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Fiona sat on her couch dumbfounded at Imogen's emotional outburst. She was shocked, but mostly she felt terrible. She knew she was the reason Imogen felt so bad. She was the reason her best friend ran off with tears in her eyes. She was the reason Imogen thought Fiona hated her...

Fiona was really excited that her best friend, Imogen Moreno, was coming over to stay the night. She hadn't seen her for a couple of days, since Imogen was out of town. Fiona missed her terribly, and couldn't wait until her company would arrive. She spent the couple of hours before Imogen said she'd be there to speed clean her entire loft, not that it needed much cleaning in the first place.

She remembered their last sleepover. Fiona spent the entire time freaking out about doing or saying something wrong that would scare Imogen away. She could have sworn she blew it when she gave her friend a kiss on the cheek. Fiona wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen again. She would try her hardest not to do anything borderline flirty.

Her plan was a lot harder than she expected. From the moment Fiona answered the door, Imogen had been nothing but super nice and cute. Oh God, why did she have to feel this way? She broke out of Imogen's hug as soon as she could, she couldn't trust herself to be that close to her friend with making some sort of move.

And when Imogen smiled, placing her hand on Fiona's arm...Fiona got chills. She decided the best way to get out from under Imogen's touch was to suggest a movie. Throughout the movie she'd noticed Imogen staring at her, 'you probably have some weird pimple or something on your face, she's not looking at you like you would look at her. Just calm down, watch the movie, do not look at her…'

Her thoughts replayed over and over begging her not to do something stupid. Unfortunately Fiona didn't notice what she was doing, or should I say what she was trying not to do, was hurting her friend. Every move she had made to avoid doing something stupid upset her friend.

It wasn't until Imogen placed her head on Fiona's shoulder that she even realized Imogen was not okay. Fiona had moved away from Imogen's touch, scared of what was happening. It was the final straw, Imogen had had enough. Next thing Fiona knew, Imogen was on her feet and yelling at her. She was crying too.

So that's why Fiona was alone in her living room dumbfounded. Imogen had went to bed, leaving Fiona sitting there feeling terrible. She sat there for 20 minutes wondering what she should do. She really upset Imogen, and she wasn't sure if there was anything she could do or say to make it up to her. It's not like it was the first time she's royally screwed up when it came to Imogen. She figured no matter how much she practiced, no excuse was going to be believable. She decided to just go for it and wish for the best.

Fiona entered her room quietly; she could tell Imogen was asleep. She made her way over to the bed, and sat next to her, gently shaking Imogen's arm waking her up. "Im?...Imogen sweetie?" She could tell from the change in breathing that Imogen was awake now,"I know you can hear me." She kept her hand on Imogen's arm stroking it absentmindedly.

"No I can't." She stayed in the same position, refusing to look up at Fiona.

"Imogen." Fiona used her hand to pull Imogen on to her back.

Imogen sighed, she finally gave in, "I…I just don't know what I did to upset you." She sat up to face her friend, "Fiona you're my best friend, hell you're one of my only friends, and when you act distant and weird like this I just get so worried you are trying to push me away, that you don't want to be my friend anymore." She looked away, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

Fiona took one of Imogen's hand's in her own, holding it tightly. "I would never stop being your friend. Imogen you're one of the greatest people I know. I wouldn't be able to live without you."

"Then why do I feel like we are falling apart?" Imogen pleaded.

"It's complicated, Im." She ran her free hand through her hair.

"You're supposed to be able to tell me anything." Imogen grabbed Fiona's chin, pulling her head up so she could look into her eyes. "Are you drinking again? Thinking about drinking? Fiona if that's the case I can help you. I would do anything I possible could to keep you safe, don't you trust me?"

Fiona lurched forward taking Imogen in into a hug. She didn't want Imogen to see the tears forming in her eyes. "It has nothing to do with drinking, I promise. It means so much to me to know you are there for me. It's like the greatest feeling ever."

Imogen pulled away from Fiona's embrace, but kept her arms around her waist. "Fiona I'm so confused. If it has nothing to do with drinking, then what could you possibly be too scared to tell me?"

Fiona couldn't hide from her any longer. She knew if she did she would just push Imogen away, and that was the last thing she wanted. There was only one thing she could do. She leaned in and placed a soft chaste kiss to her best friend's lips. "I've been too scared to tell you that." She searched Imogen's face for a reaction. When she didn't see complete disgust she explained, "Ever since the beginning of the semester I've had this silly schoolgirl crush on you and I can't seem to make it go away. That's why I thought distancing myself from you would help…."

Imogen cut Fiona off by kissing her gently. This kiss lasted longer than the one Fiona initiated moments earlier, it also wasn't as innocent.

Imogen pulled back and smiled, "I've been wanting to do that for so long."

Fiona was shocked, she was sure her face made her look like a deer in the headlights. Was this really happening? She was so confused, "I…I don't know what to say. Imogen, are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes silly. Could I be more obvious?" She moved a strand of hair out of Fiona's face, never breaking eye contact.

Still confused, Fiona queried, "But, but Eli. Aren't you…."

Imogen knew where her friend was going with this. 'Aren't you straight?' She always thought she was, doesn't everybody think they are straight before they discover who they really are? Growing up in a world where heterosexuality is the norm, people just assume that's what they are because that's what they are supposed to be right? Imogen always assumed she was straight, but she was never against the idea of being with another girl. The whole aspect of sexuality never really bothered her. It was something she never needed to think about or question. She knew she liked Fiona, even more so than she liked Eli, she knew there was some connection between them she wanted to explore. Whether that meant they would become a couple, well that was in the future. She just knew that right now she wanted to hold Fiona in her arms and never let her go…

Imogen cut Fiona off again, this time by saying, "I'm not sure what I am. All I know is I'd like to figure it out with you." She leaned in and kissed Fiona again, this time to reassure her that this is what she wanted to do, she was who she wanted to be with, nothing else mattered.

When she pulled away from the kiss she put a finger in the air pointing at Fiona, "Just promise me you won't hide anything from me again? No matter what it is, I'm right here Fi."

Fiona beamed with happiness and chuckled lightly,"Promise."

With all the 'heavy' conversation out of the way, Imogen was ready to get back to the way they used to be. Their fun, playfulness she enjoyed so much. "Good. Now can we watch a different movie, that one you picked was suuupper booorrring!" She over dramatized the last two words, dragging them out and throwing her head back.

Fiona dropped her jaw in offence, using one of her pillows to hit Imogen firmly, knocking her over. "Hey now! That movie's a classic!"

Imogen got up from the bed, muttering softly but purposely lout enough for Fiona to hear, "A boring classic." And with that she ran into the other room, Fiona chasing her, pillow still in hand.


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