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Ch. 1- The Xiaolin Gang goes to Vegas. Omi learns to gamble. (Takes place in season 1)
Genre: Humor, Adventure, Friendship
Pairings: None.
Rating: K


"Winner: Raimundo Pedrosa!"

Two boys tumbled to the ground as the Xiaolin Showdown's arena faded, the scenery turning back to reveal the skyscrapers of Las Vegas. Sounds of city life met their ears as they came back to reality.

Raimundo grasped his trophy in his hand—a Shen Gong Wu that looked like a chalice—and grinned. "Oh yeah! Am I good, or am I good?" he asked.

Jack Spicer, the other teen, stood as well. "Arg!" he cried. "I-I was so close! So close!" He abruptly turned on his opponent. "You must've cheated! There's no way you could've won that showdown!"

Rai flashed a grin. "Oh, don't be like that, Spicer. You're such a sore loser. You'd think he'd be used to losing by now," he added to Clay, who came up beside him.

Jack stiffened at the accusation. "I can win Showdowns!" he said, baring his teeth. With a push of a button, his heli-bot activated, lifting him into the air. Jack paused, shouting down to the monks. "I may have lost this round, but you'll see—the next Shen Gong Wu is mine!"

"He says that every time, but it don't come true," Clay commented, watching as Jack flew around a skyscraper and out of sight.

"Ah, let him leave. He's just a sore loser." Kimiko agreed. She looked down to Dojo. "Speaking of which, since we've got the Wu—" she motioned to Rai's chalice, "Let's go home and put it in the vault. I've got some chores I need to finish back at the temple."

"I agree," Omi said. "Dojo, if you could…"

"Woah, woah, woah, guys! Have you not noticed where we are?" Raimundo asked, pointing upwards. Skyscrapers and unusual buildings soared around them, and dozens were adorned with neon lights. The other four turned to look at him.

"…You mean, Las Vegas? What about it?" Clay asked.

"Yes! Clay, c'mon, you're from America, I thought you'd know all about this place! Las Vegas! You know, Sin City? The Entertainment Capital of the World? We're here, in the best place on earth, and you don't wanna take advantage of it?"

The others exchanged glances, then looked around. They were only blocks from the strip, and could hear the sound of people buzzing to and fro. Dojo looked thoughtful. "You know, he's right. It's been a while since we've had a vacation…" he commented.

"Yeah! And there are lots of things to do here! I mean, what could a few hours hurt?" Rai pressed, knowing he had their attention.

Kimiko looked thoughtful. "You know, you're right. I guess it would be fun."

Clay found himself nodding too. "Actually, I think I like this idea. Sounds good to me."

Everyone looked at the last member of their group. Omi looked indecisive. He wasn't up on culture references, and didn't know a whole lot about this 'Vegas' place. Still, his friends looked happy to be here, and it sounded like they really wanted to stay. "Well, I guess if it's only for a few hours, it couldn't hurt…"

At that, the others smiled. "Great! We'll meet back here in two hours." Rai said.

"Sure. You know, there is this amazing mall I've heard about in this city, called the Fashion Show Mall. I've always wanted to check it out…" Kimiko said, already beginning to wander away.

Clay went in another direction. "I heard this place has some really great all-day breakfast joints," he said as he left.

Raimundo pulled a magazine seemingly out of nowhere. "And that means I can check out that huge video arcade down by Treasure Island! See ya!" he exclaimed, walking away with his nose buried in the magazine.

Soon, only Omi and Dojo were left. "Looks like it's just you and me, kid," the dragon said, curling up on the kid's head. At a loss for what to do, the short monk began walking down the street, taking a back alleyway. "So what do you want to do?"

"I do not know," he answered. "I have never been to Las Vegas before. What is there to do here?"

"Well," Dojo "There's lots of things to do in Vegas. For example, you can gamble…" he stopped.

Omi raised an eyebrow. "Gamble?"

"Oh, gee, I guess you can't. You're too young to do it legally." Dojo sighed. "Not to worry, there's other things you can do. For instance, in Vegas, it's really easy to get a quick marriage—" again, he stopped, this time with a facepalm. "Nevermind."

"What did you mean, though? "Gamble"?" Omi asked.

