reefside. What would be an hour-long trip in a car was reduced to five-minutes, and Andy soon Ninja Streaked right into Tommy and Kimberly's home. Luckily, both were in the kitchen.

"Andy! What are you doing here?" Kimberly asked the moment Andy stopped, getting up and hurrying over to the younger girl.

"We need you guys' help, back in Blue Bay," Andy said, taking a deep breath, "Please, Lothor is trying to open the Abyss of Evil! He has all the Ninja's on earth except you guys and my team, but he captured Cam; please, come help us!" at this point, Andy was practically begging.

Kimberly and Tommy shared a glance. They both nodded. Andy breathed in relief. Only four more to go. Taking baby Jordan with them, they went to Rocky and Aisha's house next to get them, going to Andy's house next to drop off Jordan and Grace with Trini. After that, they got Adam from his house and Billy from his.

"Alright, that's everyone; let's go, guys," Andy said once the former Mighty Morphin' Ninja's were all together again. Before she could teleport them to the destroyed Ninja Ops, her communicator beeped.

"This is Andy," she said into it, the older Rangers watching.

"Andrea, do you have the other Ninja's?" it was Sensei.

"Yeah, I got 'em," she answered.

"Go straight to the Abyss; the others have already left to go there, and they are already morphed," Sensei explained.

"Got it, thanks, Sensei," Andy said before lowering her wrist slightly. "Looks like we're going straight to battle," she said. Then she smirked slightly, "Ready?"

The former Ninja's nodded, getting what she was saying. "Ready!" they answered.

For the first time, Andy led the call to morph. "It's Morphin' Time!"

"Black Ranger Power!" Adam shouted.

"Pink Ranger Power!" Kimberly yelled.

"Blue Ranger Power!" Billy exclaimed.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" Aisha went next.

"Red Ranger Power!" yelled Rocky.

"White Ranger Power!" Tommy yelled.







Andy had to smile when she heard the familiar words come out of not only her mouth, but there's. Finally, it was her turn. "Winter Storm! Ranger Form! HA! Element Power; Winter!" After all of them were morphed, they touched Andy's back, and she teleported them to the Abyss of Evil.

They found the Wind Rangers, fighting Kelzaks.

"Hey, guys! What'd I miss?" Andy asked, flipping into action instantly.

"Join the party, Andy! I see you brought reinforcements!" Shane exclaimed as he kicked a Kelzak away from him and spotting Andy's friends.

"Yep! Suits may be looser than ours, but they still work!" Andy smirked, "Crystal Staff!" once her staff appeared, Andy jumped into the fight. The Winter Ranger stayed with her team, although she kept an eye on the older Rangers as they did their own thing, fighting with a style that was similar to Andy's, but still different.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar Zord appeared. "I think we found Lothor; look!" Shane exclaimed.

"Whoa!" both Tori and Dustin gasped.

"That's not good!" Andy exclaimed.

"Let's go!" Shane exclaimed, jumping on his Tsunami Cycle.

"Yeah!" Tori got onto hers.

"Right!" Dustin agreed.

"Aw yeah!" Andy exclaimed, getting onto her own Tsunami Cycle when it appeared in front of her.

The Rangers rode towards the large Zord Lothor was in, as he started shooting some type of energy at the Abyss of Evil to try and open it. All four got off their bikes, running forward slightly.

"The Abyss of Evil!" Shane exclaimed in surprise.

"We've got to stop him!" Tori added.

"Yeah!" Dustin agreed.

"This is not good," Andy repeated.

"This is it; come on, you guys!" Shane said, and the other three instantly got what he meant and agreed. He brought his wrist up to his face, "Megazord time!"

At the same time, Andy raised her own wrist, "Arctic Wolf Zord!"

As the four teens jumped into their Zords, the older Rangers watched, the Kelzaks defeated, as they unmorphed. "Hey look," Kimberly started, pointing to the Zord Andy was jumping into, "She stole Tommy's color and Billy's animal!"

"Does that mean I owe Billy and Adam twenty bucks?" Rocky asked after a minute. The others just laughed and shoved him a little, before setting back a little to watch their little sister and her friends do battle for the first time.

