One Piece: Crimson Scale Pirates

Summary: a boy rumoured to be Crocodile's son, takes to the seas in search of the famed Black Heart, a diamond rumoured to be a fragment of the lost Pirate Crown. Making friends and enemies along the way. Lee Alligator Red will eventually face the man who ruined his life, the person who gave him the power over sand.


OC form!

Okay guys my first One Piece OC fic! Now I will only accept five characters for the Crimson Scales but I will be accepting other Characters for other roles. So I will use Alligator as a example.

Name: Lee Alligator Red

Age: 17

Appearance: considered a handsome child with liquid green eyes and messy black hair, Alligator is known to attract unwanted attention from other Pirates and criminals. Thankfully his lanky frame and his left Hook Hand generally stop any wicked thoughts. His attire consists of a sleeveless white button up shirt and black slacks with brown leather laced shoes. He also has a fur coat that is sometimes draped over his shoulders. This makes many accidentally mistake him as Crocodile.

Personality: a very calm and focused individual, Alligator can sometimes appear distant and cold. However he is known to have a positive outlook on life and does his best to cheer someone up if they are feeling down. Alligator is completely different when angered, this is when he most resembles the man he despises most. He literally becomes a power house of unnatural strength, it is belived that his anger is the source of his power.

Fighting style: Hand to Hand Combat

Devil Fruit: Sand Fruit

Powers: Alligator can control sand and even become sand. Though he rarely uses such a gift or curse depending how you look upon it, believing that he should use his own strength and not that of a Devil Fruit. His common attacks are Deserto Spada (Desert Blade)and Deserto Arashi (Desert Storm) both aim to hold a enemy in place so Alligator can land a killing blow. He has other attacks in his arsenal but he has yet to go all out in battle.

History: This will be told in a special chapter. ( this is optional if you wish for your character to have a Chapter dedicated to their past then send me the details in a PM)

Okay then just to say this fic will eventually enter Canon. Now that's all out of the way, I hope to see some characters soon!

Gandalf42 out for now!