-Johnny POV, Johnny's House-

-Ring- -Ring-
"Fucking phone." I hissed.
I stopped shoving my knife down a pricks throat.
I walked upstairs.
I picked up the phone.
"... Hello?"
"Is this Johnny C?"
"Yes who is this?"
"Um do you remember your parents? Don't you?"
I sighed sadly remembering my parents were dead.
"Well your parents aren't dead Johnny. There very much alive and wish to have you back in there life."
I nearly dropped the phone when the man told me that.
"They want you to come to the court house on Thursday so that they can see you and so they can discuss something with you."
"O-okay." I stuttered.
"Alright see you on Thursday."
I hung up the phone.
I couldn't believe it.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to believe it.
I slumped to the ground and hug my knees as I felt tears fell from my face.
I stayed there for what seemed like hours.
I didn't move I was motionless.
Then I remembered I never knew when I had gotten my Die-ary.
All I knew is that I've always had it and I never questioned why, till now.
I stood up and ran to my bedroom where I kept my Die-ary.
I flipped it open to the first page the date was January 23, 1989.

"Dear Diary.
I'm glad I have you now. My names Johnny but you can call me Nny for short. I'm 4 now and yesterday was my birthday. My dad gave me you to write in my dad says I'm very smart and I'm smart enough to write my thoughts down so I'll try to write in you everyday till tommorow my friend."

"Well that didn't fucking help!" I hissed and flipped to another page that was dated. November 6, 1994.

"Dear Diary.
I got big news. My moms going to have another baby. I'm going to be a big brother I can't wait! I can't wait to show him or her all the best things! I'm so excited!"

I felt my stomach tighten.
"I have a sibling... I don't even remember having brothers or sisters..." I said and flipped through more pages.
Till I came across a page that looked to have been covered with tears.
The letters were still readable but the water made something's hard to tell.
It was dated April 17, 1995.

This is a horrible god damn day! My baby sister! My poor baby sister! Why wouldn't you just stay inside of mommy like a good baby should? Why? Why? Why? What happened was me and mom were at the Cementary like always when all of a sudden mom was leaking water. "Mom! Whats wrong?" I asked. Mom looked at me with pure fear on her face. She told me to stay here with my uncle Mike. I d-didn't know what was going on."

"Then after a while me and Uncle Mike went to the hospital. They said my mom had the baby. I was really happy but everyone else looked sad for some reason. Grandma was worried about something. I asked if I could see my sister but they told to wait. Then I went to see my mom and she hugged me and told me that my sister was really really small. Then she told me that she was something called "Premature" it's where the baby is born to early and they aren't made right. We then went over to the room covered with glass my mom and dad walked in but told me too walk ahead. There was a big plastic box in the room actually there was a lot of them. Inside the one box I looked in inside was my little sister. She looked really small and bald. She had all these wires and junk on her. Mom said she has to stay in there for a long time. But I'm really scared. Cause I heard some doctors say that she might die. PLEASE DON'T DIE PLEASE!"

The rest was too blurry to read.

I sighed and tried to remember something if not anything about the past.
Maybe what my sister looked like?
But nothing came to mind...Absolutely nothing...
I flipped through some more pages till I found one that was dated August 23, 1996.

"Dear Diary.
It's dads birthday today and me, him, and Halley all went out to play at the river today. As usually Halley wanted to play in the water. For a baby that can't swim she sure loves the water. Dad showed me how to sit in the water while holding Halley so she can play and I don't accidentally hurt her. But I would never hurt her. I lo-(Word blurry.) her too much to ever do that. My sister is the sweetest little kid. Well sure she ain't a kid yet, but you know. She's not as bald as she was, she's got a lot of bushy hair that mom says me and her look like twins. But she has brown hair and I have black, but it's so dark it looks almost like mine. Halley loves her bear Button Butt. I'm glad she does since it cost me all my money. She's really sweet and she loves playing with me. But for some reason she imitates things, like one day we were watching the TV and this show about animals came on and these small cats were fighting each other and for some reason Halley started biting me. I didn't get mad since she was only playing but it's still weird."