The Storm Megazord was quickly created, and the Arctic Wolf Zord stood next to it, ready to attack.

"Ready, Rangers?" Shane asked, even though he knew the answer. Sure enough, the other three agreed.

The Megazord charged forward sword ready, only for Lothor to start charging some type of energy and shoot it at the Megazord.

"Shane! Tori, Dustin!" Andy exclaimed, "Wolf Pounce!" she yelled, making her Zord jump at Lothor's Zord. Lothor simply laughed and sent another bolt of powerful energy at Andy's Zord, throwing it back. She screamed, her Zord landing on its back. "Alright, that's it!" Andy was really irritated now, and the others knew it. The Megazord managed to help the upside-down Zord get right-side up, and then both stood at a ready stance again, the Arctic Wolf Zord ready to pounce.

The next thing the Rangers knew, Lothor was right in front of the both Zords, and grabbed the top of both. Lothor sent electrical waves through the Zord's hands to the Megazord and Arctic Wolf Zord, shocking the Rangers in both meanings of the word. The shock sent the Zords to the ground, the Megazord on its back and the Arctic Wolf Zord onto its side.

"Face your defeat!" Lothor exclaimed, spikes appearing on his fists, and ready to punch them into the Megazord.

"Never!" Shane retorted, shooting a Power Sphere at Lothor and covering the evil Zord with red lightning.

Lothor grabbed the Megazord, holding it close enough so that if his Zord exploded, so would the Megazord.

"Guys, get out of there!" Andy screamed at her friends, unable to do anything from her own Zord.

Sure enough, both Zords exploded, although Andy heard her friends eject. She breathed a sigh of relief and ejected from her own Zord to join them.

They all landed on the ground, forced to watch the Wind Storm Megazord get destroyed.

"The Megazord! It's gone!" was all Shane could think to say.

"Come on!" Andy exclaimed, running forward. The Wind Rangers followed her, to the sight of the Zord wreckage. "Oh, man," she murmured.

"What's happening?!" Shane asked, allowing his visor to snap back. Tori, Dustin and Andy did the same.

Right in front of the wreckage, they could see a large crack. It was the Abyss of Evil. The crack was smoking, the stench coming from it a smell that none of the Rangers had never smelt before, nor did they ever want to smell it again.

"I don't know," Tori answered, her eyes wide as she looked at the Abyss.

Suddenly, the Abyss opened, and multiple orbs flew out.


"Not good!"

"They're back!"

The Rangers took a few steps back as the monsters they had fought, and other monsters past Ranger teams had fought escaped from the Abyss. The line of monsters parted, and Lothor stepped forward. Shane growled.

Lothor opened his arms up wide, "How does it feel to fail, Rangers?"

"You should know!" Shane retorted.

"Not this time!"

"Ready?" the Red Ranger exclaimed, the other three quickly nodding. They got into defensive positions, their visors snapping close. The Wind Rangers took their Ninja Swords while Andy summoned her Crystal Staff.

"Destroy them!" Lothor commanded. The monsters, and the Rangers, charged forward. The older Rangers joined the battle, and they all fought hard, although the older Rangers soon lost their morphs and were forced to back off, leaving it to the current team. They knew they could do it.

Pretty soon, the Ninja team lost their swords and Andy lost her staff. They were shoved into the middle of the circle of monsters, the creatures surrounding them pretty much mocking them as they slowly got up, every part of their bodies aching.

"Guys, what do we do?" Andy asked, facing one way while the other three were facing other directions. Before she got her answer, a blast of energy destroyed some of the monsters. The Rangers looked up to see Hunter, already morphed, on his glider cycle, in flight mode.

"Mind if I play through?" Hunter asked, circling around.

"You will never stop me!" Lothor yelled to the Crimson Ranger, failing to notice when the Navy Ranger arrived.

"But we will!" Blake exclaimed, gaining Lothor's attention. Lothor looked over at him, to see him morphed with all the Ninja students behind him. Hunter jumped off his glider cycle, landing right next to Andy, to join the fight on the ground.

