Shadow P.O.V

The room Silver and I sat in what felt like a closet. Clothes racks that filled the room held all sorts of different type clothing and multiple small desks completed the room with small mirrors at them. It was like a little dressing room and in a way it was since we were using it as such, but it was really a storage room. So it wasn't exactly a dressing room, but wasn't a closet either.

Everyone else had finished dressing and had left a few minutes before leaving Silver and I alone before the wedding. Silver and I were adjusting our ties in complete silence. I had requested to speck to Silver in private and asked everyone to leave. They left but that didn't stop Sonic's suspicious glances in my direction.

I sighed finally and stopped messing with my tie. I caught Silver glancing at me through the corner of his eye as he continued to mess with his already straight tie. I ran my fingers through my neatly put together quills before straightening my body even more and looking fully at Silver. "Do you think I'm doing the right thing?"

Silver squinted at the mirror in front of him, but continued to fix his tie. "What do you mean, Shad?"

I continued, "I mean…do you think that I'm…doing the right thing by marring Amy?"

Silver sighed and stopped fixing his tie. He placed his hands down on the desk in front of him a clenched and unclenched his fist. "It's that Maria girl…isn't it," he asked slowly.

I didn't answer, but only stared down at the desk in front of me. Silver noticed my quietness and asked again, "You love Amy…don't you?"

I bit my lip, "Yes I love Amy-"

"Then why ask a question like that?"

"I love Amy, but not like I thought I did…"

Silver cast a glance my way, "So…it is that Maria girl."


"I should have known," Silver said, "I'm such an idiot…I should have seen the signs."

"You're not an idiot."

"But I am," Silver argued, "I should have kept you two away from each other when A-"

Silver stopped talking and glanced around the room trying to avoid my eyes. "I'm sorry," Silver said as he calmed, "What are you going to do. I'm your best friend…since ever…whatever you chose…I will support."

"I'm going to tell Amy and Maria I truth, I plan on resigning the group, and I'm going to staying with Maria."

Silver looked down for a moment before looking back at me. It was hard not to take everything on my to-do-list back. When he looked back at me there were tears in his eyes that he was desperately trying to hold back. He remained quiet after my hearing of my plan, but his silence didn't last forever. "I wish you would come back to Hollywood with us…"

"Or you could…stay?"

"You know I can't," Silver paused, "I can't leave Amy in her time of need. If she decides to leave she'll need a shoulder to lean on."

I understood what he was saying, but couldn't help but feel betrayed. My best friend since forever was going to choose his friend for five years over me. But I knew that I also was in no room to talk since I was choosing a crush of a few months over five years. So even if I understood his reasoning. I couldn't help but questioning it out loud to him.

"Maybe you could come and visit…often," I muttered.

I glanced over at a sad looking Silver, who gave me a faint smile. He stood up and hurried to fix his complexion as I followed in suit. But Silver finished before I and he throw his arms desperately around me and tightened his hold.

"I come and visit you every day," promised a very broken silver hedgehog, "I'm going to miss you."
Silver was broken and I had never seen he this broken since when his first girlfriend before Blaze broke up with him for some hunk she never got together with.

Slowly and uneasily, I too hugged Silver back. "I'm going to miss you too pal."

There was a pleasant silence as we both listened to Silver's sniffles. But eventually Silver cleaned up his appearance as there was a light knock on the door. Silver and I shared a glance at each other. I glanced at the clock above the door and noticed that time was fast approaching stating time. Silver was already at the door when I look away from the clock. He opened it and standing there was Maria.

"Maria, you look divined," Silver complemented as he hugged her, "Excuse my though, I need to see Blaze. Do you know where she is?"

Maria in fact did look very beautiful. Her quills were braided into one braid and her bangs her curled, she wore a simple dark pink dress that only reach to her knees and was decorated lightly with sparkles towards her upper half, and she wore matching flats.

"Yes," Maria paused for as she pulled away from Silver, "I-she…she waiting by the entrance waiting to walk down the aisle."

Silver smiled at her, "Great…Anyway I'll be going. It's lovely to see you though Maria…Bye Shadow."

Silver winked at me before he stepped passed Maria and closed the door. Maria bit her lip and stepped forward. Her hand reached up and touched my tie before roaming her hands around my chest. She smile at me, "You look very handsome."

"Yeah it's just this stupid tie giving me trouble."

Maria's smile brightened and she laughed as she fixed it for me. She started to pull her hands away, but I grabbed one and brought it to my cheek. Maria bit her lip again, "Shadow…"


Maria quickly pulled her hand away, "Shadow we can't do this anymore. You're getting married…"

I grabbed her hand as she turned to leave and stopped her. I took a deep breath, "I love you."

She whipped around with tears in her eyes, "And you're getting married."

"I want to marry you."


"Maria pleases…will you marry me?"

I had knelt down in front of her when these words left my mouth. Maria looked stunned, she glanced all around trying to think and I couldn't help, but hope.

"Amy," she finally said, "What about her?"

"I'll tell her the truth…I'll tell everyone the truth…"

"What about your career?"

"Didn't Amy tell you? We-I plan on resigning and staying here."

"Why now? Why not earlier?"

"Because I was stupid and foolish," I paused, "Maria will you marry me or not?"

Maria grinned, "Demanding…but I'm afraid…"

My heart was beating fast and I dreaded the worst. She was going to say no. What was I going to do? I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear what Maria said.

"Shadow," she said interrupting my thoughts, "did you hear what I said?"

I looked at her puzzled, "What?"

She giggled, "I said…Yes I will marry you. I love you so much Shadow, to the moon and beyond."

As the music started so didn't the people walking down the aisle. Silver stood by me and smile happily along with Sally's father. Silver only stood by me because at the last minute Amy had decided to make the best man stand beside the groom and the maid of honor goes down the aisle by herself.

