Well, I've seen a few like this before but i thought I'd give it a crack myself!


Chemistry- 4th period

Sam = Italics Freddie = Bold

Yo dork, cant believe you uploaded the wrong film doofus

Look demon I've said I'm sorry what else can i do

I dunno but putting ants down your pants would be a good start!

Why are you always so vicious! It isn't my fault

Because i wanna be and of course its your fault, now all the awesome kids don't get to be in the talent show loser.

Look lady, I've said I'm sorry and I'm sure Carly will think of some way to sort this out so just leave me alone with my equations

You'll be alone with your equations for the next 50 years

No i won't cuz it's only a matter of time before Carly realises I'm the guy for her!

What ever Freddimimi CARLY WILL NEVER LOVE YOU. Bye

Bye demon

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