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Ch. 3- Summary: A new day is dawning, and Chase can feel change in the air…
Genre: Contemplative. Prestory. Prestory oneshot.
Pairings: None.
Rating: K
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On the Horizon

He is tired.

So very tired. There are no words for this kind of exhaustion. His body—his mind—his heart—is tired.

Always, he aches for sleep. But no matter how long his reptilian-gold eyes are closed, no matter how long he hibernates in his caverns, the ache does not pass. He will not be content until he sleeps forever.

Except he cannot sleep forever, because every day he wakes, just as he has for the last 1500 years.

Each new day is a tragedy for him. Each sunrise is a failure. And yet he revels in it, cannot let it go. Those golden rays fill him with joy, and with pride. Each sunrise, he knows that he is alive.

He has pondered long hours on how odd it is, that the Prince of Darkness takes the shape of a reptile that needs the light to live.

So he lives. He lives, though it kills him to do so. Every day, he learns, travels, fills his tired body with things that make him feel awake, if only for a little while. He fights, he trains, he perfects.

Seasons pass. He watches them go, with tired eyes.

He takes lovers. How many, he is not sure—eight or nine, perhaps. He has lost count, forgotten their names and their nationalities. What he remembers are their faces, their warm words, their smiles. Waking next to them helps him forget how tired he is. They open his eyes, they awaken his mind.

But as all things, they disappear, one by one, into the folds of time.

And he remains, his spiritual insomnia blackening his heart.

Then, light. Like the pinkening sky before dawn, Chase can sense them. The Shen Gong Wu are—humming. Even from his caverns, he can hear them beginning to wake. And their quiet hallelujah nudges his heart from the shadows, and stirs his quiet existence.

He has to find them.

He runs. The sound draws him back to China, to his old home. He has taken care to avoid the place, the memories. Now they drag him back, and surround him. And amidst the ghosts, he finds a familiar face. A living face.

Guan. Now 'Master Monk' Guan, he supposes. At first it seems impossible—how could his old friend have survived these 1500 years? Guan has not aged a day.

But he knows better. Guan has not lived this long; only stepped through from the past to the present. In Guan's arms, there are precious things. In his right, the Shen Gong Wu. The Sands of Time, the first of thousands to awake.

In his left arm, a small child. Yellow skin. Round face. The first, he would learn, of four.

So it begins. He flees, only to return, to watch. As fast as he blinks, the child grows—first crying, then smiling, then walking. It is not until the monks begin to teach the child combat that he understands—this child was brought, perhaps, to set the world in motion. To fight, to reclaim the Shen Gong Wu that continue to hum louder and louder in his ears.

The rest will awaken soon. A decade or so. He has grown disillusioned with time, so it does not seem long.

But suddenly the days are slowing, dragging themselves to a near-halt. He is awake. More importantly, he is alert. He can suddenly remember the hours, and then the minutes. The days do not blend together as they once did.

It is a good thing. He can use all the time he can get. He must prepare. The Xiaolin and Heylin are destined to clash, and he cannot miss a second of it. The dawn of a new day is on the horizon, and fast approaching.

Perhaps one of these new children can end his exhaustion. Maybe one of them can grant him sleep.

And if not, then perhaps, at least for a time, they can make him feel alive.

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July 13, 2012