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Getting ready

I did not want to go out, I didn't want to go out dancing, and I damn sure didn't want to get dressed up. But my darling best friend and roommate Rosalie Hale had other plans.

"Bella you can keep dragging your feet, but we are getting out of this damn apartment if it kills us." She says sliding her feet into her shoes. Any other time I would have been completely okay with going out and getting dressed up but I wasn't up for it today or any day in the near future.

"I'm not dragging my feet Rose; I just don't see why we have to go to this dance class."

"Because you won't go to a night club and there isn't shit else to do in this damn town on a Saturday night." She tells me and I have to agree with her there.

"But a dance class? I bet you it's a whole bunch of old geezers on Viagra." I say and Rosalie burst into laughter as I slid my feet into my pumps.

"Would you rather it was a shit load of guys our age feeling on your ass all night?"

"Doesn't matter either way we are still going to get felt up."

"Yeah, maybe I'll find a sugar daddy to pay our rent." She says and I laugh shaking my head because I knew she was serious. I checked myself out in the mirror and smiled.

"I forgot how hot I look when I get dressed to go out." I say.

"Exactly, you let that dick Paul take you out of your zone." Rosalie said walking up behind me to check herself out in the mirror. Paul was my recently ex-boyfriend and needless to say Rose hated everything about him. I spent three years of my life with that jackass just for him to tell me one day he just doesn't think we are meant to be. A week later I hear the bastard is getting married. Shocker right?

"I don't want to think about him."

"Fine by me, but I still say we should crash his wedding."

"No Rose."

"You're no fun." She says with a pout. We finish getting ready and then head out for the dance studio.

"How did you hear about this place again?"

"Ok don't be mad at me, but you know how I've been telling you I've been going to the library to study? Well I wasn't. I met this woman going to the coffee house one day, her studio is next door." Rose says and I look at her with a brow raised. She was a grad student but I never actually believed she was studying at anyone's library.

"Who is he?"

"The studio owner and teacher Esme Cullen was taking some things in and she has the hottest fuck me now son named Emmett helping her."

"Fuck me now?"

"Yes, I mean I've only actually seen him that one time, but I want him."

"How many times have you been to this dance class?"

"Borderline stalker."

"So you want to fuck her son?"

"Yes, she has two sons actually."


"Oh come on Bella, he's not as good looking as his older brother but he's kind of hot."

"How do you even know they will be there?" I ask her and she starts biting on her lip. I call her name and she doesn't look at me until we stop at a light.

"Esme announced that she was asking her sons to come and stand in to partner up since there are more women than men in the class."

"Of course. I should have known your sneaky ass was up to something."

"You'll thank me."

"What if they're married?"

"They're not even dating anyone. Esme and I talk."

"Does she know you want to rape her son?"

"I may have left that bit of information out." Rose said and we both started laughing.

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