Run. Run away, and don't ever look back. Ignore the people who stabbed you behind your back. Just run, fool.

Her subconscious screams. But her body stands there, glued to the ground. Betraying her internal self, she lets herself to be laughed and mocked by people.

She feels like a masochist. Everything they say, it hurts her more than a knife slicing through her skin painfully and slowly. Why did she deserve it? What did she do to the others? What has she done? Heck, she is only trying to help, and yet, her efforts are fruitless. She wants to clear the misunderstanding, but none of them are willing to listen, so they will only turn away and drown all what she tries to say.

She feels so miserable, so puzzled, and so angry at herself.

Just, why? What did I do to deserve this?


She feels like jumping off of a cliff right now.

But she can't.

Seriously, why? She keeps asking herself. It is no use. She can hear their cold and menacing words that scar her very being.

Some say she steals the spotlight, the other half hisses that she has too many men wrapped around her fingers, and some others whispers that she has no friends; and her best friend leaving her alone must have left some sort of disputes between the two. And they murmur that she doesn't know herself.

Damnit, she cannot take it anymore.

(Although, the last part sounds half-true, she chuckles darkly. What's the point if she used to have four charas with her?)

All of these aren't true! You're all lying, you don't know me well!

This is what she wants to scream out, but no sounds come through her mouth. She just stands there, gaping. And sobbing. While many laugh at her pitifully.

She's imperfect, yes. But why do people look at her with jealousy and spitefulness? They're practically turning their backs against her for a stupid reason!

She doesn't have any choice, does she?

What a damn coward you are, idiot. She tells herself. If only Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia were hereā€¦

But her charas have already gone back to her heart.

She needs someone to take her out of the dark.

Right now. Nownownow.

But she hardly sees a light of salvation to rescue her.

"Somebody, help me..."


(a/n: -edited on April 10th.-

This went out of nowhere, I know. It lacks a lot of details and depths. That's because I haven't been writing so long. It's been like, what? A few years? Damn straight.

I just despise how writers here make Amu an antagonist, just because she gets in the way of every pairing (mainly Rimahiko.) I mean, what the fuck? I know everyone's entitled to their opinions, but this is getting overused. So this is why I wrote this.

Let me say this straight: You can't really hate Amu. She's a fictional character, and every person around her considers her as an important person in their lives. You want to know why? She changed them into a better person. I used to hate her because of her growing popularity and "perfection," but my views upon her changed.

oh well derp, thanks to all anti-Amu out here, I got back to my feet. I regret nothing~.)