The young woman scurried around the household, tending to her cranky children, while trying to prepare the meal for her husband. "Isabella Marie! Stop taunting Little Sue!" She carried four plates over to the long wooden table that sat in the middle of their large dining room. "William, would you fetch the drinks for your father and I?" Her tall, curly headed oldest son nodded and grinned, showing a throne of pearly whites. The young woman thought her son was dashing with those chocolate brown eyes of his, those soft curls, and the dimples that showed on his cheeks whenever he smiled.

Tonight was her husband's birthday and she wanted absolutely everything to turn out the way she planned it. Her five children always fought, and quite honestly she could use some relief. The young woman heard a knock sound at the door as she set the last plate onto the table. "How's my princess?" The husband cooed at his wife. She blushed at him as she untied her apron. "Happy birthday, my big man." Her hand landed on his muscular chest and stroked softly. Her husband captured her lips in a passionate kiss, like they did when they were teenagers. "Eww, mother! Why must you do that around us?"

The woman just laughed at her kids. "You'll understand someday…" She remembered when it really counted. She led her husband to the table where she treated him to his favorite meal of turkey, potatoes, and wine. Before sitting down, she told her kids to go pick out a storybook to read before their bed. They all scurried off into the library. "How was work?" She asked, as he tucked a wisp of her auburn curls behind her ear. "Boring as usual," He groaned.

"Daddy! Daddy, would you read us this new book?" His youngest child, Mara Lou chirped. The mother of Mara Lou speaks up quickly and says, "Why don't you go ask Isabella? It's Daddy's birthday, and he wants to eat his meal in peace—"

"Maria, Maria, it's okay. I can spare a few seconds." Well? As duty of a father, he was doing what he thought a father would do—or what his father never did for him. "What story is it, Boo?" Mara giggled at the sound of her silly nickname. "I don't know, I can't read!" He ruffles the child's mop of red curls.

"The…" He started to read the title, but stopped quickly when his eyes scanned over the words before his lips. "What is it, Robin?" The young woman questioned quickly. He just smiled. "The Ancient Chronicles of Moonacre Valley," He read. The young mother gasped. "I thought that was still hidden in Private Doors and Secret Lockers!" (A/N: I think that is what it is) "Guess not." He replied.

She watched her husband flip to the first page. "Once upon a perfect time, many hundreds of years ago…"

The used-to-be moon princess sighed deeply. Here we go again.