"I'm so glad I have a sister cause those stupid bully's keep picking on me. They keep call me names like wacky and Noodle Boy. I hate it and I hate them. But with Halley around she makes me feel better...Dads telling me to go to bed I got to go good

I closed my Die-ary then threw it at the wall.
"FUCKING LIES!" I screamed in tears.
The black leather book hit the wall and fell to the floor have way open.
I growled and turned and walked out of my room.
"I wonder if my sister even knows about me?" I thought as I wiped my tears away.
I walked down to my endless basement until I found the one room with my latest victims.
A cheer leading squad.
I grinned.


"Dear Shitary.
I'm so god damn PISSES OFF! My parents have told me bull shit before but this is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard! They told me I have a older brother THAT I DONT EVEN FUCKING REMEMBER! I'm so pissed off! God damn it! God damn it!"

I threw my diary at my bedroom wall and scream into my pillow. I look up at my bedroom wall for what seems like hours. I don't know how I'm suppose to feel about this. What had happened only hours before still ran through my head.

/Hours before/

Mom: Halley come here!
Me: Ugh what now?
Mom: Halley!
Me: What?
Dad: Sit down Halley.
I sat down in front of my parents.

Me: Am I in trouble cause whatever it is it was Zim's fault.
Mom shakes her head.
Mom: No not that. Halley me and your father have something to tell you..
Me: Like what?
They sigh.
Look at each other than at me.
Dad: You might not remember him but when you were younger you...you have a older brother...
Me: ... Bursts out laughing.
Me: Good one guys (laugh) but seriously what do you want to tell me?
Mom: (sighs) Thats just it you have a older brother Halley.
Me eyes widen and I'm fuming.
Mom: Calm down!
Mom: We never lied to you!
Mom: Halley he ran away when you were 4 and we didn't want you to be traumatized about the whole thing! We've done everything to take care of you!
Mom: We couldn't find him it was as if he never existed!

Then I ran into my room where I am now. I don't know what to do about Thursday.
I hugged my small bear Button But who I've had since I was a baby.
"What am I going to do?" I asked my old rag tag bear.
"Maybe it won't be so bad. I mean look at my tag." Button But said.
"Look at your tag? But it's blank I looked at it before." I said.
"Not the front the back." Buttons said.
I looked at him and he always had a smile on his face.
I did what he had told me and looked at the back of his tag that was on his but.
"To Halley. From Johnny." I read.
"That's his name isn't it?" I asked my little plushies.
"How should I know? You got me when u were 12." Crazy Kricky the bloody crocodile said.
I nodded. "That's true."
"I remember seeing a boy with black hair always around you but that's it." Sally the black poodle said.
"But-" I started to say.
"Yes your brother did have black hair.." I heard Twin say.
Twin was my Inner Demon and very strong.
"He was very protective of you. He very much cared for you." Twin remembered.
"Yea but-" I started to say.
"He went Insane killed everyone you knew!" Lucid said another demon of mine.
"SILENCE YOU INSOLENT FOOL YOUR SCARING HER!" Twin hissed. "Am not!" Lucid growled.
Not this endless war again.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I screamed at my demons and possessed plushies.
"I WAS SAYING WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER MY OWN BROTHER IF HE DID ALL THOSE THINGS FOR ME? I MUST BE RETARTED IF I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER MY OWN BROTHER!" I said with tears in my eyes but my tears never fall from my face even when I feel terrible.
"No... your not retarted." Button but said as I sat down on my bed.
"Yes I am and you all know that. You all know that cause your all part of me. Everyone of you know that he was real cause you all hold memories that were once mine. You've stolen my memories and you've stolen my past from me..." I hissed.
"It's no surprise that I've figured this out I see. Cause what I say is right isn't it? You feed off me! My Memories, my aura, my happiness, IT'S ALL NOTHING BUT FOOD TO ALL YOU FUCKERS!" I growled.
"No no Halley I would never! Now it's true that Twin and Lucid do this, but me, Kricky, and Sally would
NEVER hurt you in anyway! Your our master and because of you. You give us life, we care to much to hurt you." Buttons butt said as I clutched him in my hand.
I looked down at my small bear that I knew somehow held all my innocence well what was left anyway.
I hugged him and laid on my back as Lucid and Twin disappeared in the shadows.
Sally and Kricky all crawled onto me and laid either next to me or on top of me.
I turned to my side holding Button But in my arms.
I sighed then sat up straight.
My little "friends" all looked up at me worried.
I got off of my bed and walked over to the giant chair where I kept my painting paper at.
I laid the paper on the floor then walked over to my desk.
I grabbed the small back cup that held all my paints.
"What you gonna paint this time?" Kricky asked.
"You guys said my brother had black hair so I'm going to do something about that." I said.
I pulled out my black, red, white, and blue acrylic paints.
"I know as strange this will sound..." I started to say then left to grab a cup of water.
When I came back with my cup I changed my shirt and sat back down on the floor in front of the blank page.
"But... I think I always knew you know..." I said as I picked up my small brush.
"I just... Didn't know how to react if it was true..." I said as more tears hit my eyes.
ButI ignored them and started to paint.