"It doesn't matter anyway, kiddo, you're too young to do it." Dojo tried to change the topic, but Omi wouldn't have it.

"Too young? I am not too young! I can fight evil warlords and protect magical artifacts, but I cannot do your 'gamble'? No! I demand to know, this instant, what it is and how to do it."

Dojo didn't know how to respond to this. When Omi got going, or set his mind to something, it wasn't easy to get him to change his mind. He tried to think of what to say—unfortunately, someone beat him to it.

"You want to learn how to gamble, eh boy?" the two of them looked to the side; a man was standing, hidden in the shadows of a doorway. A greedy grin graced his face. "I could teach ya, if ya'd like t' learn. You got any money, kiddo?"

Omi was as ready-to-please as always. "Oh, yes I do, kind stranger." He said. "Do you know of this gamble business?"

"Know of it? Kiddo, I run it," he smiled crookedly, motioning for the kid to come closer. "Come on inside. Gamblin's easy. All you need to have to gamble is a little money, a little luck, and a good poker face."

A Poker face? Omi? Dojo cast a glance at the Chinese boy. He was smiling so wide in excitement, the dragon half-expected the boy's lips to fall off.

Dojo sighed. We're doomed.

Two hours later, Raimundo was strolling back from his afternoon in gaming. His wallet was empty—he'd hit almost every game in that place, though, so it was worth it. In his hands, he held a calendar. He'd won enough tickets at the arcade to "purchase" it.

With a grin, he unfolded it. "Hel-lo, Monica," he whistled at the woman on the front. She was wearing a top hat, stilettos, and little else. "Vegas Arcades give out the best prizes," he said to himself, grinning widely. He folded it back up again as he approached the rendezvous spot. "Though I better hide this when I get home. Clay's probably not interested, Kimiko would kill me if she saw it, and Master Fung… well, I think he'd have a heart attack," he thought to himself with a chuckle. And Omi's too young for this. He's like eleven, right?

Suddenly he paused upon reaching the meeting point. Clay was already there, munching on a corndog. "Hey there, Rai," he said between bites.

"Hi. Find your restaurant?" he asked, eyeing the cowboy's shirt. It had a few splatters on it, a tell-tale sign that he'd had a feast.

"Yup. Two of 'em, actually. I couldn't decide between 'em, so I chose 'em both."

"Um, cool, I guess," Raimundo shrugged. "Anyway, I was thinking—"

"Raimundo was thinking?" Kimiko interrupted, coming forward. "What a shock! Someone, stop the presses!"

Rai raised an eyebrow at her. "Ha ha," he said flatly. "You know, if it wasn't for my "thinking", we'd already be back in China by now," he pointed out.

Clay and Kimiko exchanged a look. "True," they both said at once.

Kim sighed. "I guess I should thank you. I found this cute pair of shoes…"

"Only one pair?" Rai asked skeptically.

"…Well, fine. I found these ten cute pairs of shoes…" she corrected, shaking her head. "Anyway, you were saying?"

"Right," Raimundo blinked. "Well, I was thinking… we're in Vegas."

His two teammates stared blankly at him. "Yeah, we noticed," Kim said sarcastically, holding up her bags for him to see.

"No, I mean—Vegas, you know, Sin City. Known for its casinos, gambling, drinking, women, marriages…"

"Going somewhere with this, partner?" Clay asked.

"…And, I was just thinking about Omi. Since he's, you know, eleven."

The three of them paused as realization dawned. "Oh man, you don't think he—" Kimiko began, slapping her forehead. "We should've warned him first, shouldn't've we?"

"Well, he might've found something non-illegal to do during these past two hours," Clay said optimistically.

"Are you kidding? With his 'luck', he's probably accidentally wandered into a nearby strip club," Raimundo countered.

"Actually, that's not a bad guess," the group looked down to find Dojo sitting at their feet. "But not the right one."

"Hey Dojo. Seen Omi?" Clay asked.

"Yeah. He told me to tell you guys that he was going to be a bit late. He wants to finish his game." Dojo said. When the others looked at him, confused, the dragon elaborated. "He's gambling."

"He's what? But he doesn't have any money!" Raimundo protested. The others glared at him. "Oh, and it's illegal too. Can't forget about that." He added.

