3 Days later…..

Zack: Ok. It's the night of our first gig at the Weenie-Howl Music Festival. Everyone ready?

Yin: Ready.

Yuck: All Set

Yo: Set

Yang: I've been ready since noon time.

Zack: Ok then. The limo should be outside. I'll go in my Lamborghini.

Yang: Can I ride with you?

Zack: Sure I guess.

*An hour later after the bands Crazy For Nuts, The Crack Band, The Jazzy Five, The Vocals, and the rap group Infectious n dangerous performed*

Announcer: And now the moment you've all been waiting for. Hailing from Chinatown and with their front man hailing from earth! Here Is ROCK FLU!

*We take the stage*

Zack: How ya doin' peeps?

Crowd: GREAT!

Zack: Who wants to hear some rock and blues?

Crowd: WE DO!

Zack: I can't hear you!

Crowd: WE DO!

Zack: Ah that's my kinda music. Here's our first number, Felix Da Cat!

Yang: Oh man I can't believe I'm onstage with my hero performing my favorite song by his other band on GUITAR!

Yin: 1, 2, 3, 4!

*We play the song*

Zack: And now here's something that might remind YOU of a girl you liked in high school. This song should bring back some CRAAAZY memories. Remember the time you convinced your crush to go out to a cliff in your Mustang, Challenger, or Camaro? You did something you STILL regret today. Here is Prettiest Kitty, an Edgar Winter cover.

*song plays*

Announcer: And THAT is how you rock! We just need a few minutes to collect the votes and find the winner of the Weenie-Howl music festival battle of the bands.

*About 5 minutes later*

Announcer: Here's the moment. The 3rd place winner is….Infectious n Dangerous. 2nd place goes to….The Vocals. Now, the moment you've ALL been waiting for. The winner is…..

*drum roll*

Yang: Please let it be us.

Announcer: We have a tie. It's Crazy for Nuts against Rock Flu. We'll do a tie breaker song from each group. Crazy for nuts you go first.

*They play the song My Sharona with quite a few hiccups in the beat.*

Announcer: All right Rock flu. Knock it outta the park.

*We Play Born in the U.S.A.*

Announcer: All right. We got the votes. And the winner is…..ROCK FLU!


Announcer: The votes went to Rock Flu for doing an updated version of a classic song. You played a song un-updated with quite a few screw ups.


Zack: All right Yang settle down.

*Our prize is a $2.5 million recording contract, free Beats by Dre studio headphones for life, a brand new limo, and a lifetime pass to the new theme park "AutoTopia: The Luxury Car Playground"*

Zack: We did good. We'll split the cash even and get a bigger dojo attached to a mansion.