-Nnys POV-

Its the day I've been dreading.
Time to meet my family.
But first I better visit Squeegee and tell him I'll be away for a little while.
I used my secret tunnel to get to his house this time.
I walked up through the kitchen pass his drunk father who was watching TV.
I snuck up to Squee's bedroom.
"Hey Squeegee." I greeted my little friend.
Squee was drawing some pictures of aliens while his Teddy bear Shmee sat next to him.
"Nny? What are you doing here?" Squee asked me.
"I just came to check on you before I go." I said.
"Where you going Nny?" Squee asked.
"Oh don't worry Squee I won't be gone for long. You see I found out my family is actually alive. So I've been ask to go visit them." I explained.
"You aren't going to kill them are you Mr. Nny?" Squee asked scared.
I shook my head.
"Nah not unless they insult me or are a family of bitches and fuckers, then I'd probably kill them then myself. But then no one would be here to keep a eye on you... Then Ill just kill them if that's the case." I explained.
Squee squeaked.
I chuckled.
"I'm kidding Squee. I have to see if they're even worth killing first. But I'm kidding I won't kill them." I assured.
"Ok." Squee said.
I nodded.
"Well I gotta go. I'll see you later Squee." I said with a wave.
"Bye Mr. Nny." Squee waved back.
I smiled slightly at him, turned then left using the tunnel.
I made it back to my house.
I had to get my knife and car keys which I had left in one of my torture rooms in the basement.
I walked into the room where I had left my things when I saw something sticking out of my Die-ary.
I hadn't touched it all.
Not since last night.
I picked up it up.
It was a old Polaroid photo.
It was of 2 kids.
The one with blackish blue hair I recognized as me.
The other kid was a little girl with almost black hair and brown eyes.
I sighed and stuffed the photo in my back pocket then walked out to my piece of shit grey car.
I got in and sped off to the court house.
I wasn't excited or anything that was just how I drove normally.

-Somewhere else not far from where Nny's at-

-My POV-

I was still very pissed.
And we were driving to the Court house to "meet" Johnny.
I sighed and looked out my window.
I had Buttons in my hands cause I had a feeling that I would need him.
My mom looked back at me.
"Halley are you okay?" She asked.
I only growled and glared at her.
I'm still throughly pissed that they never told me the truth.
My mom only sighed and kept on driving.
I just kept looking out my window wondering whats going to happen now.

We made it to the Court House around 2:40 pm.
Mom lead me up to where some law guy was standing waiting for us.
"Hello Mrs. Coal and this must be your child." The guy said.
Oh how I HATE to be referred as a kid I'm 16 for Christ sake.
"Is he here yet?" My mom asked.
The guy shook his head.
"Not yet, sorry." He said.
Then all of a sudden we all heard tires screeching and cars crashing.
We looked ahead and saw a grey car racing into the parking lot.
As two cars behind it crashed into one another.
"Cool." Buttons said wowed.
I nodded it was pretty cool to watch.
The car was a old grey rust bucket piece of shit type of car.
It was small and had a weird but cool smiley face on top of the antenna.
A guy got out of the car.
He was really tall hell he was taller than me and I usually out scale everyone in my family.
He had dark hair that was either black or a dark navy blue.
He was slightly tanned but mostly pale and had black circles under his eyes like mine only his was black like he hadn't slept in forever.
"I wonder who he is?" I wondered.
Then I saw that my mom was walking over to the guy.
Wait what?
"Mom?" I asked.
"It's okay I'll be right back." She said and continues walking.
She walked up to the man and they said somethings.

Mom: Exscuse me sir.
The guy turns to my mom and he looks kinda wide eyed.
Mom smiles a bit.
Mom: It's so good to see you again...Johnny.

My eyes widen when I hear that; so thats Johnny.
My brother.