With a new energy, Shane brought out his Battleizer mode, and the other Rangers got into defensive stances, determined to defeat Lothor and close the Abyss of Evil.

"Kelzaks!" Lothor demanded, and the foot soldiers appeared. "Attack!"

The Kelzaks and Rangers both charged forward for the fight, with the Ninja students right behind the Rangers.

Everyone fought hard, throwing the Kelzaks and monsters back into the Abyss as they fought. Andy herself fought possibly the hardest, the fire driving her being the destruction of not only Ninja Ops, but also the Command Center, the death of Zordon, and the kidnapping of her nephew. She used her bow, shooting off arrow after arrow, eventually running out of arrows and using her bow to shove Kelzaks and monsters into the Abyss.

Shane eventually got into Battleizer Flight mode and shot at some monsters, hitting them, and hovering in the air with a smirk on his face. Angered, Lothor shot a bolt of energy at the Red Ranger, destroying the Battleizer and causing Shane to fall to the ground. He landed on a large pile of hay with a loud thump and rolled off, groaning in pain.

"Shane!" Tori exclaimed, running over with the others.

"Are you okay?" Dustin asked.

"He destroyed the Battleizer!" Shane exclaimed, ignoring Dustin's question.

Right then, Lothor landed in front of the team, making the six Rangers get into defensive positions. With Blake and Hunter the only ones with weapons, the six Rangers jumped up and attacked him. After shooting beams of energy at Hunter, Blake, Tori, Dustin, and Shane, Andy was the only one left still standing.

"Alright; Ice Shard!" the White Ranger exclaimed, making multiple sharp shards of ice shoot at Lothor. Lothor only chuckled and dodged them, shooting his energy at Andy and sending her flying. She landed next to Hunter and Blake, groaning in pain.

"Enough!" Lothor exclaimed, holding up the Samurai Amulet. "Time to finish you all!" he raised it above his head with both hands before dropping it down to right in front of his chest. "Give me your Ranger powers!" He shot it at Hunter, Blake, and Andy as they stood up.

"No!" Blake shouted.

"I can't take it!" Hunter exclaimed in pain.

"It's too much!" Andy yelled out.

Not even Andy's coin could keep her morphed this time; it used most of its energy to try and keep her morphed, but Lothor stole that energy, and she finally fell beside the Thunder Rangers, her morph gone, in her Ninja uniform.

"Nothing can stop the power of the Amulet! Not even the all-powerful Velociraptor Power Coin!" Lothor said, grinning. Hunter, Blake, and Andy tried to push themselves back up, but they just couldn't do it; they were out of energy.

Suddenly, Cam jumped in behind Lothor, "I believe that belongs to me," he said, making the villain turn to him in surprise.

"Not anymore," Lothor smirked, shooting a beam of energy at his nephew. Cam's eyes widened as he tried to jump away, but it was too late. The blast hit, throwing him back several yards. He landed on his back hard with a grunt. He struggled to get up as Lothor jumped over to him, landing right in front of the Samurai. "Say goodbye!" he exclaimed, ready to finally kill the Green Ranger.

Before he could, though, the Wind Rangers jumped in front of him, "He's not going anywhere!" Shane exclaimed, on the defense with Tori and Dustin. "You got it?!"

"Alright; I'll take you in his place!" Lothor said, raising the Amulet back up. The Wind Rangers were quickly de-morphed and on the ground, all three groaning with pain. "You fools!" he exclaimed as the Wind Rangers pulled themselves back up, meeting back up with Hunter, Blake, Andy, and Cam. "Haven't you had enough?!"

Lothor shot another blast at the Rangers, sending them to their knees. With a grunt, all seven Rangers stood back up, ready to fight, no matter how exhausted they were.

"Let's finish this!" Lothor commanded as he faced the seven Rangers, convinced that he would be able to defeat them easily.

All seven Rangers charged him, exchanging punches and kicks, but Lothor managed to kick them away each time. Each time a Ranger went down, another took their place, until the three Wind Rangers charged him at the same time, grabbing him and trying to hold him down. He threw them off, but they went back at it, until he threw them off him again. Finally, he was able to get all three to the ground, struggling to get back up, as he landed right in front of the Abyss.

