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Always in Paris

The first time Tony and Ziva had come home from Paris, they were not alone. The witness, Nora, had commented about their closeness and even though they had quickly brushed off her accusations, they had felt something different in their relationship.

However, when they returned home the second time from Paris, their relationship had changed. They come to the beautiful city as nothing more than boyfriend and girlfriend, and returned as an engaged couple.

Yes, Tony proposed. It was so romantic, when Abby heard it, she cried buckets.


"Here we are," Tony helped Ziva onto the rowing boat. She smiled at him, looking stunning in a silk blue dress which went down to just above her knee. It was finished with a Tiffany teardrop necklace (given to her by Tony for her birthday) and some black satin around her waist).

He began to row slowly, a single lamp hanging from the edge of the boat.

"You look so perfect," he smiled at his beloved, "Scratch that, you are perfect."

"Thank you," Ziva failed to stop herself from blushing.

"This is why I am doing this," Tony released the oars and reached into his pocket. He then revealed a velvet box.

Ziva's hands flew to her mouth, "Oh my gosh."

He tipped the lid open, to reveal a simple gold band with a single diamond adorned at the top.

"Ziva David, I love you so much. I want to be in your heart forever, because you'll be in mine for eternity. I love everything about you- your beauty, your wit and your non-existent flaws. I want to be able to live in a paneled house with a picket fence. We can have two kids and possibly even a dog. I know you love golden retrievers. Will you marry me?"

"Yes," Ziva whispered, "A billion times yes. I love you so much."

With tears in her eyes, she held her finger out and Tony slipped the ring on her finger. She grinned for a fraction of a second before they lunged into a passionate kiss.

End of flashback.

The flight back was peaceful. Ziva just lay on Tony's chest as he continuously stroked her hair. Every so often, they locked eye contact and he would kiss her forehead lovingly.

The flight attendants just handed them enough food and drink for the journey home and left them to it. There was so much love in the couple.

They pondered about their last trip to Paris on the way home.

Their relationship had felt like it had changed.

And now it had become a reality.

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