"It's so cold, Nezumi," Shion whispered, pulling the blankets up around his neck. "Do we have the heat on?" His bare back was vulnerable to the cold air, and the thin sheets on their bed did nothing to protect it. A shiver ran all the way down to his toes.

Although they shared quite a small bed, the two never slept together. Nezumi usually laid on the side facing the wall, leaving an unhappy Shion the rest of the mattress to get comfortable on. Very rarely would their legs or spines brush against one another - most of the time, there was no interaction at all - but Shion understood that Nezumi was a work in progress. Just sharing a bed took a lot of pleading on Shion's part, and he found it an accomplishment when Nezumi agreed to try it.

"We don't have heat down here," Nezumi answered simply, reaching up to scratch his neck.

Shion studied Nezumi's muscles intently in the dim light - the way they tightened as he moved his arm, and how they relaxed when he brought it back down. He shivered again and turned away. "Oh."

Nezumi exhaled slowly, calmly; and rolled onto his back, eyes drifting from the ceiling over to Shion, who was curled up on the other side of the bed. His expression softened. "I can lie with you. If you want."

"Huh?" Shion said reflexively, eyes wide. A content smile replaced his surprise when he felt a warm arm drape across his body, then soft tendrils of hair brush against his shoulder.

"I'll lie with you," Nezumi repeated into Shion's neck, closing his eyes when cool skin pressed up against his stomach. "You really are freezing."

Shion nodded slightly. "I know." After a beat of silence, he added, "I'm always cold."

Guilt hung over Nezumi, but he wasn't one for apologies; the words I'm sorry hadn't left his mouth since childhood. More often than not, he was the recipient of the amends being given.

"And..I...I like when you sleep with me."

Nezumi's lips turned up at the corners into a small smile, almost positive that Shion's neck was heating up.

"It reminds me of when we first met," he continued, voice dropping to a murmur. "You held my hand." Shion's fingertips absentmindedly flew to the scar on his cheek. "Ever since you...sort of, saved me...I've been waiting for you to it again."

Gently, Nezumi removed Shion's smooth hand from underneath his eye and entwined their fingers together. Strangely enough, having his palm pressed against Shion's felt comforting - a feeling that he'd been missing for a long time. "You're a sap," Nezumi mumbled.

"Mmm." Shion grinned when Nezumi's hot breath tickled the back of his ear. "Like you aren't."