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Russel stuck the keys into the lock, and threw open the door with a large grin. The rest of the band peeked around him curiously.

"Move it, don't keep us waiting here in the rain!" Murdoc snapped.

Russel glared at him briefly, then went inside so that there was enough room for them to go inside.

They were in a corridor, with a door immediately on the left and a stairway in front of them. In the corner between the stairway and the wall was another door.

"Welcome to our new home," Russel said proudly. "Go and claim your rooms."

The other three immediately ran up the stairs, determined to get the best room.

The rooms were on the third floor. Noodle got the room next to the bathroom, Murdoc got the room at the other side of the bathroom and 2D got the room at the far end of the floor.

2D threw his stuff down on the ground and lay down on the bed, closing his exhausted eyes. The trip from Plastic Beach had been long, tiresome and.. awkward. For him, anyway. He shook his head. Now was not the time.

It was great to hear that Russel had managed to get a place to quickly. He was relieved to hear he could leave Plastic Beach, especially that damn whale.

He snickered as he remembered how angry Noodle and Russel had gotten at Murdoc for kidnapping him. And recording an album without them. And keeping a whale outside his room. And building a replacement for Noodle.

Noodle had demanded Murdoc take out her battery and destroy her. Murdoc grudgingly agreed, destroying his creation. 2D didn't mind. He hadn't liked her anyway. She was so creepy and emotionless, and he hated the fact that she had looked exactly like Noodle, but wasn't her in any way.

He was glad she was finally gone.


His eyes shot open.

Noodle was standing in the doorway, looking a little concerned.

"What's up, love?"

"Are you feeling alright?" she asked, brushing her deep purple hair away from her eyes.

"I'm fine, love. Just tired," 2D replied with a little smile.

"Well, if you're feeling up to it, we're having dinner in the living room to celebrate moving in. Want to join?"

2D thought about it, then nodded.

Noodle flashed him a grin. "I'll call you when it's ready."

She left.

2D closed his eyes again, vaguely wondering what kind of dinner it would be. Knowing Russel, it would be something.. interesting, mixed with Noodle's cooking style.

He slowly felt himself drift off to sleep.

"Faceache!" he heard someone shout in his ear.

He yelled and jumped up.

Murdoc glared at him. "Lard arse and Noodle sent me to get you. We're eating." With those words, he left.

2D blinked at the open door, blushing furiously. They hadn't even been here for a day and Murdoc managed to bother him somehow.

He sighed and got up, starting his search for the living room.

It wasn't hard to find. Once he had descended the stairs, he only needed to walk straight ahead instead of down the stairs.

The rest were sitting there already, Noodle and Russel talking animatedly, Murdoc prodding his food with a frown.

2D plopped down next to Noodle, and started eating his spaghetti-with-purple-slime-stuff. He didn't even want to question what it was.

His right eye squinted a little when he chewed the spaghetti. The purple slime was a little bitter, but not too bad.

"Yeah, how did you do it, D?" Russel asked suddenly.

2D glanced up. "Eh?"

"How did the two of you survive on that island for that long without murdering each other. I just don't get it," Russel said.

"Well, I tell you, it has not been easy. You have no idea how hard it was not to strangle him every single day.. did it only twice a week. Thank Satan I had Cyborg for company," Murdoc drawled, sucking up spaghetti noisily.

Noodle glared at him when he mentioned Cyborg.

2D pouted. "What are you talking about, having Cyborg Noodle for company? She was an emotionless machine!"

"Anything's better then your mentally challenged arse," Murdoc retorted.

2D looked back at his plate, hurt.

"Murdoc, you're a dick. I was hoping that you would have learned to be a bit nicer to D since the two of you were stuck there together, but I guess not," Russel snapped.

Murdoc shrugged without looking up.

"God, being in his company every day must have been hell for you, 2D," Noodle said, still glaring at Murdoc.

2D and Murdoc glanced up at each other.

"Yeah.." 2D muttered, turning pink.

"Hey, Noodle, calm down! I apologized for the whole Cyborg thing.." Murdoc said defensively.

