Walking down the sidewalk, it was only after a while when Rainie realised that she didn't have her wallet and cellphone with her. There was no way that she could possibly call a cab.

Soon coming to a bus-stop, she sat down on the sheltered bench. Looking all around, she could not make out which part of the city she was now in. "Oh my, there's no one in sight to help me out? What am I to do here?" she moaned sorrowfully.

A bus arrived the next moment. Having no other option, she decided to try her luck on talking the driver into giving her a lift. She hurried to get on the bus.

"Hello, Prince?" Jiro was on the phone with his assistant as he drove out of the building parkade and ended up pulling behind the bus.

He continued more resolutely, "I just want to reconfirm with you of my decision to really giving away 'Heart-Throb' for free...As for the selection of this lucky recipient, I have already started an online survey last minute before leaving the office. Will divulge further relevant details once getting the results of the survey, okay? See you!"

"What? Jiro!" Wang Zi was not given any chance to persuade his headstrong boss.

Back in the rear seat of the car was Jiro's latest design of that jewellery necklace-pendant worth thousands of millions carefully placed inside a metal case, which he decided to bring home just to be safe. Encountering an intruder back in the secret jewellery room without being able to trace her mysterious route of entry forced him to resort to this precaution. He could not risk letting another party uncover the whereabouts of this precious item.

Yet, through the windshield before him, he spotted the girl again, getting off the bus infront. It got him wondering curiously why she would still be loitering around.

Rainie slumped back weakly onto the bench, devoid of all hope. Her mind was all blank and heart empty, with no reason to expect any kind soul would rescue her out of a mental and emotional turmoil she was being dragged into.

The bus left and Jiro slowly attempted to pull his vehicle closer to the stop by the curb. By now, Rainie was on the close verge of breaking down in tears.

He paused to set his mind clear on what to do next. If she had harboured the intention of stealing away the jewel, would she be left by the street with no means to pay for an inexpensive trip back home? Jiro figured that the matter was not as straightforward as it apparently seemed.

Rainie buried her face, now red and streaming with tears in her arms, imagining her world to be crumpling down helplessly like a collapsing tower. It hurt her so deeply from the inside out.

Jiro unbuckled his seatbelt and reached across to wind down the car window. He called out, "Let me take you..."

She sniffed hard and after half a minute, recognised the calming voice. Lifting her head once more, she saw him, gazing thoughtfully back at her. What kind of unsettled reaction should she give?