Johnny looked at my mom and nods at her not saying anything.
My mom hugged Johnny which was kinda weird.
Not the hug.
But how Johnny looked when she hugged him.
It looked like he was uneasy about the whole thing it was weird.
Maybe mom didn't turn into a hugger till after he ran off?
Button's looked at me and I looked at him.
"Hallet! Come here please!" Mom called.
I walked over to where mom and Johnny were.
"Halley, this is your older brother Johnny." Our mom introduced us.
"But you can call me Nny for short." Johnny said.
I looked at the man that was my brother.
He wore a black shirt with a odd symbol on it the symbol was a Z?
It looked cool.
He wore black boots with metal at the toe.
"I want a pair of those boots." I thought as I walked around Johnny like a cat ready to pounce on it prey.
I stopped walking, and just stood still.
We were silent for a bit.
"Okay, well I'll let you 2 get to know one another more. I have something's to attend to I'll be right back." Mom said in a huff and with that left.
She was nervous don't know why but she was.
We were silent for a bit.
Till I looked down at Nny's shirt again.
"Hmm." I said trying to figure out what the symbols on Johnny's shirt meant while hiding Buttons behind my back.
"... What?" Johnny asked.
"Huh? Oh What's Z? Mean?" I asked.
"You mean this?" Johnny asked pointing to his shirt.
I nodded.
"It means Question Sleep, cause I don't sleep." Johnny explained.
"You don't sleep? Cool I can't sleep at night either I get it from mom." I said.
"Well it's not more than I can't sleep. I detest sleep I have better things to do then waste my time sleeping." Johnny said.
"Ah. I have notice that I either read, write, or paint when I can't sleep at night. Mom and Dad don't get it." I said.
Johnny nodded.
I notice something in his back pocket.
I tilted my head.
"Hey um Johnny there's something in your pants pocket." I pointed out.
Johnny turned slightly and pulled what it was out of his pocket.
"This? It's just a photo." He said.
"Here you can see." Johnny said handing the photo to me.
I looked at it and saw that it was a picture of me when I was either 3 or 4 and another kid who looked to be about 9 or 10.
"Who's this in the picture?" I asked showing Nny the picture.
"I know the little girl's me, but I don't know who the other kid is." I said.
"That's me I think." Johnny said.
I looked at the photo then back at Johnny.
"Hmm you looked cute as a kid." I said handing the photo back to him.
"Then again everyone does until they turn." I said.
Johnny arched a eyebrow at me.
"What you mean by "turn"?"Johnny asked.
"Turn. Um turn evil, bad, horrible, fucked up that kind of thing." I explained.
"Not that you are I mean everyone else is fucked up." I said in defense.
Johnny nodded.
He sat or leaned against his car so did I.
"So... Um do you like horror movies?" I asked Johnny randomly.
"Like I love em." Johnny replied.
"Me two. Mom thinks it's bad for me but it's her fault for letting me watch Sleepy Hollow as a kid." I said.
"Sleepy Hollow... Oh yea I remember good movie." Johnny said.
I nodded.
"I think I like my brother." I thought.
"Hey Johnny do you remember when we were little?" I asked.
Johnny was silent for a second.
"... Actually to tell you the truth... I don't remember alot about the past..." Johnny said.
He probably expected me to be shocked but I wasn't.
"Like memory problems or something? Cause I have bad memory problems too?" I asked.

Before Johnny could answer Mom came back over.
"There you 2 are. So what did you 2 talk about?" My mom asked.
"Well we both like horror movies, we both don't sleep much, and we both have things from the past we do or don't remember." I said and showed Button Butt from behind my back.
"Awh you still have him." Mom cooed.
"Shut up. Mom." I said slightly embarrassed.
"It's okay I'm just playing." Mom said.
"Well come on you 2 we have something's to discuss." Mom said.
We walked into the Court House and we walked into another room.
Mom sighed and told us to sit down.
"Listen Johnny your father and I want us all to be together like a family. So were wondering if Johnny if you would like to live with us?" Mom asked.
Johnny looked at my mom wide eyed.
Then looked down nervously.
"I...I don't know if that's a good idea." Johnny said.
"What? Why not?" Mom asked.
"Um I have a "special" job I have to do. I can't stop doing it and I don't want you guys to get involved in it." Johnny explained.
"Well you don't have to stop doing it and you don't have to be afraid of getting us involved, we won't if you don't want us to we won't. We understand limits." Mom said.
"Yea with jobs not bathrooms." I said with a smirk.
Mom glared at me as Johnny tried to hold back a laugh.
"Johnny please we've lost you once and we don't want to loose you again." Mom said with sincerity dripping out of every word she spoke.
Johnny sighed and looked at mom.
"I guess a few days won't kill me." Johnny said as he placed his feet on the table.
"Hey Nny where'd you get your boots at?" I asked.
"Made them." Johnny said.
"Cool." I said.
Mom smiled at us and she looked like she was about to cry.
I looked at Mom while Johnny thought to himself.
"Mom are you okay?" I asked.
She nodded and mouthed "I'll be right back."
I nodded knowing she was calling dad to tell/cry her eyes out to dad.
"Moms." I said in a huff.
I looked over at Nny.
"Well this gonna be fun." I said sarcastically under my breath.
We stayed there for a while just talking.

