Alright! Here is my new story called "Angels v.s Demons!" Hope you enjoy!

Normal POV

'Run. Just Run.' Her mind tells her. She is getting chased by Demons. 'I wish I can use my wings but they are damaged' Her mind reminds her. She is the Angel of Goodness. The Demons want her to be one of them. She refuses. So the Demons are going to do it the hard way by kidnapping her and torturing her until she says yes.

Her name is Scarlet Shine. She is very brave and defeats every Demon. She obeys every rule her Mom taught her. But her Mom recently died in a Demon war. Her Dad never pays attention to her because of the work he has. Now that the Demons are chasing her and want her, she needs to runaway from home. The Demons attacked her along the way and damaged her wings, but that doesn't stop her. She wouldn't betray the Angels of Goodness even if her life depends on it.

When a few hours pasted, the Demons stopped chasing her. Scarlet let out a sigh of relief and looked at the sign above her. It said "Welcome to Amity Park! Home of Danny Phantom!" She smiled to herself. She knew all about Danny Phantom. She knew he was the one that saved the whole world from the astroid! She then changed into her normal self. Her human self. She had light brown hair, a white shirt with yellow inside, light blue eyes, blue jeans, and light purple shoes. She was the brightest girl in the whole town. Literally! She then walked through Amity Park and found the house where it said 'Fenton Works.' She went up to the door and knocked. When a woman with a blue jumpsuit opened the door, Scarlet collapsed.

Scarlet's POV

'Dark. All I see is Dark. Demons. Chasing me. Gotta keep moving. Need to get away. Demons attack. I collapse. Demons capture me. "Let go of me!" I yell. "Let go." I begin to scream. "LET GO!" They put me in a chair. Strap me in. Then something burns. All I know now is that I'm evil.

I wake up screaming. Everyone in the house runs and sees me. I am laying on a couch in the living room. I see a woman in a blue jumpsuit, a man in a orange jumpsuit holding fudge, a red head lady that is about 17 wearing a black top with blue jeans, and lastly a jet black head boy wearing while with red inside and blue jeans. They all surround me.

"Hey sweetie. Are you ok?" The woman in blue said.

"Where am I?" I asked confused.

"You are in Fenton Works. You came up to our porch and knocked on the door. I opened the door and you passed out." The woman in blue replied. Everything came to me now. I remember all of last night. I remembered that I made a plan to come here so these guys can help me.

"Uh. Yeah I remember now. But there's a reason why I came here." I said as everyone came closer.

"Oh yeah? What is it then?" Said the boy in white. I smiled because I know who he is. (A/N: Wink, wink xD)

"There's Demons after me." I started as everyone gasped. "I know. But there's a reason why their after me. The reason is because I'm the Angel of Goodness." I finished as everyone gasped. I can see that they wanted me to explain.

"Let me explain. My name is Scarlet Shine. If you want you can call me Scar for short." They nodded. "Anyway I lived with my parents. My Mom taught me all the good rules that I must do and follow. And she taught me the bad rules that I must not do. My Mom was the one who always was on my back. When we were in Demon wars that we had she was like my backup. But she died recently in a Demon war we just had." Everyone gasped. The woman in blue interrupted.

"What about your father? Is he dead too?" I shook my head no. "Then what is he to you then?" She asked.

"Well my Dad never pays attention to me. He doesn't even look at me since Mom died. He said that I looked too much like my Mother. Before she died he had a busy job. He was like never home. Now he quitted and just sits at home alone." Everyone had faces that were about to cry.

"Please go on." The red head said. So I continued.

"The Demons saw my sadness. They said to join them but I refused every time they asked. They said they will do this the hard way and capture me and torture me until I say yes. I began to runaway. They gave up when I hit Amity Park. I knew Danny Phantom was here and went to find him." I then looked at the boy in white. I smiled. Danny gave a nervous smile back.

"So I knew where he lived and changed back to my human self. Yes I have a human self. I'm in it right now. So I saw Fenton Works you opened the door and I collapsed." I finished explaining and everyone was in complete shock.

"Oh Scarlet! Its going to be ok. And I'm Maddie by the way." Maddie said. I nodded.

"I'm Jack! And I love fudge!" Jack said and I nodded.

"Hi. I'm Jazz and this is Danny a.k.a Danny Phantom." Jazz introduced and I nodded and waved at Danny. He nervously waved back.

"Uh. Maybe we can explain this to Team Phantom?" Danny asked.

"Yeah we can. How much people?" I asked and hope not a lot of people.

"Only three. Sam, Valerie and Tucker." Danny replied and I nodded.

After Danny called them Sam, Valerie, and Tucker busted through the door.

"Ok Danny what do you need?" Asked the goth girl.

"Ok see that girl over there that looks like our age?" Danny asked and they nodded. "That's Scarlet Shine and she wants to explain something to you." They nodded and came over to me.

"Hi I'm Sam Manson. Short for Samantha but just call me Sam." Sam said and I nodded.

"Hi I'm Tucker. Tucker Foley. TF for Too Fine." Tucker said in a flirty voice and Sam kicked him in the leg.

"And Hi. I'm Valerie Grey. So watcha' need?" Valerie asked and I started to explain what I told the Fenton family earlier.

After I finished explaining everyone was shocked.

"Wow. That's really… Wow. I'm sorry that I'm wearing black though." Sam apologized.

"Its ok. At Least your kind and not a Demon." I joked and Sam agreed.

"So do you think they will find you?" asked Tucker.

"Maybe. But promise me this." I began to say as Team Phantom got close to me. "If they come and try to capture me, you will protect me and fight with me." They nodded and I smiled.

"Don't worry Scar." Danny said. "We will protect you and fight with you. I promise."

Wow. 6 pages I took up. Longest chapter I ever wrote. Well will the Demons find Scarlet? Will Team Phantom keep their promise? Find out in Chapter 2!