Eventually, the Wind Rangers got back up, and, with Andy joining them, stood in front of Lothor.

Lothor simply laughed, "I have your Ranger powers! You are at my mercy once and for all!"

Shane shook his head, "We won't let you win!"

"What can you do to me without your powers?" Lothor taunted.

The four Rangers in front of him narrowed their eyes, glaring at him. They were all thinking the same thing.

"We may not be Power Rangers, but we still have powers!" Shane exclaimed, "Power of Air!"

"Power of Earth!" Dustin exclaimed.

"Power of Water!" Tori yelled.

Lastly, after watching her friends get into certain positions for their elements, Andy got into her own. "Power of Winter!" she exclaimed.

Together, the four Rangers thrust one arm out each, shouting, "Ninja Powers!" air started to swirl around Lothor, going faster and faster, and when the blast that Shane, Dustin, Tori, and Andy sent to him hit, Lothor was pushed back into the Abyss, all the while screaming.

A second later, the Abyss exploded, causing the Wind and Winter Rangers to throw their arms up over their faces to protect themselves. With a loud bang, the Abyss closed up. Hunter, Blake, and Cam managed to push themselves up then, and ran over to their friends, while the Ninja students gathered behind them.

"What happened?" Tori finally asked, looking where the Abyss used to be.

"Lothor's evil; it must have over-loaded the Abyss," Blake explained.

"Causing it to implode on itself," Andy finished, crossing her arms.

"So he's gone… Really gone?" Dustin asked, pointing to where the Abyss used to be.

"I believe so," Cam said.

Hunter looked down at his morpher, now powerless. "And our Ranger powers?" he asked.

Shane looked down at his own Morpher, and when he realized it, he almost didn't want to believe it. With a hesitant voice, he said, "They're gone, too."

The Rangers could only look at each other, sad to have lost their Ranger powers, but still happy that Lothor was finally gone.

Two days later

The Rangers cheered as they watched Dustin go off the ramps, performing his tricks, showing that Freestyle was definitely the thing he was better at. Andy was on her own bike, about to go herself. When Dustin finished, he stopped his bike, taking his helmet off and revealing his excited, happy face.

"Yeah!" he cheered.

Andy went next, doing her own tricks, and doing the same thing Dustin did when he finished, although she said something else.

"Alright!" she exclaimed, knowing that this was the last time she would ever get to do this. And, along with her friends, her brother and the rest of the original team, as well as the ones who had helped her and her friends fight Lothor, were also there.

After the Freestyle competition, the skateboard event started, which was what Shane was in. At the end of the games, Dustin, Andy, Hunter, and Blake walked out to meet Kelly and Tori.

Both Dustin and Andy held trophies in their hands, holding them up to show Tori.

"Check it!" Dustin exclaimed.

"Dustin, third place, that's awesome!" Tori exclaimed.

"My boy came through!" Blake said, patting Dustin on the back.

"Yeah, and my girl came through," Hunter said, holding Andy from behind, "Second place," he finished.

"I'm so glad you changed to Freestyle, Dustin; you have a real career ahead of you!" Kelly exclaimed.

"Yeah, I gotta admit, Dustin, I'm impressed; you almost had me, I only beat you by one point!" Andy said, holding up her fist to the former Yellow Ranger. Dustin smiled and bumped his fist with hers.

That was when Shane ran over, "You guys! You won't believe this! You know the guys from Truth Tricks?" he asked once he got their attention, "They wanna sponsor me!"

"Oh!" Dustin exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Blake added.

"That's great!" Tori said.

"Alright, Shane!" Andy finished.

"National tour and everything!" Shane explained, his face showing how happy he was.

"What did you tell them?" Kelly demanded. Everyone looked at Shane, waiting for his answer.

"Come on, Shane, don't leave us hanging!" Andy exclaimed after a few moments.

Everyone laughed, and Shane shook his head, mouthing the word 'no'.

Ninja Ops- Later

"Shane Clarke," Sensei Watanabe said. Shane stepped up, and accepted a diploma from the sensei.