The order remained the same, Maria and Sonic, Blaze and Tails, Knuckles and Rouge, Cream, and little Kathrin throwing light pink petals. But finally Amy appeared out behind Kathrin in a simple yellow dress that only made it to her knees. It shunned in the sun like the other girls and I glanced at Sonic to see what he thought. Of course he was awestruck by her beauty and I knew that I was doing the right thing by letting Amy go.

Amy made it to me and smiled brightly as I held out my hand and she took it. We turned to Sally's father and waited.

Sally's father asked if anyone opposed to us as a couple, but when no one said anything he smiled and continued on with his long speech. I glanced at Maria as Sally's father continued with his speech. She was smiling at me unlike at the rehearsals and I smiled back. Amy took it as me smiling at her and her smile brightened.

Sally's father finished his speech and continued, "Shadow T. Hedgehog Wilt thou have this Woman to thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?"

This was it after so much hard work, stress and tears I was going to turn it down for something else yet to be started. I knew I loved Amy cause I didn't want to hurt her and it wasn't easy to break this to her. But it had to be done. If I wanted a life with Maria I needed to take that step towards her.

I glanced back at Silver and noticed he was urging me to say my answer and then over at Maria as she smile encouragement to me. "I…can't…"

There was a loud gasp among the audience, Amy look like she was about to cry, Maria smile shyly, Sonic had a tiny smile, and Silver looked down.

"Wha-what do you mean," Amy demanded, "You can't? What does that mean? Are you trying to make us look bad?"

"I mean I can't," I said, "I mean that…I don't love you the same way anymore."

Amy became teary eyed, "What?"

"And I know you don't feel the same either."

"Who," Amy asked wiping her eyes dry.

I looked over her shoulder at Maria and Amy turned around to follow my gaze. Amy gasped, "I should have known."

She turned back to me and frowned. I asked, "Who was it for you?"

"You know…who don't you," she asked.

I smiled sadly and took her hand as I led her over to Sonic. I looked Sonic right into his eyes and his confusion showed in them. "You take care of her for me…will you?"

Sonic looked over at Amy as she flushed even more and knelt in front of her. "Amy I promise to protect and love you for the rest of your life. Will you marry"

Amy let go of my hand and knelt beside him and looked him in the eyes. "Yes," she whispered and she kissed him.

I left them and went over to Maria and smile at her. "Can we move the wedding up a lot…Maybe…today too?"

Maria giggled, "Yes!"

She jumped on me and hugged me.

Amy, Sonic, Maria, and I sat at the main table in front of everyone else's tables. It was quite an entertaining wedding for everyone. The bride's maids, groom's men, and everyone else that participated were happy to be in it. The audience had also enjoyed the wedding, but Sonic and I both agree that they only liked it cause of the drama.

Maria leaned onto me and rested her head on my shoulder, "I love you Shadow."

I smiled softly at her and wrapped my arms around her, whispering sweet nothings to her. She smiled and closed her eyes as I pressed a kiss on her forehead.

Silver stood up and everyone quiet immediately. Silver turned towards me, "Shadow I know this isn't just your wedding anymore, but…I spend months on my speech and…I don't want my precious time wasted."

Everyone laughed quietly before Silver continued, "I'm just going to start at our beginning. When I first met you…let just say I was a wreck. But you appeared and made those bad things in my life disappeared and then I became your nightmare…well that's what you always told me when I first started talking to you."

Silver paused as if he was remembering all those times long ago. I remembered them as well and I meant them at the time we first met. I was alone just like Silver and I never had someone actually want to talk to me.

"I remember you whipping around to face me and giving me the nastiest glare ever and saying, 'Nightmare don't go away easily do they?' Of course I had no clue what that meant until much later. But I knew that I tried to make those nightmares go away and you eventually let me in. Shadow you have change so much over the years I have known you, letting people in…sometimes. Ever since we were younger I have always look up to the things you've done. But I've always thought that I'd be the first to settle down but…you met Maria and I guess thing took a turn. Shadow I want you to know that I pray for you and your beautiful wife will continue to fight for your relationship."

I smiled at Silver and stood up, "Do that mean you'll stay?"

Silver smiled and without looking at Blaze for her word he said, "Yeah Shads."

Cream stood up next after Silver's speech, "Amy I've made something for you. It's my response to your birthday present for me many years ago."

Cream walked to the middle of the room and nodded to the band.

Cream: "Tears you try so hard to hide,

You hold it all inside,

Pretend it doesn't matter,

Why you keep it to yourself,

When you got someone else,

You know can make it better,

You try to be so strong,

But I always know when something's wrong

See you when your feeling down,

Hey, wasn't it you who'd always be there for me?

Don't forget what we've been through together,

Hey, isn't it true,

We promised to always be best friends forever,


Words, that you don't need to say,

The sad that's on your face,

Isn't hard to see through,

I've been there once or twice,

It's you that made things right,

My turn to be there for you,

You try to be so strong,

But I always know when something's wrong

See you when your feeling down,

Hey, wasn't it you who'd always be there for me?

Don't forget what we've been through together,

Hey, isn't it true,

We promised to always be best friends forever,

When the rain comes down (I'll be there),

I will always be around,

Just wanna be the one to catch you when you fall,

Hey, wasn't it you who'd always be there for me?

Don't forget what we've been through together,

Hey, isn't it true,

We promised to always be best friends forever"

The hold room exploded with cheers and Amy ran up to hug Cream. Cream hugged her back and said, "I'm sorry your dream was ruined.'

Amy pulled away and looked Cream straight in the eyes, "It wasn't ruined…It's only just begun..."

Sonic and Co. Belongs to SEGA!

Song is Best Friends Forever by KSM