Found Ya, Flame Head

Katniss POV

So there I am, casually sitting up in a tree, minding my own business, when all of the sudden, the bimbo from District 1 shows up and starts hopping up and down like the idiot she is. Obviously, she has spotted me and is pointing me out to her fellow Careers. I don't know is this situation is more life threatening, or amusing, because the sight of her jumping gets me every time.

"Guys, look! There she is, up in that tree!" she shrills, which makes perfect sense considering how close she lives to the Capitol.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" the leader, Cato, asks tauntingly. At this, the District 2 girl , Clove, chuckles viciously.

"Found ya, Flame Head! What's the matter, mutations got your tongue," she purrs, smirking. "Well, I have just the thing for that. It's called death!" She pulls a knife out of what looks to be thin air.

"Clove, you'll never hit her from all the way down here. Just live in the moment! I mean, I found her!" Glimmer cheers. She skips over to Marvel and swings her arms around his neck, hugging him. She then walks over to Cato, and does the same, but with a bit of desperation in it that makes him angrily shake her off. Finally, she walks over to Clove (bad idea), and hugs her, tightly.

"Agh! She's hugging me! Get off of me you insolent fool!" Clove shrieks with fury.

"Hey! That looks fun!" Marvel chimes as he walks over and hugs her. I mean the citizens of District 1 have always been stupid, but is this much sheer idiocy even humanly possible?

"Ugh," Cato says while slapping his forehead. "I've always known you two are idiots, but this is suicide!" Clove swiftly reaches inside both of her sleeves and pulls put two deadly looking knives. "Okay, that's enough!" he says, his eyes wide with fear. I mean, I am terrified and I'm 80 feet above them!

"You two are so freaking dead!" she rages. Shit, this is a major safety hazard! The audience must be loving this.

"Run!" Cato shouts while trying to detain Clove. They dart leaving poor Cato to tame the furious Clove. Wow, this must be a devastatingly bad situation because I am feeling sympathetic towards the enemy. This is more entertaining than Panem Idol!

Cato pins her arms behind her back, but she manages to escape and tries to run towards Marvel and Glimmer. Cato catches her and forces her to the ground. He pins her hands, which are still clutching the knives, down with his own. He pins the rest of her body down with his, making sure no to crush the small girl. She is extremely small, and I know small when I see it because most of my District is starving to death. They are merely inches apart, staring into each other's eyes. Suddenly, Cato lowers himself down and kisses her!

I am gawping at them, in a total state of shock. Clove looks like she is shocked too, but eventually she closes her eyes and goes with it. Her hands drop the knives and Cato allows her up. When they are standing, Clove wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him again! This causes me to nearly fall out of the tree! Correction, I did fall! I am now 70 feet above them and one of the branches that broke off just hit Peeta on the head. Eh, he deserved it,

When Clove pulls away, Cato pulls her back by the waist. Damn! Will they ever stop? This is Cato and Clove we are talking about! They are vicious, homicidal freaks! Eh, I guess that the only people that vicious, homicidal freaks can love are people exactly like them.

It is about an hour until dawn and I am still sawing my way through the Tracker Jacker nest. By the time they are awake and fully mobile, the nest is loose. One of them came out and stung my cheek. I hastily throw it.

"Traitor!" I scream as the nest hits Peeta on the head, which is exactly what I was aiming for. Sucker.