Then around 4 mom said it was time to go.
Nny was going to drive his car over to his place to get something's from his house.
"Hey Johnny why don't you take Halley to your house. She needs to have some fun." Mom insisted.
More like forced.
I didn't really want to go anywhere but I figured what the hell.
So I got in the passenger side silent.
I didn't feel like starting a fight I knew I would loose.

The ride to Johnny's place was silent.
No one talked.
Then we made it to a small little ratty shack looking house.
I looked at the house.
It reminded me of the small house we used to live in Baltimore.
It was small but very much the right size for someone like me.
Johnny got out of the car me and I followed.
Nny walked over to his door with me behind him.
As he was unlocking the door I noticed a small grave marker against the front of the house.
I crouched down to get a better look at it.
I leaned in slightly to see the letters that were written on the small stone.
All that the marker said was "RIP Nailbunny."
"Hey." A voice said making me jump.
I turned and saw Johnny hovering over me.
"You can come in you know." Nny said.
I blew my bangs out of my face and stood back up.
Johnny shifted to the side and bowed slightly letting me in his home.
I walked into the house.
The room I was in looked like a semi clean Living room.
There wasn't alot of furniture.
Just a old couch, a side table, and a TV with bunny ears on where the antennas were.
I also saw a whole lot of weapons everywhere.
Either on the floor or on the wall.
"Cool." I said as I walked over to a wall full of weapons.
"Its nothing special but be careful with those." Nny warned sounding slightly concerned.
I smirked and picked up a long scythe off the wall.
"Man." I said as I ran my finger over the blade.
"... Hey can I borrow this and some butcher knives?" I asked.
Johnny shrugged his shoulders basically meaning "I don't give a damn."
I grinned slightly.
But set the scythe back down where I picked it up.
I saw that there was paintings on the other wall.
The paintings were of monsters and other dark macabre things.
Actually some of them looked like they were the demons and devils I painted but more detailed then my paintings.

Nny's POV

The teenage girl that was my sister, Halley, was looking at some of my old paintings.
She seemed to like them.
Although her face showed no sense of emotion her eyes seemed to change as she looked at each painting.
"You paint?" She asked.
"I use too. But I've lost my talent..." I half lied.
"Sad. An artist isn't a artist without his inspiration." She said.
"It causes such a rapture that spirals said artist life out of control. He can no longer hold onto his life and ends it all." She said slightly poetic which was weird.
"SHIT! I did it again!" She hissed.
"Did what again?" I asked.
"Ever since I found out I have this gift for writing, I've just started randomly either quoting or making my own quotes at random times." She explained.
"It's a gift and a curse, cause now everyone thinks I'm a goth. I'm not Goth. I'm punk." She said.
I raised a eyebrow out her.
She defiantly wasn't a goth she did look punk.
She was wearing a black "Ode to Joy" concert shirt, a black jacket, Jeans that were kinda dirty, and black combat boots.
Her hair was almost black but had faded streaks that were orange.
"How can people think your goth? Your not." I asked.
I knew people were stupid but not this stupid.
"I don't know it's bullshit that's what it is." She said.
I nodded in agreement.
"So... What do you do for a job? Or are you a jobless hermit?" She asked/joked.
I grinned remembering I still had a few pricks downstairs just waiting to be killed.
"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Just asking." She said and walked over to where I had stabbed and D-Boy to the wall with knives.

