She beheld the minuscule object in her hand and uttered a faint whisper, "What fate..." To think that it had earlier been nothing but a plain-looking mirror through which she was allowed entrance into this alternate dimension of fantastical enchantment tickled her pleasure immensely.

"Now," she thought herself hearing destiny began to chant. "Reality is no greater than the size of your thumb, but your imaginary world is being magnified immeasurably. Take charge..."

Seated together with her on the swinging bench, the very wellspring of her elation, he turned to face her, casting the most dreamlike smile and questioned, "You sure that you're not going to return to the real world?"

"Among all things, why ask me this?" She muttered beyond earshot inwardly. At such a time when she discovered new hope to revitalise her groaning years of emptiness, to let go was the last option which she would consider. This time-defying universe, teeming with the fragrance of utopia, was taking each delightful pounding of revelment from her heart to the overflow of ravishing sensations all about her ageless being.

"That's because, I care," he responded to her unspoken remark. She was deeply touched, like any hopeless romantic would be, though it brought to realisation that she was still not accustomed to the telepathic communication mode currently in effect.

She allowed herself to sink into the depths of his clear earnest eyes. Despite how alien she felt in this illusive realm, the barriers of their opposite nature of existence kept thinning gradually over each distinct throbbing of her heart.

She smiled to acknowledge her acceptance of his concern. Braving all hesitations, her hand instinctively reached up to his warm temple. In a brief moment, she lunged forward to hug him tight.

She shut her eyes to cast aside all unsettling thoughts. He felt both soft and firm in their embrace, enough to assure her what it was like to be close to an ideal love.

"What makes you so certain of our fate?" she heard him speaking once more against the movement of her tresses.

She was unnerved for a second, before finally answering without a tinge of worry, "Every beat of my heart speaks of you eternally..."

"Then, let me," he replied. "Turn into the very essence of each one..."

As soon as he finished those words, a blinding light grew from that little speck of item resting on the bench surface. In a flash, She felt her unstable senses transformed along with the overpowering fluctuating intensity. In the end, what returned were all things mundane.