Crimson Scales

Chapter 1: Alligator Red

The Marine Captain crashed through the tower and landed in a crumpled heap before the crowd. He was man who had hunted Pirates with a passion and had arrested many of the foul jackals that prowled the Grand Line.


He had never met the Pirate Captain that walked from the dust and debris as if he was on pleasant stroll. Sand seemed to move around the pirate like a snake and the glitter of the blood-stained hook, sparkled with a cheeky glow.

Alligator Red

The Red King

Bounty: 85 million beli

The boy was going to be the Marine Captains chance at promotion. it was not often one of the higher tier Pirates enter the Grand Line as they generally prayed on ships leaving the protection of the Government. Yet when Captain Donovan heard that the Red King had arrived on Ink island, he gathered his troops and set out to catch the Pirate that had stolen many of the Governments possessions.

It started out okay as they captured the Phantom Anthem while it was docked in Ink Harbour but Alligator Red was not aboard.

So Donovan decided to sell the ship to a well respected contact of his. Arlong was one his most trusted informants and had a habit of collecting a vast amount of wealth and would make a great deal of money from the Anthem.

It had taken him seven days to find the allusive Pirate but managed to corner him.

It was really a stroke of luck they found him.

One of the recruits had left the Hotel they were accommodating when the kid saw Alligator Red helping a old woman across the road and helping her with her shopping. The sight had left the cadet stunned for several minutes before he abandoned his smoke and ran to get his captain.

There was seventy Marines that surrounded Alligator in the town square as the Pirate was getting his shopping.

The events that led up to Donovan's predicament went like this.


Donovan towered over his men as he watched Alligator look around at the Marines, all pointing their muskets and swords at him. The Marine Captain grinned with tobacco stained teeth and spat out the chewed tobacco leaf.

" Give in brat we got you surrounded." he snarled in glee, this was his chance at becoming a Vice-Admiral. His men shifted as Alligator turned his attention to the overweight Marine.

Alligator was tall, he stood over several of the Marines and his green eyes showed his Amazon heritage but the mop of raven black hair, strong jaw and the silver Hook made him look like someone else.

Donovan felt his grin wither under that bland gaze, suddenly feeling that seventy men would not be enough.

" You made three mistakes." Alligator drawled, the sheer sound of his voice made every Marine feel as if they made a error in judgement.

" One. You took the job. Two a crew of Cadets and a wastrel of a Captain? Fucking insulting. But the last one is the worst mistake you made." the Pirate brought his left leg forward and raised his Hook.

" You challenge me on a island made of sand."

He moved so fast, he seemed to glide past several Marines before they simply fell apart. The Marines looked on in horror as their comrades fell into multiple pieces.

One recovered quickly, aiming his musket at Red's unguarded back and pulled the trigger. The gun boomed and belched a cloud of smoke, the lead ball sailed through the air only to be caught by a small tendril of sand and crushed. The Marine looked startled as he was kicked in the throat so hard his neck snapped and his head rolled loosely on the broad shoulders.

More guns barked but Alligator seemed untouchable as sand kept intercepting the deadly shots and swords were turned aside with practised ease by the wicked Hook that tore out throats and ripped flesh with ease.

Alligator struck a Marine, who was trying to reload his cumbersome weapon, with a vicious uppercut. Bones shattered and blood sprayed the air as the man bit his tongue in half.

The Pirate ducked a vicious swing of a sabre and slammed his palm into the mans gut, he forced a sphere of roaring sand through the mans stomach and launched the Marine into a shop stall.

Donovan could only watch as his unit was being demolished with ease. He never imagined someone so young holding such power and the Pirate had not even used his full power!

He felt sweat run down his many chins as he quickly did a head count.

Out of the seventy men only thirty three were still standing as Alligator paused in his assault. He was not even touched by a single drop of blood or dust from the brief chaotic fight.

Alligator looked at the surviving enemies and raised a eyebrow as they began to back away from him.

"Sorry but I can not let you leave." The Marines did not have time to scream as Alligator raised his arms, making sand suddenly engulf the lot of them in a choking embrace.

Only Donovan was spared as he watched with frightened eyes as Alligator muttered the name of his attack.

Desert Burial!

The sound of breaking bones and the squelch of bursting bodies was deafening and Donovan whimpered as the stained sand retreated back into the dusty ground. The bodies had been completely devoured by the sand even the corpses of the fallen.

Now it was just Donovan and Alligator. The Captain dropped his sabre and raised his hands in surrender.

" I.. think we started off on the wrong foot." the pathetic excuse of a man stammered as Alligator began to walk towards him, the stained Hook made the Marine Captain panic as the intent in the boys eyes was made clear.

" Wrong foot?" Alligator said, malice seeping at the edge of his voice, his planned holiday had been spoiled. He had been forced to kill a bunch of trainees. He noticed how sloppy they had fought and obvious this was not a ordered mission. " How will you explain to their families? How many Mothers, Children, Fathers and Lovers will feel when they receive the Yellow Letter, telling them that their loved ones died for one mans greed?"

Donovan felt ice in his gut as the Pirate Captain was only a meter away. Alligator Red had always followed a simple well known rule, it was even known to the Marines though many just seem to be attracted to the money count.

Alligator Red only fought if provoked.

139 Marines, 4 Captains and 1 Vice Admiral had broke that rule and now those numbers were about to increase today.

Donovan did not even register the punch till he was half way through the Town's Clock tower. His nose was flattened into mush and most of his teeth rattled loose from the impact.

He now lay in the dirt like a common beggar as his death walked casually towards him. The towns folk had gathered as the fight unfolded and they anticipated the Marine's death.

They liked the Pirates because they helped keep the town running and safe. They watched with glee as Alligator walked over the fat man as if he were a mere carpet, making sure to slam his heel into Donovan's ruined nose.

The Pirate walked towards the old lady who he had helped this morning and smiled.

" Sorry for the mess Duchess." he said with a sheepish smile. The old woman smiled and patted his chest since he was too tall for her to reach his shoulder.

" Not at all laddie, they would have come here soon enough. Though we were unable to stop them taking your ship." the Duchess said sadly but felt amusement as the scum in the dirt was now being strangled by tendrils of sand. Alligator grumbled as his precious ship was taken to god knows where. Who knew what foul things they would do to her!

" Don't worry about it. The Anthem will be fine but can I ask if I can borrow a ship?" he asked as the town folk began to mock Marine as the fat man now being thrown around like a bouncy ball.

The Duchess nodded

" Of course you can! Maybe you will find the person you are looking for in Tortuga, its only two days sailing towards the west."

Alligator hummed in response at this new information. The main reason he had come to the Grand Line was to find a Crew. With the Piracy on the rise many poor soul seek fortune as the jackals of the Great Blue. Alligator knew where to start as the person he was searching for had been on his mind for the past seven months.

" Are you sure she will join you?" Duchess asked, sceptical as the Rouge was famous for her mistrust of men.

" There is only one way to find out. Now what about this ship?" Alligator responded as he could feel in his bones that he was about to find someone of great importance in the coming years.

A woman capable of calling the power of Nature.

A woman that had sunk a entire island in her rage.

The only person to eat the Storm Storm Fruit.

Sora no Arashi

The Goddess of Thunder

Bounty: 660,000,000

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Crimson Scales! Chapter 2: Goddess of Thunder!


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