Halley's POV

"You dont have to tell me if you don't want to. Just asking." I said and walked over to the other wall.
Where 2 weird looking Pillsbury Doughboys were staked into the wall.
I looked at the one with black empty eyes.
He had the same symbol Nny had painted on his shirt.
The other one had red swirls in his eyes and the word Fuck painted on his shirt.
I was just about to touch the one with empty eyes when...
"DON'T!" I heard buttons voice scream making me jump.
I landed on my ass.
"What the hell Button Butt?" I asked aloud.
Buttons jumped on my stomach not caring that Nny might see him.
"Don't touch them! They're evil! They're going to hurt you! Use that smart brain of your sometimes girl!" Buttons scolded cold.
"Oh so I'm a retard now is that it?" I asked annoyed.
"I never said that! You just have no sense to use your brain!" Buttons growled.
"What's so evil about two ugly styrofoam Pillsbury doughboys?" I asked as I stood up.
Buttons jumped down and stayed by my feet.
"You okay?" Nny asked not sounding at all weirded out by mine and Buttons argument.
"Yea I'm fine. Your going to have to forgive Button butt he's a bit overprotective when it comes to me." I said a bit apologetic.
"That's fine." Nny said.
"Wait how did that not freak you out just now? Most people that see a teddy bear move like that they run for the hills?" I asked.
"You hear voices don't you? So do I. So I'm used to having a fight with a inanimate object." Johnny explained.
"So you hear voices too?" I asked.
"That he does." A voice said.
Me and Nny turned are heads and faced a Bub's Burger Boy statue.
"Did you just talk?" I asked as if I didn't already know the answer.
"Yes I did. It's a pleasure to meet you little girl. I am Reverend Meat. Who may I ask are you and your little stuffed friend there." The statue err Reverend Meat said.
Buttons growled and stayed close to my legs.
"I'm Halley. The little over protective Rottweiler at my feet is Button Butt the knowledgeable one of my voices." I said pointing to Buttons.
"Pleasure to meet the 2 of you." Reverend Meat said.
"What voice does he represent? Johnny? I asked.
"He's my voice of feeling which I do not want. And he never shuts the fuck up!" Nny hissed.
"YOU WERE BORN A FEELING CREATURE NNY YOU HAVE TO FEEL THERE'S NO WAY TO CANCEL FEEL OUT!" Meat hissed his eyes becoming empty like that one doughboy.
I raised my hand.
"I could do it. I LOVE breaking things." I said maliciously with a grin.
"I might just take you up on that offer." Johnny said with the same evil grin I had.
"Who exactly is she Nny?" Reverend Meat asked.
"She's my younger sister." Johnny said still grinning.
"I can "see" the family resemblance." Meat said sarcastically.
I growled.
"Listen here frat boy you can talk shit all you want. But if you say anything about my family were gonna have problems. Then you'll find your self in a wood chipper or worse. Got it?" I threaten.
"Ooh I'm so scared!" Rev taunted.
"Keep in mind I'm a good shot with knives AND guns mister fatass." I hissed.
Buttons hissed.
I growled and walked away from Reverend Meat.
Buttons crawled/climbed up my leg and is now resting on my shoulder.
"Don't take anything Meat said seriously. He's just annoying and never knows when to but out of other's business."Johnny said.
I shook my head.
"I know. I know. I've dealt with more annoying assholes and pricks like him." I said half calm and half cooly.
I looked around the room some more.
There wasn't anything else in the room that peeked my interest.
The only other thing I saw was a cracked mirror and a picture of a rabbit head.
I sighed and sat on the couch, silent.
Johnny was leaning against the wall, silent as well.
I looked over to my left and saw a stack of what looked like comic books.
I picked one off the top of the stack.
"Happy Noodle Boy." I read.
I looked through some of the comic and laughed a little.
"Hmm." I said noticing Johnny's name on the front of the comic.
"You said you haven't painted in a long time. But instead you do a comic book?" I asked.
Johnny opened one eye and looked over at me.
He nodded still silent.
I went quiet and just read.
"Damn people love handguns in this." I said reading the part where Happy Noodle Boy was shot at least 40 times.
I closed the comic and put it back on the stack.
I looked over at Nny who was now looking out his boarded up window.
I still couldn't stop thinking about how different my life has become.
Not that I was complaining I was just unsure about everything.
I mean Johnny seemed like a nice enough person.
A bit off but nice.
At least Nny is someone that understands how screwed up I am.
That's good... I guess...

Isn't that fun a girl starting to find out her brothers as crazy as she is.

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