Noodle rolled her eyes. "I may have forgiven you, but I haven't forgotten. And you're just making it worse by being so mean to 2D all the time."

Murdoc grinned at her. "What can I say, old habits die hard."

2D didn't say anything, just scooped up the spaghetti.

"And I wasn't all bad, I fed him didn't I?" Murdoc said.

"Yeah, only because you needed vocals," Russel retorted.

"And I remembered his painkillers!" Murdoc added.

"Again, vocals. He can't sing with a migraine," Russel muttered.

"I hadn't really expected Murdoc to remember my pills, though," 2D said quietly, not looking up.

"See! Dentface agrees with me!" Murdoc exclaimed.

"2D, you don't need to defend him," Noodle said, putting her hand on his arm.

"For fuck's sake!" Murdoc snapped, pushing his plate away. "If this a 'criticize Murdoc for everything he does wrong' dinner, I'm leaving!"

He stood up, and made to leave when Russel yanked him back down by his arm.

"Keep your hair on, Muds. We'll stop," Russel said grudgingly.

"Let's talk about the good times on Plastic Beach. There must have been some, right?" Noodle said, twirling her spaghetti round her fork.

Murdoc and 2D shot another glance at each other.

"Well, apart from shooting pirates with Cyborg, putting faceache in a room with a whale next to him-"

"That was horrible! Stupid bloody whale wouldn't stop staring at me. I hate whales. Hate 'em," 2D said with a shudder.

"- apart from that, there weren't any," Murdoc finished.

"Recording the songs wasn't so bad," 2D mumbled.

Murdoc looked at him for a while. "Guess you're right."

Noodle and Russel looked from one to the other.

Russel cleared his throat.


"Er, yes. So recording the songs wasn't that bad either. And I suppose the evenings on the balcony with some beer and fags.. weren't so bad either," Murdoc admitted.

2D nodded.

"Well I'm glad to hear it hasn't been all that bad," Noodle stated, finishing her meal.

2D and Murdoc nodded absentmindedly.

2D got up and started clearing everyone's plate away, to their surprise.

"Since when do you do clearing up?" Russel asked astonished.

2D shrugged, and walked out of the room. The truth was, he just wanted to be alone for a minute. He stopped, realizing he had no idea where the kitchen was.


"Downstairs, door on the right."


2D nervously carried the plates down the stairs, stumbling a little on the last step.

The top plate slid off of the pile, and shattered on the floor.


2D sighed, and brought the other plates to the kitchen first, putting them in the sink, then returned to the broken plate on the bottom of the stairs.

He bent down, picking up the pieces.

"Way to go, dullard," he heard a voice from behind him.

2D ignored this, and continued picking up the pieces with a red face.

He heard a groan, and Murdoc started helping him.

2D cursed when a sharp piece cut his palm.

He held it up, blood dripping down his wrist. Sighing, he wiped it on his shirt, leaving a stain.

"Oh for fuck's sake. Go and clean yourself up, I'll clear up your mess," Murdoc snapped.

2D didn't need to be told twice. He hurried to the kitchen, throwing the shards of plate into the garbage and turned on the tap, letting the water wash away the blood.

He saw a box of tissues, and pressed down on the cut, looking in the cupboards for the first aid kit.

"Damn it!"

He couldn't find it, wherever he looked, and the tissue was starting to get soaked.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, and Murdoc handed the kit to him wordlessly.

2D took it. "Thanks."

Murdoc rolled his eyes, and lit a cigarette, leaning against the counter.

2D grabbed the things necessary, and started clumsily wrapping the bandage around his palm.

"God damn it, you're such an idiot!" Murdoc snapped, and started tending to the cut properly, cigarette sticking out of his mouth.

2D bit his lip, embarrassed. He looked at his toes as Murdoc wrapped the bandage around his palm.

A little pat on his hand signaled Murdoc was done.

"Thanks, Muds," 2D muttered.

"Yeah, yeah. Russel and Noodle will be wondering where we are."

They went back to the living room.

Noodle and Russel had put a movie on.

2D grinned. It was Napoleon Dynamite.

He plopped down on the couch again, avoiding Murdoc's gaze for the rest of the evening.

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