"Tori Hanson," he said as Shane walked away. Tori almost skipped up to the podium to accept her diploma.

"Dustin Brooks," after Tori, Dustin accepted his own diploma with a bow.

After Dustin, was Blake, "Blake Bradley," the former Navy Ranger smiled as he accepted his diploma.

"Hunter Bradley," Hunter got his diploma, bowing slightly before joining his brother and the Wind Ninjas.

"Andrea Scott," when her name was called, Andy smiled and stepped forward, accepting her diploma before joining her friends.

"And finally, Cam Watanabe," handing the diploma to his son, Sensei Watanabe felt pride rush through him as he bowed to his father and joined the others.

All the Ninjas watching the ceremony clapped as the last person received their diploma. "You have all received the Badge of Honor that is to graduate from the Wind Ninja Academy. I could not be more proud of you, of the sacrifices you have made for your school, and in me, for your planet. The world is a better place today because of you!" When Sensei finished his speech, the former Power Rangers all raised their arms into the air, shouting out in happiness.

A little later, Blake and Tori were walking together through the grounds, "So when do you leave?" Tori asked.

"I start testing next week; first race is in a month," Blake explained, smiling.

"You must be really psyched," Tori assumed, a large smile on her face.

"Yeah," Blake agreed, "So uh, think you might wanna come out and watch me sometime?"

Tori nodded, "Yeah, I'm all over it," she agreed.

Right then, Hunter joined them, pulling Andy along with him, "I can't believe this; Sensei Omino just asked me to be the head teacher at the Thunder Ninja Academy!"

"That's great!" Tori exclaimed as Blake slapped his hand against his brother's.

"Right on!" Blake said happily as Shane and Dustin joined the group.

"Hey," Shane said, "You guys ready to do this?" he asked.

Dustin and Tori nodded. The Wind Rangers left to go change, while Blake, Hunter, and Andy watched Cam at the entrance. Marah and Kapri both came in wearing uniforms with orange and pink accents respectively, and then the three who had tried to help Andy, Hunter, Cam, and Shane earlier at the Games. Finally, Sensei walked over to his son, revealing to him that he had hired Shane, Tori, and Dustin to be the head teachers of Air, Water, and Earth respectively.

After seeing that, Hunter, Blake, Andy, and Cam went to congratulate them. They knew they would make great teachers.

Even a little later on, Hunter and Andy were walking along the beach, their hands clamped together while they held their shoes in their other hands.

"So, I found an apartment in Reefside; it's the perfect price, and it's only ten minutes from the high school I'll be student teaching at. Plus, it's animal friendly, which is awesome, because I've been thinking about getting a puppy," Andy said, swinging their arms between them. "The only thing is, it's too big for one person. Tori has to stay here, so I might have to pass it up."

"You're going to pass on the perfect place just because it's too big?" Hunter asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I might have to; even with a puppy, the apartment will still be too big for just one person to live in. I was hoping to convince someone to go live with me, but no one can," she explained. "Unless I find someone to move in with me, I'm gonna have to keep looking, and I only have two more weeks to look before I start student teaching."

Hunter was silent for a moment, before he finally spoke, "Well, the Thunder Ninja Academy is right outside of Reefside," he started. Andy smiled; finally, he was getting what she was trying to say, "I'll move in with you."

"Really?" she asked, delighted at the thought of living together with her boyfriend.

Hunter nodded, "Yeah; that way, we can see each other more than we would if we didn't live together, and you'll be able to get a puppy," he explained.

Before Hunter realized what she was doing, Andy had dropped her shoes and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she exclaimed happily.

Hunter laughed and put his arms under her butt so she wouldn't fall off, "You're welcome."

When Andy finally stopped saying 'thank you' she kissed him, a kiss so full of love it surprised the former Crimson Ranger. Either way, he kissed her back, dropping her legs and wrapping one of his arms around her to bring her closer while his other hand went to her hair. Both were panting for breath when they parted, "I love you, Hunter," Andy whispered.

Hunter smiled and kissed her forehead, "I love you, too."

What neither of them knew was that moving to Reefside would open up an all new chapter of their lives, possibly even crazier than the last.


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