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I awoke to the sound of yelling.

At first I thought it was my father, till I saw that it was still 2PM.

"That can't be dad..." I thought and walked up to my bedroom door.

I rested my ear against the wood, patiently, listing.

"YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THIS BULLSHIT!" I heard Johnny, my brother, scream.

"It's the truth!" My mom shouted back.


"Godzilla?" I asked myself confused.

I listened some more I heard fast stomping and the front door open and close quickly.

I stood up and walked out of my room.

My Mom was on her knees in the Living Room.

I feared the worse.

"Mom! What happened?" I exclaimed and kneeled down to her side.

"I've made a terrible mistake, Halley, Johnny believe I don't love. But I do. I never wanted to stop searching for him... My poor baby..." She cried.

Then breaks down bawling.

I stand up and run out to the front porch only to see Nny grey car drive away from out lot.

I sigh.

"Well there goes any chance I had of having a older brother..." I hissed mentally and retreaded back to the darkness of my room.

/Week Later/

Now I'm back at my High Skool.

My mom has been really upset, because of Johnny screaming at her, and when she gets that way she dives into her work so she brought me here early.

I don't mean like 7 am early.

No now it's 5 in the morning and the doors are all locked so I'm sitting out here on a rock the Skool painted black even though it was already black when they brought it here.

I'm just doodling away or trying to.

So far everything I've drawn sucks.

I have only the street light above me to show me what I'm doing.

The only other things I can see are night covered cars and streets and headlights.

Wait... one set is coming towards me...

My paranoia and anxiety sky rocketed instantly.

I hadn't done anything, and the teachers don't drive here cause there evil zombie mites that the Skool system makes to torture and make us stupid.

Not me I'm too intelligent for them to spoil.

My instincts told me to either run for my life or hide.

Running seemed pointless so I ducked down behind the rock I was sitting on.

I pulled out the Gibber pocket knife my father had given me too protect myself; because of all the vilonet crimes that's been happening in town.

I heard a car door open and shut and footsteps approaching the rock.

I felt my breath becoming shorter air in my lungs becoming less and less.

I was about to stand up and lunge at whoever it was.

"What are you doing here kid?"

"Johnny?" I asked myself and stood up normally.

He was, there, standing only a foot or so away from me.

I was relieved it was only him and not a psychotic rapist or killer.

"What are you doing here?" I asked secretly pocketing my knife so he didn't get the wrong idea about me.

"I was driving around crushing animals and people for the fun of it!" He said with a cheshire cat grin.

I grinned a uneasy grin, no way did he really do that. Right?

"Anyways, why are you here? Hoping they won't fry your brains for alien use?" Nny asked still grinning.

I shook my head.

"No I actually hate Skool. IT'S SO FRIGGIN BORING! But mom..." I said then stopped seeing Johnny looking off at the streets behind my Skool looking pissed.

"... When she get's upset she works harder to drive off the pain. So without thinking straight she dropped me off her 3 hours before they open! And she made me move so fast I couldn't grab my cellphone or computer so now I have nothing to do!" I hissed and laid on the rock lying on my back.

"Drooling sock monkeys!" Nny suddenly exclaimed.

I looked at him confused.

"Why don't you come with me? I could really use a Brain Freezy." Nny asked.

I thought for a second.

"On one hand I spend time with my brother where I'm safe. On the other I can stay out here in the cold and get the blood drained from my body by disgusting ass mosquitoes." I mentally contemplated.

"SHIT WHAT DAY IS IT!?" Nny suddenly shouted.

"Uh Tuesday. Why?" I asked.

Nny looked at me like I had 3 heads grabbed me by my too large hoodie sleeve and shoved me into his car and quickly jumped into the drivers seat.

"Ok so that decision was made for me." I muffly said cause of the stained apolstriey that I was lying face down on.

I sat up and looked at Nny who was driving fast almost maniacal.

I noticed the direction we were going.

I tapped his shoulder.

"Nny where are we going? The 24/7 is that way." I said pointing in the other direction.

I should know I walk down there all the time.

"I know which way. I need to check on someone and make sure those stupid aliens aren't dissecting him." Nny said in a small hiss.

I shrugged my shoulders and was tossed against the back of the seat as Nny turned quickly.

I wasn't scared just very sore now.

I managed to scrape myself from the wall and crawled up to the driver seat.

I looked at Johnny.

He was wearing a solid black shirt with stripes on the sleeves, black jeans, and those awesome metal toed boots.

"Hey Nny would you be mad if I asked if I could stay with you instead of going to dumb ass Skool?" I said/asked.

He looked at me oddly then turned back to the road.

"No you can't." He said plainly while frowning at the road.

"What? Why not!?" I asked.

"1. You'll get hurt. 2. I like monkeys. 3. No." He said while pointing fingers out.

"I won't get hurt. And big brothers are suppose to help little sisters miss Skool." I said.

"Please!" I begged; doing my best puppy dog face.

Nny glared at me then sighed.


"Yay!" I said smiling.

Then I was slammed back into the back wall of the car again.

"Nny mind going easy on those? Cause I don't think I have enough vertebra's in my back to survive anymore of those." I said peeling myself off again.

I held onto the passenger seat so I didn't get slammed again.

Finally Nny came to a stop out in front of his house.

I looked at him.