"He bet the Shen Gong Wu," Dojo explained.

"Oh great," Kimiko slapped her forehead again. "Now we're gonna need to get the Wu back too…"

"Actually, no you won't," Dojo said. With a sigh, and a perplexed look, he explained. "…Because Omi's winning."

Everyone paused, blinking. Then, they exploded.


Dojo led them to a nearby casino. As they entered, the other Xiaolins spotted Omi immediately: he was sitting at a table with a few other shady-looking guys and gals. Beside him, shockingly enough, was a pile of chips stacked up high, and the Wu off to the side.

Everyone walked up to him. "Hi… Omi…" Raimundo said slowly, eyeing the huge pile of money-exchangeable chips. It must've been a few thousands' worth of dollars! "How are you?"

"Oh, I am excellent my friends," Omi answered as the dealer doled out more cards, and they placed their bets. "We are playing whitejack—" Rai assumed he meant blackjack—"And my luck is being most outstanding."

"Really?" Rai asked, looking around, eyeing the other gruff-looking 'customers'. "I don't know if you should be here… This place looks kind of shady."

"No Raimundo. This room is very well lit!" Omi answered back, making Rai facepalm.

"Well, son?" The dealer drawled, eyeing the boy. "Hit or check?"

"I will be with the hitting," Omi answered. The dealer rolled his eyes and flipped him another card. With another quick glance at his cards, Omi did some silent counting—and then grinned widely. "Now I am Staying," he announced happily.

Four other players promptly folded. "I don't get it," Dojo exclaimed at this, rubbing his head. "The kid's got a terrible poker face, and yet he's raked in at least a thousand dollars!"

The dealer revealed his hand to be a 19. Omi clapped his hands, showing his: it was a perfect 21. "Maybe it's his luck," Kimiko whispered. "It's pretty good."

"Oh, it is quite easy," Omi informed them with a grin. "You see, it is quite easy when you already know what cards have been played so far, and what's left in the deck. Then you know if the card you need might be in the deck still!"

The dealer frowned at this, leaning in. "That's called card countin'," he informed the small Chinese boy. "And you aint supposed t' do it."

Omi looked confused. "Then how am I supposed to win?" he asked.

"Luck boy," said the dealer, now glaring at the huge pile Omi had gathered suspiciously. "Card countin' aint legal. Not in my casino."

"Neither is letting an eleven-year-old gamble," Rai pointed out. Suddenly he and his three friends were under the dealer's gaze, which looked quite angry. Rai struggled to plaster on a weak smile. "Um, just saying…"

A minute later they found themselves kicked out the door, landing in a heap on top of one another. "And stay out!" the man shouted. He hesitated, and tossed the Shen-Gong-Wu after them, which hit Rai upside the head. "And take yer trash with ya!" he said, slamming the doors.

Rai sat up, rubbing his head. "That could've gone better," he groaned wistfully. They could've gotten out of there a few bucks richer, if it weren't for Omi's (and his own) big mouth.

"I think that's enough adventure for me today," Dojo announced. He shook himself off, then stretched out across the ground, growing larger. "Shall we go home?" the others nodded in agreement, grabbed the chalice, and climbed on his back.

They took off, and Omi smiled. Kimiko stretched. "That was a nice vacation, overall," she commented.

"You said it," Rai agreed.

As they flew off into the distance, Omi grinned. "That was fun, I liked the 'gamble'." he told the others. "We should come here again sometime!"

"You know you can gamble anywhere, right Omi?" Clay pointed out.

"I have an idea. How about tonight, we play a little game of poker?" Rai suggested.

Kimiko gave them a look. "Gambling is a bad habit. Omi doesn't know how to play, and besides, what would we bet? I don't have any money left." She pointed to her shopping spoils. It was true—the three of them had spent their money in Vegas, and Omi didn't get an allowance.

Still, Raimundo just grinned. "Gambling's fun in moderation. And we can always teach Omi, can't we? And as for what we'd wager, I thought that would be obvious—" he gave a wicked grin. "Chores."

The other kids' eyes lit up, and they smiled. Since chores were such a big part of their daily routine, the idea of passing on chores to someone else was very alluring. Rai turned to Omi, who looked eager.

"So," Rai said to the other three. "…Do you feel lucky?"

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