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Normal POV

Tucker and Sam rushed to Danny and Scarlet. Then they look at Vlad, who was unconscious on the floor.

"Suck him into the thermos Tucker! Before he wakes up!" Sam ordered. Tucker nodded and grabbed his Fenton thermos and sucked Vlad in. Then Tucker turned to Scarlet as Sam turned to Danny.

"Danny, Scarlet. Wake up." Sam and Tucker said in unison shaking them. But they didn't wake up.

"Have an idea?" Tucker asked.

"Yep. Hold on." Sam replied as she grabbed a bucket from the kitchen, poured water into it, and came back to where Danny and Scarlet were unconscious.

"Do it with me?" Sam asked.

"Gladly." Tucker replied with a smirk. Tucker then got hold of the bucket.

"On three, ready?" Sam asked. Tucker nodded. "One."


"THREE!" Sam and Tucker said in unison as the cold water from the bucket splashed on Danny and Scarlet's faces. They instantly woke up.

"What'sgoinon?" They said quickly in unison. They look up to see Tucker and Sam holding an empty bucket over their heads, laughing at their reaction.

"Not funny guys." Danny said annoyed.

"I'm sorry… but your reaction." Tucker said.

"Priceless!" Sam said as Tucker and Sam laughed more. But then calmed down when they realized WHY they had to do that.

"What happened?" Tucker asked in now serious mode.

"Well Vlad came back." Danny replied.

"He put our parents and Jazz on sleeping gas. Well I was in another room at the time. When I came down, I saw Vlad and the family down and he chased me. I was too frightened to think of my angel powers. So when he head locked me, Danny came." Scarlet explained.

"We fought Vlad, but he used a rare power that other Demons could get." Danny continued. "He used a Demon Wail."

"So is that why we found you unconscious on the floor?" Sam asked. Danny and Scarlet nodded.

"Where is Vlad anyway?" Scarlet asked. Then she went wide-eyed. "Did he escape?"

"No." Tucker replied. "We found him unconscious on the floor so I sucked him into the thermos." He then patted the thermos that was in his hand.

"I'll go send him back to the ghost zone." Danny said. He then grabbed the thermos from Tucker's hand and went downstairs and into the lab. While Tucker, Sam, and Scarlet went to go try waking up the family. When Danny got back up, he saw his parents and sister awake. He then handed Tucker back his thermos.

"Thanks." Tucker said.

"No problem." Danny replied. Then Danny and Scarlet explained everything to their family like they explained everything to Tucker and Sam.

Meanwhile Vlad just got sent back into the ghost zone. He just woke up too.

"Darn! If I can just only have one chance to get Daniel and Scarlene, I'll finally succeed my plan!" Vlad said as he got back into the Demon Home. He went to the king.

"You have returned! Where are Danny Phantom and Scarlene Angel?" The king asked.

"They defeated me. They are too powerful! How are we gonna have them as our own?" Vlad asked. The king sighed.

"Every year, we have a Demon War. And what we do is send a few Demons, and a few Angels. This year's battle, they chosen Scarlet as one of the Angels. And by the end of the war, it was just Scarlene and a Demon. Scarlene one. Since then we been chasing her everywhere and begging her to come to the Demon side. But she refused." The king explained. "But we could have another one. We could get Scarlet and Danny to be in the war compared on how there aren't much Angels left. So are you with me?"

"Oh yes I am! But I have one question." Vlad said.

"And what that?" The king asked.

"Why is it called "The Demon war" instead of like "Angels vs. Demons" or something like that?" Vlad asked.

"Because the Demons always want a war. And the Demons start the war so the Angels call it the Demon War." The king answered.

"Oh. Well let the war begin!" Vlad said as he and the king laughed.

In The Angel World…

A girl angel who had light yellow hair, light blue eyes, wore a light purple shirt with white pants and yellow shoes. Following by the white wings on her back. She was listening to the whole conversation between Vlad and the king from an Angel camera.

"Oh no." The Angel said. "I got to warn Scarlet before her friend and her get hurt!" She then flew down beneath the clouds and headed towards Amity Park where her old friend currently lives.

Aww. This was meant to be long. Darn! Well anyway, will the Angel warn Scarlet about the Demon War? Or will it be too late and the Demons will attack? Find out in Chapter 12! :D