Summary: Kol goes to Denver to help Klaus. Jeremy is in Denver having A Better Life. Somehow their paths cross and friendship ensues.

The Baby Bro Club

Chapter 1: Alcohol and Creepy Smiles

''I'm going out! I'll be back before eleven!''

From the living room came a reply, slightly muffled by fact that there was a wall in the way.

''Take care and have fun, Jer!''

Jeremy sighed as he pulled the door closed behind him. Peter and Alice were nice and not at all bad to live with, but sometimes he needed time away from them. Getting into the car that Peter and Alice had lent him for going to school, he quickly checked his phone to see if he had any new messages. He hadn't heard from Elena in a while, but that was not really a surprise. She was probably busy with all the Klaus stuff.

As expected there was no message from his sister, but there was one from David, one of his new friends at school. He asked Jeremy if he could get drinks for the party later, since David was younger than Jeremy and had absolutely no chance of buying alcohol.

Jeremy texted back that he would try, but not to expect miracles. While back in Mystic Falls they were pretty lenient with alcohol, he doubted that he could buy any in Denver especially since he was only sixteen. Still, he probably had a higher chance than David, who had skipped a year back in elementary school and was still fifteen. He had to ride with his sister to school every day and used to have to wait for her after school as well, until Jeremy had offered to drive him home last week.

Well, that settled it. Time to find someone who looked older (and was older) to buy alcohol for him. He sighed again as he pulled out of the driveway. This was going to take a while.




Half an hour later it had started raining, and he gave up the slightly foolish hope of running into someone he knew that could help him. Any sane person would have found shelter by now. He was about to pull over to call David when he saw someone walking on the side of the street. It was hard to see through the pouring rain, but the guy seemed familiar.

As he slowed down, he realized where he had seen the guy before. It had been at school that afternoon, when he was walking with David to his car.

''Hey look, another new guy,'' David had said, pointing at the brown-haired boy walking to the administration. ''I guess there are lots of transfer students this year. What year do you think he's in? Senior?''

''Probably,'' Jeremy had replied, not really that interested, before changing the subject. ''So you said we were going to hang out later right?''

After he rolled down the window, Jeremy saw that it was indeed the same guy that was now walking through the heavy rain in something that very much did not look like a rain coat.

He hesitated for a moment, before realizing that this was Denver, and he was going to have to stop worrying about vampires all the time. He pulled over next to the guy, who looked over curiously when he heard the car stop.

''Hey,'' Jeremy said, ''want a ride?''

The guy looked about to refuse, which Jeremy could understand. Just because it was raining and walking through this weather sucked, didn't mean that he would get into a car with a random stranger. Then, however, the guy looked at Jeremy, and his eyes widened in what appeared to be surprise and a small satisfied smile appeared on his face. He looked like a cat that had just trapped a bird and was feeling very pleased with itself. Needless to say, it was not a very reassuring smile.

It also didn't last that long, almost immediately, the smile was replace by a more friendly one, and Jeremy could almost believe he had imagined it. The guy probably recognized him from school, just like he had.

''Thank you,'' The guy said, looking at Jeremy with an almost hungry expression. ''I would very much like that.''

Jeremy watched the boy walk around to the passenger side of the car, and he quickly rolled up his window again, before more rain could come in. He looked over as the guy settled into the passenger seat and fumbled with the seat-belt for a moment. Jeremy leaned over to turn up the heating, and because of that missed the confused look on his passenger's face as he looked at what the younger boy was doing.

By the time Jeremy started the car, the look had been replaced by a grin.

''Thanks for the ride,'' The guy started in what Jeremy realized was a posh British accent. ''My name is Kol, that is spelled as K – O – L, in case you were wondering. Nasty weather, isn't it?''

Jeremy nodded, smiling. Nasty was definitely an understatement.

''I'm Jeremy. So where are you going? It isn't really good weather for taking a walk,'' he asked Kol who was looking at the buttons of the car as if he had never seen them before. Maybe he was interested in cars. Jeremy hoped he wouldn't ask anything about that, cause he had never really been paid attention to cars and he would probably sound like a fool if he tried to answer any questions.

Fortunately Kol didn't ask, instead turning back to Jeremy and answering his question.

''I was hoping to find a place to eat,'' Kol smirked, ''then it suddenly started to rain. There's no rush, anything to be out of this bloody weather. Did I see you at school this afternoon? I thought I recognized you.''

Jeremy nodded, speeding up a bit to avoid a car. ''I saw you at the administration. Are you a transfer student?''

''Sort of. I'm starting school tomorrow morning. I was home-schooled for a long time.''

He leaned back in the chair, and Jeremy wondered if Alice would be mad to see her passenger seat soaked, before deciding that there was nothing he could do about it.

''Will you be a senior? You look to old to be a junior.''

Kol seemed to find that funny, and another smirk appeared.

''I'm definitely a senior,'' he just said.

Jeremy nodded. There was a brief silence in the car while he took his time formulating his next question. He would like to say that he had offered the boy a ride out of the goodness of his heart, but the truth was, he hoped the boy could do him a favor.

''So me and some friends from school were going to hang out this evening,'' he started carefully, ''Would you like to come too? That way you will get to meet some people before you start school tomorrow.''

Kol smiled at him. ''Jeremy, I would love to hang out with you and your friends.'' Before Jeremy had time to notice the strange emphasis Kol had put on certain words, he continued. ''It will be great to know people, I'm planning to have a good time here.''

Jeremy had a strange foreboding at those words, but he pushed it aside so he could ask his real question.

''David, one of the friends that will be there tonight, asked me to see if I could get drinks for us, only I'm not old enough to buy alcohol. Since you look older, do you think you could...'' He trailed off as he saw a smirk appearing on Kol's face.

''You want me to buy alcohol for you and your friends? Isn't that illegal?'' Kol asked, and Jeremy looked away, suddenly nervous. It was sort of illegal, and what if Kol thought he was an alcoholic? Kol seemed like a nice guy, and Jeremy hoped that they could be friends. Before he could get too nervous about having ruined their beginning friendship, Kol spoke again eyes twinkling mischievously.

''Sure, no problem. I can buy the stuff for you.''

Jeremy looked at him gratefully.

''Really? Thanks man, David would be so annoyed if I showed up with nothing. Don't worry about the money, I'll give you some. You just have to buy it.''

Kol smirked at him, before once again settling in his seat with his head against the head-rest. He closed his eyes, still with a satisfied smile on his face.

''Not a problem. Anything for my new friend.''

Jeremy smiled, satisfied with how well his plan played out. Not only would he get the drinks, but he also had made a new friend.

He loved how here in Denver he only had to deal with these kind of small problems, as opposed to the more life-threatening problems of Mystic Falls. Moving here really was for the best. He had two friends (three if you add Kol), a dog that was waiting for him at Alice and Peter's house, and he was going to bring the drinks for tonight.

Life was good.




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