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We hardly made it in the house before he had my dress up around my waist. Now I understood why he suggested Kloe stay the night with Alice.

He pressed me up against the wall and I moaned feeling his hands travel up over the back of my thighs and my ass.

"Fuck I can't keep my hands off of you."

"Then don't…" I replied back and he turned me around so that I was facing him. The light hint of hazel in his eyes blazed with fire, as he looked at me. No words needed to be said because I could see everything in his eyes. I pulled his shirt up over his head and quickly tossed it to the floor. Then I brought his lips to mine kissing him with all the emotion that was rushing through me right now. He was glorious; he was everything I could have ever asked for and then some. He was mine and I was his.

I don't know what Edward was thinking about but before I knew it I was up in his arms and he was heading upstairs for the bedroom. He placed me down on our bed and in a matter of seconds Edward had me completely naked before him.

"I'm going to make love to you for the rest of the day, do you understand?" He asked me and I simply nodded my head as I watched him undress. He joined me on the bed, balancing himself over me. I looked up at him and brushed his hair back over his forehead just as I felt him push into me.

My breathing hitched in my throat. He always felt so fucking good when he entered me. I pushed my fingers into his hair and his eyes shut. Slowly he moved inside of me, and when he opened his eyes to look at me he placed a kiss on my lips.

I lifted my hips from the bed meeting each of his strokes into me. It always felt like he was telling me so much by saying nothing when we made love. It was nothing I've ever experienced with anyone else and why from the beginning I knew that he was it for me.

Our love making that day was mind blowing, slow, passionate and overwhelming. I knew that no matter what I would be forever loved and cherished by this man and that was and would always be enough for me.

That night I knew then more than ever before that are little romance was no longer about just the two of us.

It takes more than two and we were about to embark on a new chapter of our lives.

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