"I'll be right back stay here." He said as he got out and shut the door behind him.

I sighed and sat down normally in the back seat I saw a box and a back pack that wasn't mine in the seat next to me.

Being a curious one, like Alice, and slightly nosy.

I looked through the box and bag.

I found a pair of knives in the box they were sharp and the blade was pointed outwards slightly, the bases had smile faces on them.

I placed them back in the box and closed the box.

I picked up the black back pack and unzipped it.

Inside was a CD player, Headphones, A old Ipod that had the screen cracked some, 2 sketchpads with pencils and pens in the binding, a System of a Down CD, A Trapt CD, and Follow the Leader Korn CD.

I pulled out a furry clump that was on the bottom of the bag.

It looked like a old rabbit body with the head decapitated.

That would scare someone that was normal not me, I actually thought it was really cool.

I found a smaller rounder mass next to the body that was the head.

The rabbit head was the most coolest.

It's eyes were sewn in into two X's with black thread and the ears were downward from gravity and age freezing them.

I looked at the two parts in my hands like it was a toy I just pulled apart and was wondering how to put it back together.

For one reason, I will not tell you about, I carefully placed the body and head into a pocket in my bag and zipped it shut.

Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching the car.

I knew it was Johnny.

I quickly placed everything back into the bag, minus the rabbit, and zipped the bag up.

I acted like I hadn't touched nothing while Johnny opened the left passenger side door.

A little boy with big eyes, black hair, and clutching a stitched up teddy bear sat in the other passenger seat.

"Halley. This is my little buddy Squeegee. Squeegee this is my baby sister Halley." Johnny introduced us.

I looked at the kid.

He seemed timid and very afraid, I don't know why.

"Hi." I said nicely.

He made a squeak noise and hugged his bear tightly.

"He's just a little Squee don't worry you'll like him." Johnny said with a small smile.

I heard low banging from... behind me?

I turned over to look out the window to the trunk.

"Oh don't worry. I'll take care of that." Johnny said and walked over to the trunk.

I shrugged my shoulders and turned back to the little kid.

"Hi." I said again.

"H-hi." He said back a bit timid.

I looked back at Nny who was dragging something into the house.

"So how do you know my brother?" I asked looking back at the boy.

"Were neighbors." He said less afraid.

"I see." I said looking at the large house next to Nny's small shack of a house.

I heard a small thump from underneath me.

I looked down and saw Squee's teddy bear on the floor.

I picked it up and traced my finger over a large stitch on the bear's stomach.

"Who's this little guy?" I asked.

"That's Shmee." Squee said.

"Well he's very cute." I said and gave Shmee back to Squee.

Squee hugged Shmee with a small smile on his face.

"Hey Squee would you mind explaining somethings about my brother to me?" I asked.

Cause 1 I didn't know Nny much, 2 it would explain the weird out bursts.

Squee looked at me like I was crazy.

"O-ok." He stuttered.

"By the way. My real names Todd. Mr. Scary Neighbor Man calls me 'Squee' cause that's the noise I make when I'm scared." Squee- er Todd said.

"Okay." I said.

"Nny... He's crazy..." Todd said a bit terrified and hugged his bear.

"Kinda figured that already. Anything else?" I asked.

Todd shook his head.

"No I don't mean Crazy like normal crazy like crazy crazy."

I raised a eyebrow at him.

What did he mean by Crazy Crazy?

"Okay. Anything else?"

"He doesn't like people and he kills them cause most of the time there mean to him." Todd said.

Wait did that kid just say kill?

"Kills... Them?" I asked.

Todd nodded.

"Wait you mean he's a murderer?" I asked.

Todd nodded again.

"Mmmhmm. When they scream I get scared and I can't sleep alot." He said a bit tiredly.

I nodded a bit uneasy.

"Calm down Chicka there's no way! No way! Johnny's a killer!" My mind screamed at me.

I listened to it and calmed myself.

I looked at Todd and saw that he had a big bruise on his cheek.

"What the?" I said lifting Todd's head up some so I saw the bruise.

"Did Johnny hit you!?" I asked.

"No my Daddy did he was really angry at me. Said I was a brat then he started hitting me." He said almost like he was ready to cry.

"Then Johnny came and stopped my Dad by hitting him over the head." Todd said sounding like he was relieved.

I smiled somewhat then grabbed my back pack.

I pulled my ice pack and cloth napkin from my lunch box.

I wrapped the ice pack in the napkin and gently placed the pack on Todd's bruise.

"It's cold." Todd whined a bit and pushed the pack off his face.

"Means it's gonna help the swelling go down." I said and placed the pack on Todd's face again.

"Hold it there for a hour and you should be good." I said as Todd put his hand in place of where my hand was.

Few minutes later Nny came back and got into the car.

"Buckle up." I whispered to Todd knowing the out come if he didn't.

"You too." Todd whispered back.

We both buckled as Nny started the car up.

"So what was the problem?" I asked cautiously.

"Oh I just needed to smash a few jocks heads in with a mallet nothing special." Johnny said smiling.

I gulped.

Squee squeaked a "squee" sound.

"Anyway ON TOO THE BRAIN FREEZYS!" Johnny exclaimed and punched it.

"Maybe I should have stayed at Skool." I thought as we went 0 to 120 in 3 seconds.

She probably should have then I wouldn't have this chapter now would I.

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